EP Fasteners & Threaded Holes
Produces Printable Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Tapped or threaded Holes for 3D parts.
EP Fasteners & Threaded Holes

Create Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Tapped/Threaded Holes, and Drilled holes in to your 3D models.
Produces printable 3D components. The threaded or drilled holes will glue to two parallel surfaces and cut openings in both surfaces. Produces usable threads in standard Metric and SAE sizes through 30mm.

Adds EP Fasteners & Holes to the tools menu.

Open Tools/EP Fasteners & Holes, Select the type of fastener and dimensions and press OK. Then place your new component.

In the case of through holes, the component will be just a circle, but once placed, another component will be built and placed on the nearest parallel surface in the direction of the hole. Both Components will glue to the surface and cut openings.


Bernard B's picture

Dean M -

Thanks for the tip about reversing the threads. Wonder why these are made left handed by default? Surely the ruby script can be edited to produce the correct type of holes by default? Anyone know how?

Bernard B's picture

Excellent. Works a treat in 2016 & Win 10. I used the Coarse threads because I'm using it for 3D print models where fine threads are not really useful.

Could do with countersunk screw heads and the Square type nut.

Thanks for this as this was my bugbear in Sketchup - creating threads.

June M's picture

I would love to see for Mac version. !!

R S's picture

Same as many others notee, It opens with a blank screen on my MAc (OS MAvericks, skp pro 2015)
Love ot see it work –and would pitch in a few bucks for a version–for the Mac plus one which included flat head round heads and wood screw threads as well: Thanks

Ross P.'s picture

Just starting to work with the tool, it appears to work well with large thread sizes, but smaller thread sizes such as m3 do not create solid components. If there is a way to make it work with the smaller thread sizes please let me know. I am attempting to use it with Sketchup 2015.

Thanks for the great effort.

Andreas L.'s picture

Mit der neuen 1.0.4 Version funktioniert alles perfekt. Eine super Erweiterung um Schrauben und Muttern zu erstellen.

With the new version 1.0.4 it works great. Its a perfekt extension to create bolt.

Luca Delbarba d's picture

where you found 1.04 version?

Luca Delbarba d's picture

where you found 1.04 version?

jeff t's picture

Hi Luca did you find the 1.04 version

Dan B.'s picture

Wo bekommt man die neue Version denn? Hier gibt es ja nur 1.0.0!

Tim B.'s picture

This seems not to work on a mac and SketchUp 2015.
It just shows a blank screen.

William A. C's picture

Does not work on Mac Sketchup 2014. Blank window opens.

Derrick F.'s picture

its a pity that it can't be used in sketch up 8 version.

Dean M's picture

Using Sketchup 2015 on Windows 7.

Love the tool once I figured it out (very cool). Thanks Jay!

I would like to see wood screws and lag screws added (I am a woodworker). It would also be nice to have bolts create the matching holes to go with it automatically. This is so when you hide the bolts the holes are still there but you do not have to create the hole separately and align the bolt to the hole. The "bolt with holes" should have an option for threads or no threads.

I had trouble figuring out how to get this extention to work until I watched the video again. Even then the instructions did not explain that you have to select the raw geometry (not a group or component) before launching the EP Fasteners tool. Alternately you can make the selection (triple click on the block you want to drill right before hitting OK on the last screen. If you do not have the right surface selected the holes will have caps (Xray view shows the threads inside).

If a block is in a component you need to explode it first. Next drill any holes on the raw geometry and then recreate the component. Editing the component will look right from the top but the hole will be covered on the bottom surface.

The tool currently creates left handed threads for threaded holes. To fix this do the following:

Double click on the component to edit it.
Select everything in the component (triple click)
Right click and select Flip Along and pick Red, Green or Blue direction (pick either of the two axis perpendicular to the axis of the threads)
(these are the component axis that show up when you open the thread component, not model axis)

This will flip left hand threads to right hand threads. Since you are editing the component it will fix all instances.

I found the "EP Fasteners" extention looking for something to create arrays of holes. You can easily place more copies of threaded holes by dragging and dropping the hole icon from the component pallet (see the video). I could not get the move with copy function to work. The threads are copied but there is no hole cut in the top and bottom of the plate. To create a large array (ex. 7 X 7 array) would mean dragging out the icon 49 times which would get tedious.

A more practical approach for making lots of holes is to first build a single square block just slightly bigger than the hole (this is before you build the plate the holes will be in or at least before you pull it into 3D). Next create the threaded hole in the tiny block. Select that block with the hole in it and move/copy it to all the needed hole locations. Next draw a rectangle or other shape around the base of all the blocks (the outside shape of your plate). Pull that shape up to the height of the blocks. This is fast even for large arrays.

If you want you can delete the lines that make up the small squares around the holes which will merge the plate outline with the square into one surface. If you have lots and lots of holes it may be an advantage to keep the blocks intact so you can hide the complex threads for better drawing speed (leave them hidden when you don't need the detail).

Note that for drawing an array of holes with straight walls (no threads) I would still use another method without the "EP Fastener" extension. If you draw a 2D outline of the plate and then draw a circle on it, the plate will be broken into a separate surface inside the circle and a surface between the circle and the outer rectangle or shape, and an edge for the circle. You can then single click select the area inside the circle and delete it. You now have a hole in the 2D plate. You can now select the 2D circle and copy it to create as many 2D holes in the plate and they will not be filled. Once all the holes are in the 2D plate you can then pull it up to 3D and all the holes will be open as intended.

