Keyframe Animation
Animate your SketchUp model by adding movement to any object.
Keyframe Animation

Animate your SketchUp model by adding movement to any object.  Keyframe Animation will move objects along a straight line, rotate them about any axis, or even change their size. You can move the camera too. Best of all, the animation you create can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

Main Features

  • Translations:  Interpolate translations between key frame positions.
  • Rotations:  Interpolate rotations about any axis, for any angle between 0 and 180 degrees.
  • Scaling:  Interpolate changes in the size, for any positive scale factor.   The scaling can be uniform, or there can be different scale factors for each axis.
  • Nested Animated Objects:  Any group or component can be animated.  If it is contained inside another group or component, it is translated/rotated relative to its parent. If the parent also moves, the combination of translations/rotations results in more complex types of motion.
  • Camera Animation:  The camera can also be animated using the native camera interpolation that is built into SketchUp.
  • Transition Time:  You can precisely control the amount of time it takes to transition from one key frame to another.
  • Delay Time:  You can pause the animation, for a precise amount of time, after the transition to any key frame is complete.
  • Animate Layer Visibility:  You can make objects appear and disappear by putting them on layers and adjusting the layer visibility property for the scenes.
  • Reorder Key Frames:  It is easy to change the order of key frames, or put them in reverse order, or any other permutation.  You can also insert or delete key frames anywhere in the sequence.
  • Export a Movie:  There is a powerful feature that will generate all the intermediate scenes that are in between the key frames. These tweens, as they are called, can be exported to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

Free Trial

You can activate a 10-day free trial to check out Keyframe Animation.  If you like what you see, you may Purchase a user license via PayPal to permanently activate Keyframe Animation.

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Hi. I have two pc's where I work ( one at a time). Can I use the same license?

Regular Polygon's picture

Yes, that's fine.  You can register the same license on two computers.

Leonard's picture

I really want to share with you a video I've made using SketchUP and KeyFrame Animation:

Thumbs up for this plug-in! It is incredible what you can do with it.

mgfranz's picture

Does not work. If I set a scene, then move a component and then edit another component and then set another scene, the first scene is shown with the component edited in the second scene. I would like to think a scene is like a snapshot of components. It seems more like each scene takes life from any scene if a component is modified.

Regular Polygon's picture

I am afraid that is not how the plugin is suppose to work. Keyframe Animation interpolates the position, orientation, and scale of an object between scenes. It does not interpolate edits you make to the object's geometry. If you are confused about how it works, please read the documentation in the user guide.

I am trying the trial version now. But when I try to export everything into a video, it only gives me 2 sec like 800kb of video. Is this because it's just a trial version and I have to purchase to get the whole video conversion.


Regular Polygon's picture

The trial works the same as having a license. Please check the user guide to make sure the plugin is being used correctly. If there is still a problem, then contact us for support.

David B's picture

What do you think the SU 2018 update will come out?

thanks, Dave

Regular Polygon's picture

On the Mac, Keyframe Animation 1.9.2 seems to always be compatible with SketchUp 2018.

On Windows, version 1.9.2 might not be compatible with SketchUp 2017+. If it's not, the plugin will tell you when you try to activate it. If you can activate it, then it's compatible.

We have a new release, Keyframe Animation 2.0.12, which is compatible with SketchUp 2018 on both platforms. It is available on the Download page (there is a link in the Regular Polygon sidebar off to the right).

im not buying this, apart from the useful plugin you got there, the output video quality is not good as built-in keyframe animation

B.L. A's picture

$39 for a basic Sketchup plugin is ridiculous, and then to see how they treat paying customers is all I needed to pass on this now that my trial is up.

Jeffrey D's picture

They have just updated it and makes it more mac friendly. Still, its not ideal on a mac... but for $40 i've made $5000+ using this plugin...

Regular Polygon's picture

I am glad to hear that Keyframe 2.0 has resolved some of the issues you were having on the Mac. It is not as far along on the Mac as the PC yet. We are still fixing bugs and posting updates monthly. When we get it all worked out, we will release it on the Extension Warehouse. Right now, Keyframe 2.0 is only available on our website download page.

I noticed that this version is (1.9.2) and online somewhere I saw a 2.0 and people say it works better although it is not a plug-in offered by Sketchup. Can anyone tell me the difference, and whether this one will work just as good.

Very nice for used this plugin so easy to do animation.

