LSS Zone
Extension, which allows to enter and process rooms data.
LSS Zone


  • create geometric data carrier (so-called 'zone'), which stores identity, quantitative and descriptive information about a room
  • reshape and/or re-adjust properties of created 'zone' interactively any time later
  • manage entered information in a batch manner
  • create and attach labels
  • generate reports

Version 1.1. New Features

  • 'Layers Toolbar' added
  • 'Filter Zones' dialog added
  • handling of three zone types added (room, box, flat)

Version 1.1.1 New Features

  • floor, ceiling and walls cumulative area added to 'Properties' dialog
  • supressing units in an active model now affects zone labels, list and properties representation

Version 1.2.0 New Features

  • automatic zone's contour tracing feature added
  • 'Settings' dialog added (it contains settings only for automatic tracing for now)
  • ability to list nested elements of zone group(s) added to zone's list generator
  • supressing of area units now affects 'LSS Zone' tool dialog as well

Version 1.2.1 New Features

  • 'LSS Zone' extension is made compatible with SketchUp 2014
  • ability to switch all dialogs to a smaller font size added
  • layout of all web-dialogs is tableless now
  • it is possible to fold/unfold groups of settings inside dialogs
  • automatic adjustment of dialog's height added
  • 'Trace Contour' settings added to 'Properties' dialog (it is possible to set contour tracing options individually for selected zone using 'Properties' dialog, options inside 'Settings' dialog affect new zone only)
  • adjustment of an initial position of zone's label added
  • persistence of zone's label position added (it is possible to move label manually after attaching and label will stay at the same position after rebuilding of a zone)
  • eye-droppers of 'LSS Zone' main tool dialog now pick visible material of a face (tool checks if front surface or back surface of a face is under cursor and returns face.material or face.back_material depended on check result)

Version 1.2.2(3) New Features and Fixes

  • color indication of material names within material drop-down lists added
  • java-script part fixed in order to work with new versions of IE
  • minor CSS styling fixes in order to display contents of some dialogs properly
  • all global variables were replaced with module variables in order to meet new stricter Extension Warehouse requirements


Zdrastvujte. Skazhite pozhalujsta, kak mozhno perejti iz kvadratnih milimetrov v kvadratnie metri.Spasibo

Kirill B's picture

В этом расширении единицы измерения используются те же, что установлены в самом SketchUp (к сожалению не реализована возможность указать единицы измерения независимо от тех, что используются в модели). Т.е. для переключения единиц измерения в главном меню SketchUp нужно выбрать пункт "Model Info"; в этом диалоге в списке установок выбрать "Units"; там переключить единицы измерения на метры. Зоны, созданные до переключения единиц измерения, можно "освежить", используя команду расширения "Rebuild", чтобы отображение площади поменялось в соответствии с текущими единицами измерения.
Единственный момент, что само расширение не работает в новых версиях SketchUp и может некорректно работать в новых версиях Windows (если версия Internet Explorer более поздняя, чем 8).

Julian S's picture

Can this be updated for SU2018Pro? There seems to be some compatibility problems, the windows only show the title, but the rest of the content stays hidden, also prone to crashing SU when running (or attempting to run since it can't really be used right now in SU2018Pro) the extension.

Kirill B's picture

Hello Julian,
Yes this extension is unfortunately outdated and it is not compatible with latest versions of SketchUp. It even fails in a modern versions of Windows (or updated version of Internet Explorer). And for now I'm not able to continue developing or support of this plugin, so the best solution is to search for other extensions with the same functionality, which are compatible with modern versions of SketchUp.

Ignacio V's picture

Mac version...please!!!!

facer0001 .'s picture

Your comments all sound good!

Selling them separately makes sense as long as
LSS Zone is integrated with LSS Arch Lite. As you note, the
user can then purchase LSS Zone as a separate "module" that adds the
additional features. This will be an attractive module to aid "sketch design" work in SketchUp.

So you now have a CLEAR ROAD MAP of what to do next.

I will send you PM using SketchUcation as detail comments and
suggestions will be off topic for this thread.

