2015 DIBAC for SketchUp
Plugin for architectural drawing
2015 DIBAC for SketchUp

2015 Dibac for SketchUp is a plugin for architectural drawing. It’s a great tool for architects and for anyone who wants to draw architectural plans using 2D tools and then getting the 3D automatically.

You can draw walls, doors, windows, wardrobes and stairs, all dynamically created. In this new 2015 version you can also add any component, carpentry and joinery from your library or even from the 3d warehouse.  

Many more features will come in future upgrades. Watch the video to see it in action:

Download now Dibac for SketchUp and test it during 16 hours of use.

Then you can buy it from www.dibac.com

Also check our YouTube channel for video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/dibac




2015 DiBAC para SketchUp
es un plugin para el dibujo arquitectónico. Es una gran herramienta para los arquitectos y para cualquier persona que quiere dibujar planos arquitectónicos utilizando herramientas 2D y luego conseguir el 3D automáticamente.

Puede dibujar paredes, puertas, ventanas, armarios y escaleras, todo de forma dinámica creada. Y muchas más características vendrán en futuras actualizaciones. Mire nuestro video para verlo en acción.

Descargue el 2015 DiBAC para SketchUp DEMO y probarlo durante 16 horas de uso ilimitado !

Si te gusta, puedes apoyarnos por conseguir que por tan sólo 69 € (IVA no incluido. Para los miembros de la UE).
Usted puede comprarlo en www.dibac.com

Canal de youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/dibac



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Thank you so much for sharing this information. Where I can download the Latest Version of This Plugin?

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Once the PARALLEL WALL tool has been selected and the THICKNESS has been changed, click on the interior/exterior edge of the wall (we would click on the interior edge when the parallel wall goes inwards and on the exterior edge when the wall goes outwards), move the mouse in the direction that the new wall will go, type in the distance and confirm with the ENTER key.

William K.'s picture

I'm architect from Saint Martin.Thanks for such usefull plugin. I've used it in my projects and I like it very much. There are real building constructed on my projects. You can see it here

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I have used this Plugin but where i can download the latest version?


Where I can download the Latest Version of This Plugin?.


As far as this type of hit and run critique, i can only add, if your first impulse is to bash something you are not capable of producing, or at least capable of making a cogent argument about ( commenting on to make better), better to just zip it pal. At least Dibac and it's people are responding and caring what real users have to say.
Roon John

Thanks for your post. Have a good day.


Hello Dibac!

I have been playing with your plugin and find it very usefull for what I do. I am very interested in creating my own custom doors and windows and have managed to create my own custom window and get it to work. I couldn't get it to work correctly until I made sure to create the new window component in a seperate Sketchup model and then import it into a new model with a Dibac wall. I want to create door and window components that already have trim (door casing or window casing) on them but I want the hole that Dibac punches through the wall to be the width and height of the window or door without the trim. Is it possible to do this or does the hole have to be the overall width of the entire component? I can send a screenshot of what I'm talking about if that helps. Thanks!

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Seve,

Thanks for your note.

Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are still interested in creating your custom doors and windows, send me an email to support@dibac.com and I´ll be happy to help you out.

Best regards,


esta plugin hay que comprarlo o tambien se puede instarlar gratis ???

Iscarnet's picture

Hola Darwin,

Al instalar Dibac dispones de 16 horas de uso para evaluar el plugin. Al finalizar ese tiempo de uso, Dibac se bloquea y tendrías que comprar la licencia. Para más información visita nuestra web:


Un saludo,


There's a lot to like with this extension. Being able to use warehouse, staying inside SKP functionality, penetrating walls and vector drawing ability are effective features. The data export (csv) works seamlessly. Having just worked with Dibac for 2 days I think it's going to be a good match for our needs (commercial/pre-construction).

We sent a few questions yesterday via email @customer support. Hoping to hear back.

Michael M.

Tengo problemas con el armario al momento de transformar de 2D a 3D , todo se transforma puertas y ventanas pero el armario no

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Christian,

Thanks for your note.

Make sure that the wardrobe is placed properly into the walls. To check if it is a problem of the current flooplan, make a simple
room with the wall function and insert a wardrobe.