Mario V.'s picture

Hello everyone, i have a question.
I have a scene with objects and animated section planes, my problem is at exportation time, the animation do not generate the section planes. how i can fix the problem if i use the 2.0.9 version . thanks

Regular Polygon's picture

There was a problem with section planes. We have fixed it. The current version 2.0.12 will export animations involving section planes correctly. You can upgrade to the new version for free.

Doctor B's picture

Hi Regular Polygon team!

Today I have installed the newest version of Keyframe Animation (v.2.0.9) on my Windows 10 Workstation (64 bit Home Edition) using Sketchup 2017 Pro.

I am absolutely happy with the actually version 2.0.9 :)
One year ago I used an much older version and it crashed several times and also the progam was not much user friendly.

But now it is just a great and powerfull tool.

I was able to animate some pallets on a conveyour system within some minutes and to create a video.

This is the tool I always was looking for !!!
Excellent Job!

Regards from Germany

Regular Polygon's picture

Hi Doctor B,

Thanks for your review. Fixing the stability issues, and making the plugin more user friendly, were both high priorities for version 2.0. So, it is great to hear that things have improved.

We released version 2.0 very quietly on our website. As soon as we've cleaned up all the "hiccups", we will release it on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. If anyone wants to download it now, here is the URL.

Simon C's picture

Works partially in v2017 (yes, I'm aware it's not stated as supported), but it does work though you need to note the following. You need to toggle the record button on and off (does not toggle itself), the play button works ONCE and never again even with a restart of Sketchup.

Regular Polygon's picture

I assume you are using version 1.9.2. What platform are you on? That sounds like an ongoing issue with OSX -- Windows should work fine.

Jeffrey D's picture

I love this plug in. It lets me make more money from my sketchup drawings. Regular polygon have great customer service with prompt replies.
downside is, it crashes my 2016 macbook pro (all the options) with 2016 SU pro. It crashes a LOT. Not sure of why... but randomly crashes. it usually without any any saving taking place. (i have set autosave at 5 min intervals - but still lost 7 hours of work yesterday). I've got my skills pretty sorted as i've used it for 25+ hours and made many animations using it... but the crashing. Tell me if i'm alone please or what I can do to try and make it more stable. I've tried all hardware acceleration on and off (not recommended for macbook pro!) as well as plenty of other changes to see if I can stop the bugsplats.

President Le's picture

Hi, Please show me how to fix this error!

"Your Web browser needs to have JavaScript enabled to use this plugin"

I use Chrome and Java Script option still allowed to run

Regular Polygon's picture

Please contact us so we can find out what is causing that error.

Michel V's picture

Text labels (like leaders and measurements) don't seem to show up in the exported video consistently. I mostly export to mp4.
In the animation originating from one SU model, some text labels appear nicely as expected while others don't appear at all.
I use the layer visibility property to hide or show text labels. In the tween model the text labels do appear but not instantly, after the scene with the text label has been selected in the tween model, it takes a while before the text appears (more than one second). Considering this time delay I did some experiments with scene transition and delay times and sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn't.

Is this a know issue or is it a setting I have overlooked.

BTW, Keyframe is a wonderfull tool, it's about the only software tool that doesn't make me grumpy after a while. SU models are coming alive with Keyframe and that (almost) makes me happy.

Best Regards,

Regular Polygon's picture

Thanks for the positive feedback, Michel. Hopefully, the soon to be released Keyframe Animation 2.0 will make you entirely happy. :-)

Using the scene's Visible Layers property to hide or show the label should work. If not, that could be a bug.

This may be an unrelated issue with labels. If a moving object has a label, the label will move with it in the keyframe model. But the label won't follow the object in the tweens -- that just wasn't supported.

I think it is very likely that Keyframe Animation 2.0 will resolve both these issues. It doesn't create any tweens; it exports the animation directly from the keyframe model. It can hide or show geometry using either the Visible Layers or Hidden Geometry scene properties. An object and its label will move together and be exported to a video that way too. It is basically done for the PC, and will be released as soon as the documentation is written. If you want to download it now, just contact us and we'll be happy to send you a link.

Greg B.'s picture

I had the trial a while back, and just recently needed to use theplugin so I had to purchase a license. The plugin is losing recorded object locations randomly, causing errors in my animations.

Regular Polygon's picture

You didn't have to purchase a license. No one forced you to purchase a license.

Your claim, that the plugin is losing the recorded position data, may be a bug, or it may be due to user error. You hardly used the plugin until today, and then just for a few hours. So, I suspect user error.

If you want support, you should contact us.

