Trimble Connect for SketchUp
Publish, share and collaborate on SketchUp models using the Trimble Connect platform
Trimble Connect for SketchUp

This extension is compatible with SketchUp versions 2014, 2015 and 2016. It is not compatible with SketchUp 2017. Please go to the new Trimble Connect 2.0 extension for 2017 compatibility.

The Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp provides direct access to projects, models, and other features of the Trimble Connect platform. Create a model in SketchUp and then Publish to a Project and share with team members. Import a model into SketchUp to use as a reference model. Pull in changes from collaborators as needed.  Make changes and re-publish your model. 

For more information on Trimble Connect visit -

Your use of the Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp is subject to the Trimble Extension End User License Agreement.



Once installed, the Trimble Connect Extension will be located under the Extensions/Plugins menu.   

Sign In / Sign Out… -   Sign in or out of Trimble Connect.  If you don’t have an account click the “Sign Up” button.

Open Model… - Open a Sketchup file hosted on Connect.

Publish Model - Upload a SketchUp model to a Connect Project.

Publish Model As… - Upload a model to a specific folder or upload model with a new name.  

Import a Reference Model… - Imports a model file (skp, ifc, dwg, dxf) to use as a reference.  The geometry in a reference file can be leveraged to coordinate modeling tasks.  A layer will be created for each reference model to help you manage visibility.  Reference Models are positioned based on the origin of the file.  They are also locked.  To reposition a reference model, use the “Position Reference Model…” feature on the context menu.

Update Reference Models - Updates all reference models with the latest versions available from Connect.  To upload a single reference model, use the Update Reference Model feature on the context menu (right click on any reference model).

Open Trimble Connect... - Opens the full Trimble Connect web app inside SketchUp.  This allows you to manage your projects folders, add todos and configure Trimble Connect.




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Bryan C.'s picture

How can I permanently disable this uber-annoying plugin that never updates correctly but always needs updating????? I really just want Trimble Connect to go away and never come back. Please.

School A.'s picture

In SU 2017 I have commented out extension registration in su_trimble_connect.rb file:
# Sketchup.register_extension(extension, true)

In Windows this file is here:
%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins

after installation the trimble contant, can you please guide me how can i delete the projects


Hello sir, I have registered to Trimble account and connect. Open an SketchUp file, and once I will sign in and enter my account, it always says "Failed to authenticate. Please check your sign in email and password." What can be the culprit for the issue, I had similar issues in past with hotstar com smartcric updates star sports match.

However, it work very nice on my partners app. Plz help.

PLANORAMIC L's picture

What is this annoying plug-in. Every (and I mean every) time I load sketch up this a little box pops up in the lower left moaning about a plugin that needs updating. Every time it's Trimble Connect. Every time it fails to update. Every time I uninstall the damn thing instead as I never use it...... and every time I restart skeetch up that bloody thing is back again. Cann you either make it work properly or respect my decision to uninstall it.

Naeem A.'s picture

I heard about Trimble but why its not working in my browser i really need it please guide me how to add this extension thank you.


Trimble is very informative platform for connect across the world.

Good god! In my haste I didn't read the compatibility - thanks for pointing it out ThomThom #feelingabitdaft

Where is it? Can you tell me.

i would like to print in 3d a sketchup realisation and somebody said me to export it in stl
i search and internet and i have found this but i don't know how to export my sketchup (skp) to stl

Zack J.'s picture

Hi Guys, i need some feedback.

Me and my friends Working on project using sketchup and save it via Trimble Connect. but later on, when we open it up, All the saved files are missing including materials. we spend hours into this project.Why this happening? Thanks

John B.'s picture

Hi Zack,

Sorry you're having some trouble with Trimble Connect- my first thought would be to make sure you're logging in with the same username/password, but I could use some more info to help troubleshoot this for sure.

Would you be willing to take this discussion over to the SketchUp Community ( where there are more people and better tools to facilitate the discussion?


facer0001 .'s picture

How do you rename a "project name" in Trimble Connect?
Is it possible? I have two named the same by mistake.