Hope this helps.

Luis Gomes's picture

Not working, desapointed....complete out of proportiion washers,....infinite "please wait" while processing a simple nut...uninstalling now.

daryl H.'s picture

Using the 1.0 thread size doesn't always work.

The tap is reverse and I am sitting here with a printout that wont accept the bolt.

The nut comes out with open sides and no easy way to fill in.

THe circles used for the out edges has visible sides like 12 or 16 .

Disappointed after making a full print to realize the tap is reverse.

Gabriel E's picture

Threaded hole isnt working, the window just closes when I press it.

Barnett S.'s picture

Looks awesome wish it was available for Mac.

Tony A.'s picture

Just downloaded it and it appears to do exactly as promised. The extension includes flat washers, so my suggestion would be to add lock washers. Thanks.

Michael B.'s picture

Can this be used to make tapered pipe threads? If not, do you know of an extension that does pipe threads?

Luther P's picture

I could not get the bolt function to work. It hang on "please wait..." while trying to create the bolt.
SU 15.3.330 32bit Win7
That is the only thing I tried.

Lawrence L's picture

Using Windows 8.1 pro. Couldn't get it to work when first installed. It just cut the initial hole in the surface. When I came back to work with it today, everything is working great with no changes or mods. Thank you very much for a most useful tool.

Thomas E's picture

Doesn't do screws

GUSTAVO G's picture

It didn't get to appear... ones Installed...!

jadeoasis .'s picture

it doesn´t work for me (win 7 x64) , the same problem as Mael B.

mentioned here

i´m sorry to bring you bad news.

any fix in the near future?


Mael B.'s picture

Seems nice, but I can't get the threaded hole function to work. I only get a circle cut into the surface where it is placed, but I guess it doesn't find the other side of the slab.

Cyrille P.'s picture

Couldn't get the Tapped Hole to work (Win8.1 Sketchup2015), the tapped hole menu just was not loading
Went to the ruby code and changed one thing in EPTappedHole.rb from @@ZERO = "0.0".to_l to @@ZERO = 0.0.to_l
The Tapped Hole menu then loads ok.
However there are still errors when trying to drill that tapped hole, specifically :
SketchUp:1:in `call'
Error: # ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)

Not sure where that occurs in the code though...

Ghislain C.'s picture

Yep, me too. Mac. SkUp Version 2015

Wayne B's picture

Any plans for a Mac version ? Can not get the version to work on 2015 on a Mac, reporting the same as everyone else, just a white screen.

Wayne B's picture

Any plans for a Mac version ? Can not get the version to work on 2015 on a Mac, reporting the same as everyone else, just a white screen.

David W.'s picture

Hello, I use SU Pro 8.0.16846. is there any possible way to use this tool with my version? thank you

Vaishakh C's picture

Fantastic. Works like a charm. Regards mate on this amazing tool

10004iomthon .'s picture

Thanks, for share use
you are good man

Robby B's picture

installed it and didnt even read the instructions and it worked great! nice job!

David Lee's picture

same here for the mac…….. ininstalling now

Jack P's picture

Works fine in Windows 7 with SketchUp 15.3.331 64 bit with one exception. In EPFastenersConstants.rb one of the data "arrays" use "1" as an index instead of "1.0". easy fix.

Carlos R.'s picture

I installed the extension and have the same problems as Auloma P.
I work with Sketchup 2015 in Windows 7.

Kristian H's picture

Awsome tool? I do not know if you know this, or maby it is a design feature, but when a tap through fuction is performed, the threads are reverse. Nice but some what frusterating.



alaindecarolis ..'s picture

Same problem: white empty screen on osx yosemite / sketchup 2015

Tie E.'s picture

yes my mac are blank screen only

Angel S.'s picture

Finally it installed....Windows 7.....thank you...very usefull

Mike G's picture

It's not working for me either on OSX using 2015 version 15.3.329. Any ideas how to fix?

Jason L.'s picture

Worked for me on 2015 Version 15.0.9350

Long Lloyd

Bill N.'s picture

Hi Loyd -

Windows or Mac? I am thinking this is probably a mac issue with the developer not dynamically created paths or something and building this for windows.



Bill N.'s picture

Not working with Sketchup Pro 2015 on Mac OS X 10.10.4

Just a blank empty page

Timmy L's picture

same problem as all above - mac=white window…?

alexandre c's picture

Hello, I have the same problem, don't work on mac, white window.... and on PC with sketchup 2014 or 2015 the extension disappear...

Randy S.'s picture

Empty white window also on a mac using 10.10.3

Auloma P.'s picture

When the option threaded hole is selected, don't appear any template to select the threaded hole dimension. Further this if I try to made a bolt the pitch is enormeous, I means that the metric thread pitch is enlarged with a x25.4 factor.

Urian N's picture

Hello. I installed the extension and when i select the tool, just an empty white window appears. What could be the problem?

I´working on sketchup 2015 on an Imac with Yosemite OS

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