EP Fasteners & Threaded Holes
Produces Printable Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Tapped or threaded Holes for 3D parts.
EP Fasteners & Threaded Holes

Create Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Tapped/Threaded Holes, and Drilled holes in to your 3D models.
Produces printable 3D components. The threaded or drilled holes will glue to two parallel surfaces and cut openings in both surfaces. Produces usable threads in standard Metric and SAE sizes through 30mm.

Adds EP Fasteners & Holes to the tools menu.

Open Tools/EP Fasteners & Holes, Select the type of fastener and dimensions and press OK. Then place your new component.

In the case of through holes, the component will be just a circle, but once placed, another component will be built and placed on the nearest parallel surface in the direction of the hole. Both Components will glue to the surface and cut openings.


Love the idea of this program, but is there any chance it will be coming to the Mac OS?

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its good, but what is the thread pitch? it only comes in coarse, fine, and extra fine. i'm trying to make a 1/4-20 hole, but I dont know which pitch is 20.

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1/4-20 us coarse thread

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It works well for right hand threads and its a good tool to work with.

I have an application where LEFT hand metric threads are required.

Can you suggest how to use EP Fastners tool for LEFT hand metric threads both internal and external.

Best Regards,
Makarand Acharya

Create a right hand thread and then use "flip-along" from the 'right-click' menu to change the thread to left hand.

good luck


Thank You Raymond S., I logged in just to "shake your hand" and send you some thumbs up. Your suggestion worked perfectly. Should be in the EP Fasteners FAQs, that through hole draws a left handed thread and flip along axis can be used to correct that. Kudos!!!

Great plugin!!! Just one question: is there a way to resize threads/holes?
If I'm using 5/8 thread, how can I get 5/8 hole, resized to 4x?

Excellent extension to not say the best !
Gaz thread are missing.

Eugen D's picture

I have some problem with fasteners generation.
The thread have a strange distortion.
Knows somebody why?
Is a solution for this?

PS. Is posible to add here a image?
For exemplification!

This is a great plugin that significantly improves Sketchup for any engineering type layouts. The v1.0.4 version runs fine on 64 bit Wndows 10 pro and Sketchup 2017. Like all plugins there are always bugs and things that we would like to see. In this case:

Bug - tapped holes are drawn with LH threads - this can easily be fixed by using 'flip along.." but it would be nice to get it fixed perhaps even offering both LH and RH options.

I would like to see:
1) more choices of head style, i.e., button head, flat head,etc.
2) Studding
3) Shoulder bolts, i.e., bolts with less than a full thread length
4) Larger selection of nuts styles, i.e., lock nuts, half nuts, etc.
5) Selection of lock washers styles
6) Countersunk holes

For those of you that are interested Jay Watson did post an update v1.0.4 to the SketchUcation forum site here (http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=61557).
I think the 1.0.4 version goes along way to addressing the MAC issues and some of the other concerns listed below in other posts.

Not sure that Jay Watson is continuing support for this plugin.


 *'s picture

I loaded it in 2015 and 2017 on MacOs Sierra and I only get a blank screen. Would really love to use it. If someone figures it out please post. Willing to support the effort.

I loaded in both 2016 & 2017 on W7, 16GB Ram. It says it is creating bolt but after working for 10+ minutes, nothing happens.

David A's picture

same here

I get exactly the same. sketchup 2017 MacOS

Did anyone solve this?

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Can we change the arc number to get smoth result?
It dosen't take the default setting for arc and circle.

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Works for me, but I the extension creates a flat at the beginning and end of a tapped hole, so it is not really a true thread.

very nice

thanks Samir S.

all is perfect in sketchup 2017 !

i checked all ruby code files, no malware inside, you can download and install.

great thanks Samir, nice job !

Please support for sketchup 2017

Encounter, as others, some troubles on windows 10 + sketchup 2016
And also with the french regional settings

So i decide to get an eyes on the programmation and made the plugin fully functionnal now, even with french regional settings or automatic thread or hole.

I wrote to Jay Watson to give him the changes made, but didn't got answers yet.

So i don't know if i can post myself the modified plugin as i am not the real author.

[Edited 01/12/2016]
Well under is a link to download the modified plugin.
Remember i test it only on my PC (windows10 / sketchup 2016), so let me know if you still encounter troubles.


Daniel G's picture

Thanks, it is working now, at least the Thread

Chin Huat T's picture

That's good!
Busy now. Will test and let you know.

Thanks and Regards,

Bonjour je serai intéresser pour le plugin modifier car la il fonctionne vraiment pas correctement . cela me fait des forme bizard.
si vous avez la possibilité de me partagé votre plugin je serai vraiment très ravi.

Chin Huat T's picture

Hi Samir,

Everybody is dying for an update. I support if you want to post it yourself.
Important thing is to give credit to Jay Watson for the original work.

