Sandbox Tools
Sandbox Tools are great for landscape design and stuff like that.
Sandbox Tools

The Sandbox Tools extension implements the concept of a sandbox which refers to a surface that can be generated and manipulated using sandbox tools. A sandbox in SketchUp (and in other 3D modeling tools) is commonly referred to as a triangulated irregular network or TIN in terrain Modeling terminology.  


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I can´t install this plugin!
No puedo instalar este complemento!

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it didnt downloded someone tell me why please!

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good !!

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Thank you!

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I cannot get the Smoove tool to work on SU2013. I enter the group, select Smoove tool, change the radius to fit within the mesh and I click on the surface... but it does not pull/push the surface. I've been using SketchUp since 2004 so I think I know how to do this. I've deleted and reinstalled Sandbox a few times to no avail. Anybody else with this issue? Any suggestions?

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Sandbox should be working fine.  If the tools are not woring it's possible some other extension could be interfering with the extension.  Try disabling any extension that didn't come from Extension Warehouse.

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Sandbox tools are not working in 2014

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Sandbox should be working fine.  If the tools are not woring it's possible some other extension could be interfering with the extension.  Try disabling any extension that didn't come from Extension Warehouse.

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The above works!! ^^^

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OK, I found a fix - maybe never was a problem.
1) Close SU.
2) Go to the SU Plugins folder and delete "su-sandbox.rb" (if it's there. Otherwise, download su_sandbox_223_0.rbz and follow the instructions below.)
3) Open SU.
4) Choose - Window, Preferences, Extensions, Install Extension.
5) Find the su_sandbox_223_0.rbz you downloaded (probably in your Downloads folder), select it and install.
6) After it installs, and while the System Preferences window is still open, scroll down in the window within that window (has checkboxes) to the bottom, where, if everything went according to plan, you will see an empty checkbox by "Sandbox Tools". Check the box and click "OK".

Now, when you pull down the Tools menu, you should see Sandbox at the bottom.

Whew... that was easy!

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Thanks Don W,
That worked! I hadn't scrolled down to find it in the Preferences window like you suggested.
It was easy after all.

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Same problem. Downloaded, see it in the SU Plugins folder, but doesn't open and is not available in Tools or anywhere else.

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I am an avid sketchup user of 4 years (not a noob). Out of the blue today, the sandbox tools disappeared, in fact i searched for "sandbox tools"/"push"/"stamp"/etc. in the help search bar and it came back with no results. I tried uninstalling using extension warehouse and restarting the program, with no success. In fact, when I restarted the sketchup and revisited the extension warehouse it says that the sandbox tools are still installed when I just uninstalled them. What the heck is going on? Can someone please advise?

this is just awful! how on earth could we work without a basic tool as a Sandbox is thus the download out from this site seems doesn't to be working!

how do you download extension off this site?????????

Log in to this site. Download button appears.

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There are two ways to find it:
1- From the text menu above the icons, you should look under "Tools"
2- In a blank area where the icon tool bars are located, right-click and a text menu will pop-up: You can select what toolbar to view as icons, and whatever is viewed this way is checked. Whatever you don't view in the icon toolbar is unchecked.

If both ways don't work, there might be compatibility issues. I had the same problem with the topography plug-in that converts a shades-of-grey topography map into 3D terrain. I don't remember the name of the plug-in and I can't find it anywhere.

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I´ve downloaded it and intall but I can´t find the toolbar.

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Same here.

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tu trouve dans outil >bac a sable

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When I downloaded Sketchup 2013 the sandbox was already included, it works well and it is always found under "Tools".
Did you try to uninstall sketchup then install it again?

download is not working

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Download has no target? Is it really being worked on hard as the message suggests? It appears its been this way at least a week...

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The download button has no target available.

what's the difference to the original sandbox?

I think it shouldn't be installed. The sandbox tools are already included into SketchUp 2013. I easily can find it in menu 'View>>Toolbars' just after SketchUp 2013 got installed.
The Windows.

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Any more word from anyone? Sandbox disappearing is still a problem.

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Having a problem with Sandbox as well. It disappears or they are not activating. Hopefully one of the devs will help fix this.

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It keeps disappearing when I restart the application. The onlh way to restore it is to unistall sandbox then reinstall it. This is frustrating at best. What's going on here? Can we get a fix for this?

For me it is exactly the same, appears enabled, but I can not see.

I´ve downloaded it and intall but I can´t find the toolbar, I can enable i can see the tool in the menus but this isn´t confortable. I use Sketchu 2013
Thants for hearing

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