1001bit Tools (Freeware)
Collection of useful tools for architectural works.
1001bit Tools (Freeware)

1001bit Tools (Freeware) is a collection of various tools useful for fast creation of architectural elements.

Staircases, spiral staircase, windows, doors, walls, customised openings on walls, automatic generation of hip roofs, rafters and purlins etc.

1001bit Tools also include some useful drawing and editing tools such as fillet edges, extend, chamfer etc.


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thanks you so much

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ممنون مرسی

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thanx so much

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great thanks

ممنون مرسی

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I'm using the sketchup pro 2015, just with me this plug in doesn't work? I tried so much times, and by so much ways, I also unistall sketchup and reinstall, but never work, now when i open sketchup, also open window: cannot fin 1001 bittools...
Please sombody can halp me?

Estou usando o sketchup pro 2015, ja tentei baixar o 1001 bit tools diversas vezes, mas nunca funciona, ja tentei baixando o plug in e colocando na pasta, ja tentei baixando direto no 3d warehouse, ja desinstalei e reinstalei varias vezes, mas nenhuma solução.
Alguém poderia me ajudar?

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Estou com o mesmo problema, você encontrou alguma solução?

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I had the same problem !

In my computer's search bar I wrote "1001bit_freeware". Then I copied the file. Finally I paste it where the error message said sketchup was looking for. (For me it was in C: )

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muito bom este apricativo,

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big thnxxxxxxxxx

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Very cool Blogin contains everything needed architect designer Thank you very much for these useful toolsط

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Great..loved the tools in SU2015 but cannot migrate the tools to SU2016. Help?

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2016 Please ??????

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I'm Very grateful

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I'm Very grateful

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tanks you bery much

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2016 non install ?

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Thanks alot google sketchup for your plugin.

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Sorry for asking but where should the rbz file be located, I have sketchup 7

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thank you.. :)

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Thank You...

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I loaded the plugin, the toolbar displays, but when I click on a tool - nothing happens. No prompts, no error messages - nada. I tried opening Sketchup (V8) as administrator, but still didn't work.

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same here i loaded it in sketchup 2013 plz help

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hi Richard,
I think there's something wrong with setting up.
You need to run setup using the 'install extensions...' button that comes with Sketchup.
please take a look at the link below:

Although it's for Pro version, the steps are essentially the same.


I am having the same problem. I installed it with the button (sketchup 8) and the tool bar appears but does nothing when I click on any icons...

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no prevail...

any other ideas?

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I purchased this way back before version 8. Worked great then, hope it works with 2016.

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Looks cool... wish it worked for 2016.

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Thank you

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This Plugin Woking in SU 2016?

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De los mejores, si no es que es el mejor!!!


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Does not work with 2013 Pro, no dialog box comes up when tools are clicked.

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hi please ensure that you downloaded the .rbz file and you are installing using the 'install extensions' button.
Also, please try to run Sketchup as administrator and see whether this solves the issue.

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wow...Favoloso! grazie

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can you update for SketchUp 2016 ?

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Super utile beau travail ! Merci !

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Thank you so much,,,,

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I aimda I can not I can faser the dowlowd this application

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1001bit freeware doesn't work with SU2013. I tried with 1001bit (30 days free trial version) it works well.
I understand there are 2 versions. In one hand a free one with basic functions and other hand a most complete one but not free. However, the problem is why one version works on SU2013 and not the other while these 2 tools are based on the same principe ?

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hi Bernard,
Both version should work on SU 2013 because they are all working on pretty much the same codes. The Pro version just have a lot more options and tools that's all. Issue with SU2013 might be due to installation, i recall back then, you need to run SU2013 as administrator for some plugins to work because of security issues.
Anyway feel free to send an email to help@1001bit.com if you need any assistance.

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