LSS Arch Lite
'LSS Arch Lite' is a commercial extension, which allows you to draw and edit basic building elements.
LSS Arch Lite


This extension is a simplified version of LSS Arch and it allows to draw and edit only basic building elements, such as walls, columns, slabs etc. Note that full version of LSS Arch allows to attach labels, make lists, model advanced geometry like terrain meshes etc.

Learn more about full version here: 


Extension allows to draw:

  • walls
  • columns
  • beams
  • slabs
  • slope objects (for example roofs)
  • openings
  • thick face objects


It is possible to rebuild manually edited (with native SketchUp tools) objects and to change parameters of selected objects, which were previously created using LSS Arch Lite extension tools.

Getting Started

Enable LSS Arch Lite Toolbar

  1. open 'Toolbars' dialog by choosing SketchUp Main Menu>>View>>Toolbars...
  2. find 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar within the list of toolbars
  3. check corresponding checkbox to enable 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar
  4. (optional) right-click anywhere at SketchUp's toolbar area and enable 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar using pop-up menu

Adjust Basic Settings

First of all it is recommended to adjust user interface settings of LSS Arch Lite extension according to screen resolution and personal preferences

  • choose LSS Arch Lite dialogs' size: standard or small
  • set grips magnify factor, which is appropriate for your screen resolution
  • set rotation adjustment point offset (the same logic here as for grips size)

Common Tool Operation

  1. open tool dialog by clicking appropriate speed-button of LSS Arch Lite toolbar or by choosing apropriate tool name from Main Menu>>Plugins>>LSS Arch Lite
  2. (optional) adjust 'arch' object's settings: geometry, materials, identification etc
  3. click topmost command button of the dialog to start 'arch' object creation in an active model
  4. click at starting point to begin drawing of object's contour
  5. move cursor and click to add new vertices to a contour or enter offset value from keyboard using value control box (VCB)
  6. double-click at ending point or single-click at ending point and press <End> key to finish drawing of a contour
  7. (optional) finish drawing of a contour at starting point


Hello, I was alerted to the fact that by installing this extension I would be granting you access to my computer. could you explain?

Kirill B's picture

Hello Edwin,
I don't have any access to any computer. SketchUp displays an automatic warning in case if an extension being installed reads/writes anything from/to a file. LSS Arch allows to save beam or column profiles to a file, then read saved profiles. SketchUp detects such commands and displays a warning that extension performs read/write operations on user's hard drive.
Anyway in case if you don't trust or feel yourself suspicious about LSS Arch, then you should not install it (or remove it in case if it was installed).

Kirill Bannov

facer0001 .'s picture

I tried installing LSS Arch Lite into my laptop
and the following error message came up.

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 503
Debugging info follows

Any ideas how I can fix this?


On my second attempt today 11 Sept 9:55 PM AEST I was able to install LSS Arch Lite okay!
W10 O/S


Kirill B's picture

Hello Ray,
Thanks for the information about this problem. I've tested installation just now and I was able to install LSS Arch Lite successfully on win8. I'll try to test how installation takes place on OS X as soon as possible too.
I'll contact Extension Warehouse support to find out the reason for this problem.
Have you tried to install other commercial extensions from Extension Warehouse recently? Did the same error message appear during other extensions installation or it appears only during LSS Arch Lite installation?


Just found the lite version.
I think it is a great plugin, and a good starting point that can lead to your full version.
Once again, do you have plans to make it compatible with Skalp?

Thanks in advance,


Pablo M's picture

This is an excellent plugin, I used to work with the old abandonware 1001bits plugins, but definetively I switched to this one.

At first glance it seems to bee a very simple plugin with not too much tools.

Gladly I learned that they are the ones I must need for architectural modeling.
I would recomend you to watch the youtube channel video of the software developer.
You can see that with this simple plugin you can make complex models.

My copy is working fine with sketchup 2017.
Is there any chance that some of the new features of the 1.7.1 version (big brother) will be added to future updates?

Kirill B's picture

Hello Pablo,
Many thanks for positive feedback! Definitely encourages to continue developing of this extension.
I planned to add elevation marks tool, which appeared recently in full version, during nearest update of LSS Arch Lite. I also think that "Mesh" tool and "LSS Layers" dialog will also appear in lite version. So the key difference is that lite version is mainly just for modeling, so it doesn't have labeling and reporting and complex meta-objects like "grid" and "contour". And I plan to keep this key difference (at least in foreseeable future).

michal029's picture


I've bought your plugin. It is very good!!! but unfortunately doesn't work properly with SU 2017.
My question is: are planning to update your plugin for SU 2017

Kirill B's picture

First of all thanks for purchasing of a plugin! Yes update of a full version to make it compatible with SU2017 is in progress right now. I hope I'll be able to submit updated version of LSS Arch during this week. Then it may take a couple more weeks to update LSS Arch Lite.

facer0001 .'s picture

Trial Option is still NOT WORKING.

The answer to my previous request for assistance from the Extension Warehouse is copied below:

" ... We understand you're encountering some problems with LSS Arch Lite. Please note that this plug-in was developed by a third-party, and we're unable to provide assistance for this issue. We suggest contacting the plug-in developer for additional information and support. For more information on this extension, please visit: ..."

I will try a personal email again but could you follow up again and see if the
problem can be corrected.

Kirill B's picture

Hello, I tried to install trial myself from OS X and I found out that "Install Trial" button is invisible for some reason (I'll let Extension Warehouse team know about this formatting problem right now), but it is still possible to click a blank space where this button is supposed to be and installation takes place is it should to.
So It is necessary to hover over a blank space right below purchase button and click when cursor switches from an arrow to a pointer:
Then the following warning should appear: (answer "Yes" if you still want to trial)
After installation extension should appear within installed extensions list:

Thanks for informing about this problem. It appeared recently I suppose because I've tested availability of trial of the very first published version and I know for sure that some other users were able to install trial version successfully quite recently.

facer0001 .'s picture

Trial Option is not appearing when downloading from inside Sketchup.

Could you please correct this as I would like to Trial your software

Kirill B's picture

Hello, I received an answer from Extension Warehouse support. Some changes were made on Extension Warehouse server, so now trial should work.
Please feel free to contact support team directly using contact form at in case if trial still doesn't work for you.

Kirill B's picture

You can contact Extension Warehouse support directly (without my participation) using the contact form at the following address:
Support team may help to solve problems related to trialing, licensing, answer invoicing questions etc.

Kirill B's picture

Hello. First of all thanks for the interest to LSS Arch Lite extension and sorry for inconvenience. I'll contact Extension Warehouse team to find out the reason for a problem with trial option and hopefully the problem will be fixed in the coming days.

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