Does this extension work with SketchUp Make?

BryceOsaurus's picture

This extension only works with SketchUp Pro.

I use realworks
i can start up sketchup in Trimble Scan Explorer
but when i creat a feature in Trimble Scan Explorer,it is not appear in sketchup
Can you help me?

John B.'s picture

Perhaps you're looking for the Trimble Scan Explorer Extension? Check this out for more info:

Garry H's picture

SketchUp has gone down hill since Google sold it... So many issue's.

james p's picture


Matt K.'s picture

Once I create my points and am ready to export to my trimble handheld LM80 software, what's the catch? I've created my points selected Extensions -> Trimble Field Points -> Export .tfl (or .csv) and it says "there are no valid points to create a TFL export" or with .csv "no points to export.

Please help.

Matt K.'s picture

I'm running SU2016 on Windows 7

nhielson V.'s picture


I have registered to Trimble acount and connect. Open an sketchup file, and once I will sign in and enter my account, it always says "Failed to authenticate. Please check your sign in email and password."

Need some help.

Nicholas Johnson's picture

Unable to login via extension but no problem logging in to Trimble Connect via browser. Running latest version of SU Pro 2015 and Extension under Mac OS X 10.10.5

Ondra R's picture

Installed but te Extensions menu is empty on my mac :(

Ryno v's picture

All working fine now.
Design in SU / Save Model / Publish Straight to Trimble Connect. Just choose the project folder you want the files saved in.

Ryno v's picture

I am not able to publish my model to a project on Trimble Connect.

Can I create a new design in SU, save it and then publish it straight to Trimble Connect?
or should I work on a "blank" file that is already hosted on Trimble Connect?

Hope this makes sense.

BryceOsaurus's picture

Hi Ryno

You can publish any model directly to trimble connect.  See the Extensions Menu -> Trimble Connect -> Publish model.  You can also directly open files in projects you have access to.  Or you can import a model to be used as a reference model.

Do you see any errors when you try to Publish?


Arc's picture

In China, when I login to the Trimble Connect, it feed back "failed to fetch list of projects.Trying again...(xxx)" and keep counting. Why?
I can open my project by Chrome.

ThomThom's picture

I assume you created your project set to asia region? In version 1.0.0 there was a bug which caused Europe and Asia projects to fail. We just pushed an update, 1.0.1 which should fix this issue.
Can you please install the update and see if that addressed your issue? If not please report back and we'll investigate.

Russ C's picture

Hi All, here's some Feedback

SketchUp Pro 8
Google Chrome (only because Bryce questioned it)

So I've downloaded the su_trimble_connect_7.rbz, opened SUp navigated: Window>Preferences>Install Extension, navigated to file Open>Yes (Grant the file rights) = "Selected extension installed"

I've gone to the Plugins menu and it's not available, so quick shutdown and reboot SUp

And during the Program load I get the following error message:
"Error Loading File su_trimble_connect.rb
undefined method `[]' for #"

Quick Look in the Plugin Folder and I have

I've run through the process twice just to make sure I'm not going mad.

Hope the Run through helps.



ThomThom's picture

Unfortunately you need SketchUp 2014 or newer use this extension. It uses features that where not available to older versions of SketchUp.

Russ C's picture

Good god! In my haste I didn't read the compatibility - thanks for pointing it out ThomThom #feelingabitdaft

mac D.'s picture

It fails to deliver.

Unfortunately you need SketchUp 2014 or newer use this extension. It uses features that where not available to older versions of SketchUp.

John B.'s picture

Could you be more specific?

184738098's picture

I have been successfully installed trimble connect,But it has a lot of problems,I can't delete the project file,Cannot rename the project name,Can't download upload file,Problem a lot,Can you help me solve?

There is a problem, I want to use this function to do model crash tests, how to use this function, where to find it?

BryceOsaurus's picture

It sounds like you are having problems with the "Open Trimble Connect..." dialog.  What web browser do you have?  I would reccomend you upgrade to the latest version of IE or Safari.   Let us know if that helps.



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