2DXY SlickMoves
The power tools of 2D Graphics enabled for any plane in 3D space.
2DXY SlickMoves

SlickMoves Description:

14 indispensible tools for manipulating Components and Groups.  

The familiar power tools of 2D graphics generalized to 3D: 

  • Rotate about Z axis by any angle (2 tools) 
  • Mirror about center X or Y (2) 
  • Resize (absolute or incremental) (1) 
  • Align (Left, Center, Right; Top, Middle, Bottom) (6) 
  • Equal Space (between objects or between their centers) (2) 
  • Display the Active Plane and XY Axes on any group or component. (1)  

How they work:

  • Select one or more OBJECTS (Component Instances and/or Groups) 
  • Click on one of the 14 SlickMoves tools. 
  • All selected Objects are "moved" IN ONE CLICK.  

You never need to:

  • Select vertices, intersections, handles or inferenced points. 
  • Measure or draw guides. 
  • Use Scale factors 
  • Use special keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl)  

This Means:  75% fewer clicks for many common design tasks. Fewer move mistakes. Much less zooming in and view rotation. More fluid design process.  

Why?         Because we live in a world dominated by gravity. Therefore, most Objects sit on a horizontal 2D plane. Many others are attached other 2D planes. Usually we want Objects stay on plane. Usually we want to move Objects in the local X or Y directions.   

"Most elementary acts of design are 2 dimensional."  

(Works in either SketchUp Make, Pro, Classic or Studio: versions 16 and later.)

(Please send questions to the support email.  Questions posted as Reviews may not be answered.)

Watch the 4 videos, download the free trial, read the help file.

Version Release Notes included in Help (User Guide).

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While I love to use SketchUp for 3D design, many basic design tasks are fundamentally 2D. My extensions will enable and streamline such tasks. I am a licensed architect and have been an avid SketchUp user since the first beta release in 2000. (See my architectural website nearby.) I have been using 3D CAD since 1977, and also have developed extensions to other 2D and 3D CAD systems at various times since then.
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