The KEY ELEMENT of your future development will be the ability
to EXPORT FILES in IFC - this is your LINK to Revit and ArchiCad.
This will give your software a temporary advantage "over your competitors", and make it attractive to a much wider audience of SketchUp users.

Look forward to discussing this in more detail in a SketchUcation PM.

facer0001 .'s picture

Kirill B

Having LSS Zone linked to LSS Arch is the "perfect solution"!
However LSS Arch is likely a "bridge too far" for small to medium
architectural design firms.

LSS Arch is a "major commitment" in time and effort. As you appear to be a sole programmer, the risk is perhaps too high for small firms employing staff to commit. The key question potential users would have is will you be around to support and advance the software?

Offering an improved LSS Arch Lite (with LSS Zone) for a cost ($) increase would allow firms to try your approach and learn the benefits.
Their risk would be acceptable for a trial period within their offices.
As you advance your software with increase users you could become the "best match" for SketchUp enhancement for architectural application.

Videos done in English are "very important"! Should you produce an
upgraded LSS Arch Lite version with LSS Zone I would be pleased to offer my services without obligation. I am sure other English users would also be willing to offer videos without obligation. This is similar to "beta testing" where users are happy to assist in making the program better.

Your existing video examples focus too much on large residential projects etc. which in most part are handled by medium size firms. These firms use the larger software packages as Revit and ArchiCad.
The smaller to medium firms are likely "put off" by the depth and complexity of the examples and do not see the benefits.

As previously noted your videos appear "academic" like a thesis and
I think this "scares them off" from committing.

However, I think your program logic and workflow is correct and that should you gain substantial users you may be able to take advantage of the fast increasing application of BIM model integration into "smart software" like yours.

Therefore I would strongly recommend you at least integrate LSS Zone
into LSS Arch Lt. If you also provide IFC exports to Revit and ArchiCad
it would be a "winner".

The main frustration small to medium size firms have is the loss of their
3D model input data when they move into contract documents. Their existing commitment to programs like Revit etc. mean they are less like to introduce new software until they understand the benefits and cost saving that can be made. Yet most sketch design work is still done in SketchUp for all the reasons users are aware of.

Good luck with your development and my offer of assistance stands.

Kirill B's picture

All comments about small and medium size firms make perfect sense to me. I have similar thoughts about all that subject at the moment (I have to admit that initially when LSS Arch was launched the whole situation was not that clear to me).
All arguments about a combination of LSS Zone extension with LSS Arch Lite also seem to be very convincing. However integration of zone logic into LSS Arch Lite will make lite version too close to full version in my opinion (such integration will require to add labeling and report generation logic as well), so I tend to think that maybe it would be better to publish stand-alone pro version of LSS Zone with new improved logic, which will take advantage of LSS Arch Lite objects (walls and columns) to detect closed spaces instantly. So users who need just a set of basic primitives like wall, slab, column, window etc (just in order to model faster) may still have lite version without cost increase, those who need to create/label/list zones in SketchUp for some reason may add that new stand-alone extension.
Advanced IFC export is something I dream to have as well. For now I figured out only how to attach custom IFC attributes of objects inside SketchUp, but all that extra data is being discarded during export to IFC for some reason.
Thanks for offer of assistance in creation of tutorial videos! It is a valuable offer, because I'm slightly unconfident about my English and voice in general.

facer0001 .'s picture

Kirill B.

Please do not give up on LSS Zone. You are so close to it becoming
a very successful extension.

I have been working on integrating LSS Zone with LSS Arch Lite and
it is proving to be a very useful tool for sketch plan studies.
This useful workflow is mentioned in other posts.

When you do get around to updating it to be compatible to
SketchUp 2017, I would suggest the following improvements:

1. The Apply button should be moved vertically up in the DBX so it
is somewhere above "Geometry". This will save the user having continuously scroll down to locate it where it currently is, at the bottom of the data box (DBX).

2. The correct steps and required sequence taken would be aided by a larger curser symbol. Required "steps" in the workflow that are required to be
completed successfully should be more obvious. At present these can be missed
as there are signals as the "green tick" that get lost in the small curser.