If it works then it means that your didn´t draw the previous flooplan properly.

Please email to support@dibac.com if you keep having further issues.

Best regards,


Thanks for your post. Have a good day.

Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture


I have purchased the plugin.

I am running Sketchup 2015, 2016 as well as Sketchup 2017 on the same machine and have installed the plugin on all three versions.

After installing the window component, when I go on to change its parameters via the Sketchup Dynamic Components toolbar, Dibac gives an error stating: "ERROR: Callback function error: Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent' @ /dcbridge.js[601]". This error message comes for all the three versions of Sketchup - viz 2015, 2016, & 2017.

Kindly resolve this bug at the earliest. You have a good plugin, please do not get your name tainted by simple issues !

Thank you.

Ar. Nitin Sharma

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Nitin,

Thanks for your comment.

I have already sent you an email with a solution for your problem.

You need to install the latest Dynamic Component extension in the warehouse: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/dynamic-components

Kind regards,


Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture

Hi Juan

Wow! Thanks for your electric fast reply. Usually this kind of alacrity is seldom seen by script developers. Well done.

Just wanted to inform everything is working fine now, after I downloaded the latest patch of Dynamic Components from the Extension warehouse. There is nothing wrong with your plugin.

Many thanks, and wishing you well on your script, it is by far the best script on Architectural planning, drafting and 2D/ 3D conversion yet.

Best wishes

Ar. Nitin Sharma
3DA Design Studio

I watched some of the videos and read some of the reviews and went ahead and purchased the plugin. After using the program and building a sample house, I have to say that I am very disappointed. I was hoping to find a replacement for the Buildedge plugin that went out of business, but I find Dibec to be clumsy and not user friendly. I was also disappointed to see that the version I bought was 2 years old and has not been updated to 2017.

I regret buying it and wish I could return it and get my money back.

I will probably just go back to using sketchup without the plugin.
Maybe if it was updated it might be better, but I wouldn't recommend it at this time.
Save your money

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your comment.

I´m sorry to hear you are dissapointed with Dibac. We take very serouisly the feedback of our customers. We are constantly working on improving Dibac to make it more powerful and complete. To achieve this goal I´d like to ask you to please send me an email with a more thorough description of your concerns and opinions regarding the extension. I will try to offer the best possible solution and if you are still not satisfied I could refund to you the full license quantity.

We spent quite some time creating an user manual and video tutorials in english and spanish to help our customers learn all the tools and features of Dibac. You can check it out in our website: www.dibac.com This could help to make it a little bit more friendlier.

Please send me an email to: info@iscarnet.com I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,



We are general contractors trying out Dibac for use during pre-construction phase. We are not affiliated with the developer we are simply trying to find an extension for our precon needs.

With Dibac we like the speed at which walls can be drawn, defined by height and width and then converted to 3-D where we can quickly penetrate the wall with openings and also assign material attributes to the wall surface. When openings are placed in the wall their area is subtracted from wall surface yielding net area which is also on our need list.

What we've seen with other SketchUp extensions is extremes in development where; they either offer amazing LOD, it's just that the detail and levels are rigid and not adaptable for our assemblies, or they are minimal and require the user to build multiple walls of the same assembly for every possible wall height.

Dibac is the best compromise we've found so far. One feature we do need is the ability to "name" walls (at assembly level) so we can quantify the assemblies and cost them which we do as csv export.

Juan (the developer rep) has been very receptive to our input and quick to reply. They are looking into what can be done with Dibac future builds and our "wish/needs list".

Michael M.

I spent quite a bit of time trying out this plugin and have concluded that it is not worth the effort. I was hoping for a plugin that did what the now defunct BuildersEdge did. But Dibec simply doesn't do the job

I sent an email to you requesting a refund and so far have not heard back from you.

Did you mean what you said in your initial response to me?
TIme will tell.

Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture

Hi Jeff, Nitin here.

