FluidImporter Lite - Fast .obj importer
Quickly imports *.obj files into your model
FluidImporter Lite - Fast .obj importer

FluidImporter Lite is a very fast importer plugin for SketchUp. Entirely written in C++,  it can quickly import .obj files into your SketchUp model. All file informations, such as materials, textures, colors and meshes are accurately imported.

For more information, check the official FluidImporter website

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Jo W.'s picture

Imported the triangles beautifully, but no texture mapping. Model was imported larger than life, which is fine as sketchup starts simplifying details at very small scales.

Good importer for geometery, but for a larger file (80MB) with a large texture, did not work.

Ata T's picture


"Sketchup was unable to install the extension for an unknown reason."

Is it true Lite is not compatible with 2017 Sketchup?

If so - please refund me - and I will buy Pro. This is my order number: #1526128

I also sent an email to support.

Fluid Interactive, Inc's picture

FluidImporter Lite is compatible with SketchUp 2017. Please make sure to download the latest version from our official website:


Dzianis's picture

SketchUp 2016 - plugin dont work.

Fluid Interactive, Inc's picture

What problem are you experiencing? We just tested the plugin on SketchUp 2016, and it seem to work fine.

Xavier W's picture

Using the trial, upon going to the app and 'import' i try to import an .obj file and it says 'importing' on the bottom left but nothing happens? Have waited for a long while, but nothing happens. Am I missing something or have I encountered a fault? Restarted Mac and Sketchup twice. Really need a solution asap, thanks very much.

Jeremy B.'s picture

The importer works but a 68 MB obj file becomes a 344MB sketchup file. Anyway to reduce the sketchup file size without loosing detail?

Thaddeus E's picture

My friend made an STL of a clay sculpture that I am trying to uplaod into sketchup, after many failed trials to import it, I converted the STL to OBJ, and now your program is giving me the error messgae "cant insert empty component". Any idea what the problem is or how I might fix it?

Fluid Interactive, Inc's picture

Have you tried using FluidImporter Pro and import directly from STL?

Thaddeus E's picture

yeah, sketchup just crashed. Ive also used a few other import plug ins, as well as some third party software, is there a chance the resolution is too high? Are there specific settings that might help? the stl comes from an image capture of a rl 3D object, and has been z brush edited, im not too familiar with these processes or where something might go wrong with compatability in that process, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Fluid Interactive, Inc's picture

Does it crash every time you try? Have you tried with smaller stl files? What version of Sketchup are you using?

Alexander F.'s picture

sketchup crash mac 10.7.5 / Sketchup 2013

Hello, i installed the plug in and sketchup crash.
i trash the plug in but after i run sketchup , it crash and the the folder fluidimporter re-appear.
How i can do ? HELP !!!!!!!!!

Fluid Interactive, Inc's picture

Hi Alexander,

The problem is most likely caused by mac OS X 10.7.5. Do you have any chance of upgrading?

To remove the plugin, go to /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2013/SketchUp/Plugins

and delete any file and folder that starts with FluidImporter

Please let me know if you still have issues.

atek s's picture

do u have any video so that i can understand how it works

Alvaro V's picture

I'm using the trial version and everything seems to work great (textures included). The price is relatively low, but I'll try also the Pro version before making a decision.

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