3. Your video tutorials are "too quick" and deal with "too complex" of
building types. I suggest showing examples for a large house, small two level
apartment, and say a small warehouse.

I think there is merit in showing how LSS Zone can be linked
to LSS Arch Lite (and LSS Arch). Once the user understands the basics they will consider using it on larger projects.

The above improvements should increase your number of users as you continually
evolve and improve the program to perhaps a "Pro Version" for $.

4. Marketed correctly with the above and other improvements suggested in
this column of comments will I think lead to your extension
becoming a useful tool in the SketchUp tool bag of extensions and plugins.

All the best for 2017 and keep up the good work.

Kirill B's picture

Thanks for useful recommendations! I wasn't aware that cursors look small so it is really a valuable feedback (it is useful in general not only in regards to LSS Zone). I'll try to figure out how to make cursors larger or how to make them more evidently indicate each state during tool session. Observation about videos is also valuable for me.
Speaking of "Pro Version" I have to mention that I inserted "Zone" tool into a full version of LSS Arch during recent update, so it became possible to deal with zone objects the same way as with other objects (walls, slabs etc) in full version of LSS Arch. That's partially the reason why I'm not sure about the future of a stand-alone LSS Zone extension.
Happy 2017 and thanks for feedback and comments!

Volkan M's picture

Hi, I just installed the extension in to sketchup 2017. Toolbar seems ok but none of the dialog boxes are responding. Dialogbox title bars are opening but the dropdown menus are not seen. Is there any way to solve this issue?


Kirill B's picture

Thanks for your interest to LSS Zone extension. The point is that the latest version of SketchUp, which LSS Zone is compatible with, is SketchUp 2015. Some certain changes in SketchUp API and browser behavior took place in SketchUp 2016 and 2017 so appropriate changes should be made in extension to make it compatible with latest versions of SketchUp. Unfortunately I can not say for sure if I'll be able to update LSS Zone any time soon in order to make it compatible with recent versions of SketchUp.
Another problem is that when SketchUp 2017 is installed on the same computer, where SketchUp 2015 is installed, it affects browser behavior in SketchUp 2015, so dialogs of LSS Zone fail to work properly in such case. So as a bottom line I would recommend to search for some other alternatives to outdated LSS Zone extension.

Volkan M's picture

Thanks for your kind reply and detailed explanation. Hope you will be able to update your plugins. They are very valuable.

Best Regards.

Mohammad a's picture

any pdf ?

Ahmad A's picture

Tank you very much. 2016

Chad B's picture

Hello, Im installing in SKP 15 on OSx 11. Do you know of any stability issues? I see great value in your plugin, but cant afford to invest the time if unstable or not fully operational.

Thank you for helping with my insecurities.

Kirill B's picture

Hi Chad,
First of all thanks for the interest to LSS Zone extension. This extension is compatible only with Windows unfortunately. In order to make it compatible with OS X I need to make web-dialogs work under OS X (web-dialogs work differently under OS X). I'm working on other extension update at the moment (LSS Arch), but I plan to update LSS Zone either in a month or so. I hope I will make new version of LSS Zone compatible with OS X.


Ignacio V's picture

Please a Mac OS version!!!

Kirill B's picture

Hi Ignacio,
I'm still struggling with asynchronous behavior of java-script part in Safari (which passes data between extension's dialogs and SketchUp). I hope to find a properly working solution of this problem as soon as possible and then submit a version compatible with Mac OS.

Ignacio V's picture

Hi, ¿how are you doing with the mac version? Love to have it

Cristian B's picture

this is one of most usefull extension i ever used. i hope it will get richer. it is really a great piece of soft.
many thanks.
it really helped me

Kirill B's picture

Hi Cristian,
Thanks for kind words!

Joel L's picture

@Kirill B

First of all - brilliant work, this plugin is fantastic. I do lots of feasibility studies, schematic designs etc. and this will be very useful for that sort of stuff.

One suggestion for improvement - is it possible to independently control units for area and volume calculations? It would be very handy to have the model units in millimeters (architectural standard) but be able to display areas in m2, or even square feet, for easier communication with clients.

