3D Tree Maker
Create 3D trees, plants and grass.
3D Tree Maker

Features :

  • Create 3D trees in few clics and add them to your model
  • Choose from many predefined trees and plants templates
  • Make grass and flowerbeds
  • Fully customizable parameters to adapt the tree to your needs from a single configuration window
  • Switch from 3D trees to Skeleton proxies (ghosts) to reduce tree size of your models while working within Sketchup and switch back to high poly 3D when final render needed
  • Generate random new trees
  • Save your parameters as new tree templates to re-use it in other Sketchup models

How to create a tree :

Warning : before creating a new tree to get better performance close the Sketchup Outliner window.

  • Go to Plugins > 3DArcStudio > Tree Maker > New Tree...
  • Choose the tree type and clic Ok
  • Place the tree into your model.

To change the tree configuration :

  • Select the tree
  • Right clic to get the contextual menu and select 3DArcStudio tree... > Tree configuration.


Plugin can be tested for free. License is only 10 euros. It gives you access to more tree templates and remove the waiting message when editing tree parameters.

More info can be found here :

Sketchucation forum topic



Oman PCC, Thanks for the info.... although I am not sure I completely understand all of it lol. I am VERY NEW to SketchUp. I have been and AutoCAD user for more than a decade and am just now trying out other programs.

God bless you !!


I used to use this extension a few years ago to make my custom trees, but I have lost them all in a computer crash, and now on my new computer (latest windows 10, sketchup 2017) I can not change the trees at all!
The extension installs and loads trees, but after I make a change and click redraw, it just never does:(
I would very much like to remake my trees, so any help would be nice!

Je suis très content de découvrir toutes les possibilités de Sketchup. Merci pour cette extension. Je la recommande.

The extentsion was great! Until I opened sketchup recently and it came up with a load of errors and now I dont have the extenstion at all! I tried to un-install and install again but it didnt work either

Poublan P.'s picture

Finally fixed the compatibility issue with SU 2016 and 2017. Download will be available here as soon as validated by SU extension team.

Any luck with this? It tells me it's still not compatible

Any luck with this? It tells me it's still not compatible

Any luck with this? It tells me it's still not compatible

Any luck with this? It tells me it's still not compatible


Just wondering if anyone is having issues with their trees not redrawing after changing a few parameters. I changed the height to see if the model updated, but unfortunately it did not.

I'm using Sketchup 2017 pro. After reading previous comments, I'm assuming it has to do with the extension's comptability with the SU 2017? Please confirm, and perhaps give an update on the issue, as it'll help me figure out with my workflow. Thanks in advance!~

Chris H's picture

I am also having an issue with changing parameters in SU 2017 pro. The program seems like it would be very helpful but It will be a challenge if I can't change the height of the tree. I have no problem paying the 10 license fee, but want to make sure it will work first.

Thank you!

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I paid the license fee of 10 Euros.
I have not received any # to input the code and activate the full version.
Please let me know what is going on.

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Excelente, gracias!

Great tool. Working very well!

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Plugin creates grass, trees etc no problem. Also seems to create proxies when the box is checked. I have a problem however when trying to render 'proxies' with Maxwell render. Nothing shows. I have export proxies enabled in the Maxwell scene manager. I notice that in the component dialogue however the grass/trees/ flowers etc are not labelled as proxies?? Is this an issue. Tried on both SU2015 and 2016.

Any help appreciated.

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The same problem with SU 2017 + v-ray. Proxies seem to be a fake...

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This looks like a great plugin. Unfortunately, I get the sense it's not compatible with SketchUp 2017. I've installed the plugin but all I get is a dialog box with "Choose a tree type" pull-down menu that doesn't work.

I'm on an up-to-date Mac. Looks like this doesn't work.

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Hi Howard, I'm having the same issue on my Mac. Did you ever get this resolved? Thanks!

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Sadly no. I've stopped trying to use it.

Did you ever get this to work for you? I am on windows, not mac but I have what sounds like the same problem. I can use the trees, but if I try to use the "Tree Configuration" nothing works. Also, the trees are always covered in black boxes, around every cluster of leaf there is a black box. There are so many black boxes the tree just looks black... and dead...

I emailed the 3D Arc Studio asking for help and have not gotten a response yet...

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HI Elizabeth,

plugin works fine when rendering geometry. Have tried both Maxwell and Thea render. My issue is (was) with the proxy feature - to keep my model light. I'm also on a PC btw.

I have just googled this...found what I think was my problem. Toggle between the far right icon (Redraw) and the 2nd from right icon (proxies).

I'm using it in Sk 2016pro . I have 2017 but have not tried the plugin there yet. (Only have a license for Maxwell 3 - no 2017 support)
Good luck.

Thanks for the info.... although I am not sure I completely understand all of it lol. I am VERY NEW to SketchUp. I have been and AutoCAD user for more than a decade and am just now trying out other programs.

I have SketchUp 2017 Pro (trial version), I am 2 days into my trial. I see you said something about Maxwell 3, I have no clue what that is.... my 3D Tree Maker still does not work right... I wonder if there is a way to download older versions of SketchUp? I am thinking maybe 3D Tree Maker is not compatible with 2017 yet.... Maybe if I used an older version of SketchUp then the plugins I need would work....?

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I installed it into Sketchup 2017 last night and it worked ok. The install process states that it's not listed as compatible with 2017 and there may be issues but so far so good. I can always uninstall if something goes awry.

Can you send an image of what you are getting when you use it.

Maxwell is a rendering program - they have a plugin for sketchup. I'm also using Thea (render) with great results.

Did you have a look at the 'How to videos'?


i need plants

This make my computer rlly slow


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nice Plug-in,,

Thanks a lot!

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nice plugin...
grass option needs to be improved..

Creates a huge issue with speed and when exported to another render program the leaves are not shown properly.

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Pity it does not work with SketchUp 8

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Just download and install SketchUp make 2016 along with this extension. In SU-2016 just remember to save your file as a SketchUp version 8 file:)

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Obrigado! é fantástico seu plugin.

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ty :)

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try to redraw proxies. as when you scatter the grass over the surface its created as proxies and which might be the reason.

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Thanks Harsh for your reply, but how to redraw proxies? sorry newbie here

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nice work!!!!

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open sketchup>window>preferences>extensions>install extension..(click the .rbz file)

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THE plugin is very sample

mohmmed r's picture

This make my computer rlly slow

Ahmed M.'s picture


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beautiful plugin

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Hey, this plug-in is great! But I am having one issue, and it's probably with my sketchup settings and not the plugin-in.

When I open Sketchup 8 the toolbar pops up in the middle of the window and all is good. However in Sketchup 15, the toolbar is missing. I went to the toolbars menu and reset the toolbar to no avail. The program works great in both 8 and 15 for me, I'd just like the toolbar.


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Decepcionado. No he podido utilizar esta aplicación en su versión de prueba porque no hay biblioteca de elementos. Ni árboles ni hierba, nada de nada. No es posible crear ni una sola hoja de árbol. Y tampoco hay respuesta por parte del desarrollador a las cuestiones planteadas.

Nada recomendable.

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