Sandbox Tools
Sandbox Tools are great for landscape design and stuff like that.
Sandbox Tools

The Sandbox Tools extension implements the concept of a sandbox which refers to a surface that can be generated and manipulated using sandbox tools. A sandbox in SketchUp (and in other 3D modeling tools) is commonly referred to as a triangulated irregular network or TIN in terrain Modeling terminology.  


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Same here.

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tu trouve dans outil >bac a sable

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When I downloaded Sketchup 2013 the sandbox was already included, it works well and it is always found under "Tools".
Did you try to uninstall sketchup then install it again?

download is not working

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Download has no target? Is it really being worked on hard as the message suggests? It appears its been this way at least a week...

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The download button has no target available.

what's the difference to the original sandbox?

I think it shouldn't be installed. The sandbox tools are already included into SketchUp 2013. I easily can find it in menu 'View>>Toolbars' just after SketchUp 2013 got installed.
The Windows.

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Any more word from anyone? Sandbox disappearing is still a problem.

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Having a problem with Sandbox as well. It disappears or they are not activating. Hopefully one of the devs will help fix this.

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It keeps disappearing when I restart the application. The onlh way to restore it is to unistall sandbox then reinstall it. This is frustrating at best. What's going on here? Can we get a fix for this?

For me it is exactly the same, appears enabled, but I can not see.

I´ve downloaded it and intall but I can´t find the toolbar, I can enable i can see the tool in the menus but this isn´t confortable. I use Sketchu 2013
Thants for hearing

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