I am amazed at your expeditious trashing of this wonderful plugin. I have been using this plugin for a long time and have followed it in its development over the years and can safely say it is by far THE BEST plugin in its class on the globe. If you really indeed have tested it extensively, please enlighten us by naming a single plugin that lets you use any (yes, ANY) sketchup model as component for insertion, editing and 2D/3D conversion into the modeling workflow, and that includes 3D warehouse models. This feature ALONE makes this plugin indispensible for serious sketchuppers. Up until now, there have been various plugins: Goh's 1001 bit tools, Buildedge plan, Wall and numerous other free/ paid plugins that let you insert their pre-made vanilla components, but DIBAC is the ONLY plugin that gives the user to pick and choose any model and then use it as custom component. This, apart from dynamic component editing, ease of creating centre, left, right aligned walls of differing thicknesses, stairs, et al put this plugin in the same high-respect class as plugins made by Fredo, Thom, TIG and other masters.

I am a very frugal poster on the net. I used to post extensively 5-8 years back on the sketchucation, and arch viz forums such as vray sketchup / podium when I was younger, and was brought to post only after reading your trashing this gem of a plugin which could sway iffy purchasers away and decided somebody had to speak up. I am neither an employee nor a friend of the plugin makers, just a satisfied and convinced power user. I run an architectural firm 3DA (www.3rdarch.com) & purchased the plugin right from its inception. I am sorry if my comments hurt you. Please mention WHERE this plugin failed your expectations, and I might help you out. Still if you would want your money back, I guess you want your 69 Euro pretty badly to trade away a gem.

I am reachable on my personal email at ans.3dads@gmail.com should you want any help.

Ar. Nitin Sharma

Andrés R's picture

Me parece el colmo que hagan negocio con este plugin cuando debería ir incluido en sketchUp, se que es una empresa diferente pero personalmente aunque uso SketchUp, me parece mejor Revit. Si ofrecieran gratuitamente lo que Sketchup por defecto debería ofrecerle a sus usuario lo haría mas atractivo e inclusive mejor programa que los demás.

Me parece también que era mejor sketchUp cuando era de google y no ahora que es de Trimble.

Iscarnet's picture

Hola Andrés,

Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

Como ya sabes, SketchUp y Revit son dos programas totalmente diferentes, con sus ventajas e inconvenientes. Nosotros intentamos ofrecer una herramienta para facilitar y optimizar el flujo de trabajo de miles de profesionales que prefieren trabajar con SketchUp.
Si juntamos la inversión que haría un usuario adquiriendo SketchUp + Dibac, es muy probable que sea notablemente inferior a la que se haría con otros programas "similares".

Un saludo,


I want to download the 3v geodesic plugin, I have loaded the 2017 sketchup version, but seems not to be able to get this plugin downloaded.

Moshe A.'s picture

why it works only in inches? doesnt work with cm..

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Moshe,

Dibac draws in the same unit as SketchUp. Therefore, if you are working in cm in SketchUp, Dibac will draw in cm too.

You can easily change the units in SketchUp: Window > Model Info > Units

Best regards,


how to install dibac sketup

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Lester,

First you need to download the installation file (RBZ). Please go to our website to download this file www.dibac.com
The installation of Dibac now depends on the SketchUp version you are using:

SketchUp 2016: Window (SketchUp in Mac) > Preferences > Extensions > Install extension...

SketchUp 2017: Window > Extensions Manager > Install extension...

Best regards,



Faeza R.'s picture

can draw curve design using dibac ?

Iscarnet's picture


Dibac does not draw curved wall yet.
However, you can draw with the SketchUp tools the curved walls in the floorplan in addition to the walls you have created with Dibac, and Dibac will convert everything to 3D as long as it belongs to the same group and drawn in 2D.

Best regards,


I can't authorize my version of Dibac, when I post my authorization code into the area, a pop up comes that says authorize and just stays white forever.

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Patrick,

This was a issue that occured in previous installation files. Please download the latest version from our website: www.dibac.com

You can install it directly into SketchUp without deleting the previous version.

Please try to authorize again after installing the new version. If you keep having problems please send us an email to support@dibac.com

Best regards,


can I draw several floors?
can I draw a mezzanine? a partial second floor?

Iscarnet's picture

Hello Balazs,

You can draw several floors individually, but they need to be grouped one by one to select the one you want to convert to 3D/2D.

Dibca cant draw a mezzanine but you can draw it in SketchUp and create a component to insert it in the desired floor with a 2D representation.

Best regards,


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