s4u Transformer
Select groups or components for Transformer(Scale,Move,Rotate,Color)
s4u Transformer

Select groups or components for Transformer:

1 - Set base (origin of Groups,Components) :

   Click on interact Menu ,Press Down Arrow or Click Rigth mouse  for change

2 - Set Axis 

  Click on interact Menu or Click Rigth mouse for change

  Press Left Arrow : Green axis, Right Arrow : Red axis, Up Arrow : Blue axis

3 - Transformer:

  a - Scale :

     Set scale mode : Distance ,Ratio, Fixed Length

     Input value by Key Number and Enter

     Extend function: Extend scale follow Axis      

  b - Move :

     Input value  by Key Number and Enter

     Extend function: 

       - Move Lowest 

       - Move Highest

       - Move Height? 

  c - Rotate

    Input value degrees by Key Number and Enter

  d - Color

    Input value color Hue (HSL) by Key Number and Enter

4 - Dymanic Transformer: Press TAB for set parameter 

   a - Circle :

        Dynamic follow  Distance from Origin of object to Center of circle

   b - Linear :

        Dynamic follow Distance from Origin of object to Line 

   c - Points :

        Dynamic follow Distance from Origin of object to Points

   d - Random :

        Dynamic random

   e - Set : Set parameter dynamic

5 - Reset 

   a - Reset Scale : Reset scale of Objects

   b - Reset Rotate : Reset Axis of Objects 

   c - Reset Transformer : Reset scale and axis or Objects



Excellent plugin Thank you

Omar C's picture

I have installed, payed the developer for a license, and yet it still does not work. The plugin returns a "license not foudn error". I would love to be able to use this, i'll even pay to update my version of it if necessary. Just asking for a little support.

Suforyou's picture

Mail to me

Omar C's picture

i have emailed you.

interior k's picture

Hi, i have purchase the (S4U) extensions for my company, it looks like it has limit user. How do I purchase additional license since we have only one SU acount.

Omar C's picture

Hey Huynh ,

Are you still supporting this plugin? I sent you an email about upgrading my version of the plugin. I have 1.0, do I need to pay again to get 1.1?
Thank you

optimaforever ..'s picture

Can you modify the code to allow automatic rescaling of the upper toolbar according to the viewport? SU2016 and its trays tend to narrow the viewport, and therefore some buttons of yout toolbar get hidden.

Suforyou's picture

You can click on toolbar name : Main,Reset,Extend...( the dark blue color) its submenu toggle.

optimaforever ..'s picture

Indeed. I didn't notice that.

optimaforever ..'s picture

Jeez this is so complex...
I guess a manual should be necessary to understand all the possibilities... ;-)
I don't get all the subtleties of the ribbon menu...

Muhsin A.'s picture

its best for any one how yoze

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