Are you kidding me? That's seriously not a good attitute to have toward a paying customer. Guess what, I'm not buying now.

Greg B.'s picture

The trial worked fine, I tested the plugin a while back to make sure that it would do what i needed and it did, the project has come due now, so yes i had to purchase a license in order to use the plugin. Trial several months ago worked fine, activated plugin several months later does not. So your claim is false, and I regret giving someone 39$ who treats customers that way.

I feel for you. After seeing how they treated you, I decided not to buy. I hope this makes you feel better.

Regular Polygon's picture

The plugin logs usage. You used the plugin for a few hours right after you activated the free trial back on April 4. You didn't use it again during the 10-day free trial period. Then you used the plugin for a few hours yesterday between the time you registered the license and posted your first comment here. And that's it. So, that is why I say, it is entirely possible you are using the plugin incorrectly. I also said it could be a bug, but if you are not going to contact us for support, then what else can I tell you? I don't see how that is mistreatment.

Pandore L.'s picture

I'm really sad, I bought a Keyframe account, just to make some video render. It's not compatible and I can't render my work for my campaign.
I put all my money on it.

why colour yellow turn orange when i trired to export animation to a mp4 video.

claudio betances m's picture

I’ve been trying to render an animation from sketch up into Thea render that incorporates Keyframe animation plug in. When I export from the thea tool bar object movement it crashes.
Any pointers??
I have SU 2015 and the Keyframe 1.9.2

John N.'s picture

So... why does KA crash Sketchup every single time I attempt to use it?

Cathal O's picture

Hi following on from Matthew H query see below:
MATTHEW H 10 months ago
Does this work with V-ray? Might be doing something wrong but I have a simple animation between two scenes and I don't get any movement in V-ray when I render an animation. Thanks.

I have the same problem, I have made the animation checked it in sketchup 14 added tweens, but when I render out series of stills in vray nothing, they are all the same image. How do I solve this?

Regular Polygon's picture

I am not an expert on VRay, but as I recall, VRay ignores the scene Layer Visibility property. The tweens use Layer Visibility to show an object at different positions on each tween, which creates the movement. So, that's why VRay is not compatible with Keyframe 1.x.

We will be releasing a major update soon, which takes a whole new approach. But it might not be compatible either -- will have to see. Accommodating VRay may have to wait for an update after version 2.0 is released.

I have downloaded KA 1.9.2 and thought it was compatible with Vray.
This plugin is interesting, but as is, not really usefull as it does not allow any rendering...

What about release 2.0, is this feature gonna be included? When the realease will be available?


Z-G T's picture

what can the version 2.0 to be release?

Regular Polygon's picture

The beta is fully functional on the PC, and very close to release. If you want to give it a whirl, just contact us.

Marco N's picture

Very nice ad useful plugin ! Unfortunately I'll never use it any more because the free trial period is expired and the price to by it is too expensive. I hope in future will be free... I would like to use for my animation.

johnlaffmann ..'s picture

Awesome plugin! Make sure you DO NOT have "scenes" open in any of your trays (sketchup 2016) when you go to add tweens. It'll only add one tween about every second because it's having to update the scenes window. Took me a little bit to figure out why it was adding them so slowly.

dalondon51 ..'s picture

Is it possible to rotate a group/component on it's own axis while it is being rotated on another object axis? Like the earth rotating on it's own axis while circling the sun.

When I try doing that the group goes in a diagonal from first position to second without rotating at all.

Any help appreciated.

Regular Polygon's picture

Yes, it can be done using nested objects. For example, you could make the earth a subcomponent of a sun object. When you rotate the sun about its axis, the earth will inherit that motion and revolve about the sun's axis too. Then, in addition, you could rotate the earth subcomponent about its own axis. The earth's motion will be a composition of both rotations.

The documentation for animating subgroups and subcomponents is at,

Hussein K's picture

Is keyframe animation compatible with Sketchup 2016??

Regular Polygon's picture

Keyframe Animation appears to be compatible with SketchUp 2016. Version 1.9.2 has been activated with SketchUp 2016 on more than 300 computers, and so far no new issues have been reported.

Alexander R's picture

I'm really glad to hear this

Joshua G.'s picture

Unfortunately the trial version makes my sketch up crash all the time.
Also I'm not even able to set two scenes. Elements are all over the place and I can not edit them anymore.'s picture

I can't make it work for dynamic components eg if I have a door which can be open or closed, I record it open in scene one, and set it to closed in scene 2, but when I play the animation, nothing happens.... does it not support dynamic components?