Again - thanks for your great work!


Kirill B's picture

Hi Joel,
Thanks for kind words!
Implementation of the ability to set units independently for area and volume is a bit challenging. Currently implemented logic uses existing API methods to format length in order to generate a string according to units setting and to parse entered length strings back to actual length so now logic is rigidly associated to global units setting of an active model.
Anyway the ability to set units independently is a great idea, because it would be more convenient to have millimeters for length units and square meters for areas, so I agree that it is necessary to solve this problem somehow.


1491625abc .'s picture

First of all thanks for this magnificent work of you Mr.Kirill B
I have Installed this extension on Sketchup 2014 and 2015. and I'm Having this problem on both.
The upper three buttons inside the zone tool, cant be pressed, and same for material buttons. I click on them but they don't work, and the Pick, Draw and Pick buttons can be pressed, but they don't detect any floor and don't draw either.
I have watched the videos about this extension and I realized the workflow isn't going well on my PC.
I tried Opening the:
AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins\lss_zone\Resources\en-US\lss_zone\lss_zone.html
file in different browsers, and the buttons still don't work, i mean they are not pressed and selected(the upper three horizontal buttons and the material buttons).
can you help me whats missing in my PC that caused this extension not to work?

Kirill B's picture

I think, that everything is OK with your computer. The problem is in extension. I have to fix LSS Zone to make it work with new version of IE. Previous version of IE had less stricter syntax checking of javascript so it worked well. New version of IE (9 and above) has more stricter syntax checking so it detects syntax error in javascript part of LSS Zone extension, that's why buttons don't work.
I'm already aware of this problem so I'll try to update LSS Zone as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience.

Lorenzo F.'s picture

Hi, I also have installed LSS Zone on windows 7 and I have the same problems. The three buttons in the upper areas of tool, for the creation of the zone object do not work. From the video demonstration seems that this plugin was what I was looking for so long. When an update?
Best regards.


Kirill B's picture

Hi Lorenzo,
Initially I planned to make serious update of LSS Zone, which should include some new features and renewed web-dialogs disign (similar to LSS Arch). Now I figured out that it may take longer, than I expected, so I'm going to make a minor update, which adresses only the issue with current implementation of web-dialogs.
So I'm going to post updated version by the end of a week. Review of posted version by quality assurance team usually takes about a week or so. In short fixed version may become available for installation in a couple of weeks or so.

Lorenzo F.'s picture

Hi Kirill,
I'm happy to see such professionalism.
Thank you very much.

Best regards

Kirill B's picture

Hi Lorenzo,
It took longer than I expected, but finally fixed version of LSS Zone became available to install.

1491625abc .'s picture

That was very useful, I have an old computer with Windows Xp and the old IE, So I can try using your extension on it.
Thanks Again.

Kirill B's picture

Please try to install new version (ver. 1.2.3 beta). This fixed version should work on new machines as well.

Bisser P.'s picture

Можем ли да комуникираме на български?

Бисер Петров

Kirill B's picture

I can communicate in English and in Russian. Russian is very close to Bulgarian, so I can try to understand it, but I can reply in Russian or English.


Genesis M.'s picture

Hi Kirill,

I cant seem to go beyond past LSS Zone tool. Whenever I create one I cant find where to find the Draw contour, Pick Floor face and Cut opening icons...

Hans H's picture

Hi Kirill.
Is it possible to make this LLS Zone for Mac. I look forward.

EliBjr's picture

Wow Kirill! I thought the first version was great; this is amazing. If you can find a way to material square footage take offs and compose a cost estimate this will be able to seriously rival Revit. Thank you for all of your work.

Kirill B's picture

Many thanks for kind words!
I just have to say that it is highly unlikely that indie developer will become a serious competitor of Revit or any other serious BIM software product, but the idea itself sounds motivating and challenging at the same time.
Anyway 'LSS Zone' is just an extension based on amazing capabilities of SketchUp. As for me personally, I think SketchUp is a unique 3D modelling platform. It is not just fun and easy to use, but also perfectly suitable for a great range of practical purposes.

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muy bueno

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