I tried to edit the code so that all nuts have a 1mm additional radius so that it can screw in easily. Too complicated for me.


Roger P.'s picture

This WILL FULLY Work in SketchUp 2016 & 2017 with windows 10!!

There is a bug, to get it to work properly try this:-
1. Install and restart SketchUp
2. Select Plugin
3. Choose SAE option
4. Choose Threaded holes
5. Choose Tapped hole (rather than through hole)

Doing this fixed the bug in both 2016 & 2017. Both metric and SAE options now work for me. Hope this helps people get this useful plugin to work

This "fix" worked great for me. The 3d model was generated correctly and my slicer programs (cura, slic3r, craftworks and simplify3d) all seem to not have any problems with the threads. I am printing now :-)

same... not working on sketchup 2016 and windows 10

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Update for Sketchup 2016 ???

Doesn't works on the Sketchup Pro 2016 and Windows 10

Same Here! No Good Win 10

Мужики! Почему не создаёт? Может что-то ещё нужно установить для работы плагина? При создании идёт отсчёт времени, типа сейчас создастся компонент, и ничего не происходит. Подскажите кто компетентен, пожалуйста!

Иди по ссылке, скачай новую версию и будет тебе счастье: https://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=61557

Работает в 2015 и 2017 проверено

Chin Huat T's picture

Very useful plugin. Sad it doesn't run properly on Sketchup 2016.
Threaded holes doesn't work.
I think Jay Watson is not maintaining it anymore.
I see quite some comments not attended.

Dear Chin,

Everything is working fine, although I have never worked with it in SU2015. I also witnessed problems, but found out that as soon as an object is grouped or if it is a component the through holes and threads are not working. You have to make the through holes before making groups or components. I would love to see adding "european" treads like BSPP to be added.

Chin Huat T's picture

Thank you Kristiaan,

Yes I realised that it doesn't work when the object is grouped. It worked fine when it is non threaded on non grouped object.
The bolts and nuts work fine.

Maybe you should try it on SU2016 and see if you have the same problem.


Chin Huat T's picture

Hi Kristiaan,

Oh yeah! It works. It took something like 5 minutes.
The 5 minutes felt like eternity. My apologies.

I will play with it again and let you know the outcome.


Chin Huat T's picture

Hi Kristiaan,

Everything works fine.
The object you want to drill threaded holes must be exploded.
You will not be able to drill threaded holes in the "edit group" mode.
You must drill it exploded or ungrouped.


Roger P.'s picture

Half works in SketchUp 2016 - Everything seems to work as in the 2015 version apart from the Automatic Through Hole. I would love a 2016 version.

Apart from that, thanks for the extension, it really helps when 3D printing

Ps after trying the SAE option rather than metric, everything now works :)

I installed the Extension, restarted the program and when I go to Tools > EP Fasteners Holes I just fet a blank window...

sorry,läuft leider nicht richtig unter der version 2016 bitte um nachbesserung.

Would love to have a working mac version - just get a blank window that pops up when I invoke the tool in 2016 version on mac.

Martti K's picture

Excellent tool. I second the observation that you need to have English (US) regional settings in Windows for the plugin to work. It's very trivial to change, so it's shouldn't be an issue to anyone. Sorry Mac users :)

It's not working. Absent OK button, can't select any options besides "size". WIn 10 + sketchup pro 16.1.2104.

Thomas M.'s picture

It doesn't work for me on Windows 7 Sketchup 2016. If I click on the Threaded the windows gets closed but no other window will be opened.

Also Bolts get not created correct.

So is not useable for me :(

It's Working fine for me in Sketchup 2016.

Useful Extension.

Tomasz G.'s picture

Hi, tool looks realy fine, but I found issue with regional settings of Windows. Since decimal separator is "," not "." your tool doesn't work correct. I had to change them ( and all other software like MS Exell, stop working correctly) to have your tool operational.
Bolt generator doesn't respect "Full length Thread" setting.
Last one head type generates broken geometry without ending.
Using SmartSketch2014.
But still I find it helpful :-)
Additiona questions - what is a pitch ot thread (Fine, corse, extra fine)?
Is it possible to generate left thread?
How to generate larger then M30 threads?

David S's picture

this is a bit late but....for left hand threads with the threaded component (threaded hole or bolt) oriented vertically, if you right click on the component that the extension makes (i.e. the threaded hole or the bolt) and do "flip along" then choose "component's red" it will "invert" the component across that axis. this will make the threads left hand. if the threaded object is horizontal...you'll kind of have to play around to figure out what axis to flip on.

Same issue here: as long as you only provide windows version, you miss half the users :(

yohan c's picture

dont work for me with metric thead :-( just draw a very ungly things

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