Estimator for SketchUp
A realtime estimating solution for SketchUp. Estimate by component, layer or material. Create simple, time-saving templates and know exactly how much a project will cost from start to finish.
Estimator for SketchUp

Estimator for SketchUp allows users to quickly and easily estimate anything they can model in SketchUp. Assign costs by component, layer, or material and save this information to a template to make future estimates a snap! Add quotes for labor and other intangible costs to account for ALL costs associated with your project.  Real-Time!


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Installed estimator but it doesnt seems to be available. I have Estimator in the tool bar list/ But when selected nothing appears and I have no access to this plugin

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Hi Pete,

Could you please email me directly to and I will get you going.

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I own a Design/Build Co. and started with Sketchup about a year ago after using AutoCAD for many years and I think the Estimator program provides an easy, efficient way to determine cost to build and bridges the gap between design and construction.. I read the last post and must say that John has created one of the best estimating software programs in the market. He has been a great help in getting me up an running with Estimator and my workflow.

I have not had any problem getting the right amount but as he said in his post rounding up is what builders do when ordering materials. With any new program their will always be things that the developer can add to the next upgrade and that is what we as user can help them with ideas that we may need.

To the Estimator staff, keep up the great work and help with all your users. .I am looking forward to the next upgrade and I know it will be just as good are better than the first version.

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Wow! Thank you Larry, for this great review! Look out for Version 1.09 to clear the Extension Warehouse - we added a rounding feature allowing you to de-select auto-rounding - this should settle the rounding issue. We also added compatibility with our new Takeoff_Length extension (on our online store and hopefully on EW very soon) - this stand-alone plugin lets you total lengths for anything in your model - totals display in the UI AND can be used in Estimator (for things like roof ridges, valleys, hips, eaves, walls, trim, etc.) - ANY length-related takeoff you need to do.

Steve N's picture

This progam is not ready for release. I tested a 1 foot cube and a 1 yard cube with unit rate and labor both set to $1. The progam did produce a $2 total at first. However the progam will not caculate properly unless you have at least one whole unit. Take the 1 foot cube and switch to cubic yards and the total will not change. Same with a cubic yard switched to cubic meters. Also the labeling in the estimator window does not match the labeling in the reports. This would be an excellent product with some fixes and tweaks. I would not trust this program with my estimates.

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I wanted to give an update to the rounding issue you brought up. We have an updated version (1.09) awaiting Extension Warehouse approval which features a rounding function allowing users to either round up or NOT. Default is still to round up to the nearest whole unit but you may now de-select this auto-rounding. I hope you will give it another look!

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Hi Steve-

Thank you for the feedback. As a custom home builder, I created Estimator after searching for an estimating solution for years and finally decided to invest in one myself. I understand the small volume issue and we are going to add rounding options in the next version - however, the reason for rounding off to a whole units in general is based on the premise that most items we order are whole units - I cannot purchase 30.3 pieces of lumber, I would have to round up to nearest whole. Same for concrete - if I had a small pad - yes, I may only need 0.5 CY of concrete, but may have to order or at least pay for 1 CY (due to minimum orders), plus for estimating purposes, it provides some cushion - For now, if you are using Estimator for small volume objects, you can simply choose a smaller increment (like CF) and convert unit pricing.

You mentioned "labeling in the estimator window not matching label in reports" - I do not know what you are referring to - I added "Descriptions" so that users could create as many Associated Costs to a piece of geometry (versus name of the component) - this "description" is what is used in the reports (for example, you may have 10 different rafters that would all be cut out of a 2x10x16', each component in SU has to have a different name because they are unique, but "description" allows us to combine them into one entry in the report)- perhaps you could send me a screenshot of this issue ( and I will definitely check this out. I have not heard of this from any other user.

Other than the small volume issue, what other issues did you notice that you would not trust (results)? What estimating programs for SketchUp do you trust or have found to yield better results? I truly want to make this product the best it can be and invested a large sum of money into its creation - any returns will go to improvements and feedback from SketchUp users, such as yourself, will certainly be utilized in future versions - thank you for your time and feedback! Feel free to email me directly with any other questions or issues to and I will promptly reply.

Nuno R.'s picture

estimator, can export the report to excel?

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Hi Nuno-

Yes, you can export the report as a CSV file and import it into Excel to edit as you wish. The first report is an HTML report and since you can account for ALL costs associated with your model, even items not modeled, via Quotes, as well as add a margin, you can usually do it all within SketchUp, without having to export it. But, yes, easily done.

Wuttichai S's picture

i want to change $ —> ฿

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You will be able to change the currency symbol in the next update which is currently awaiting approval from the Extension Warehouse. They have changed some protocols and we are making modifications for approval, any day now. I will keep you informed.

Jostein Weiby's picture

Any news on the update?

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Hi Jostein - I was told there was a bug with the Extension Warehouse updates (I think since they upgraded to 2016) - was told other developers were having issues with their updates too and that they had hoped to fix end of last week. I will follow up today.

Nelsen P's picture

Will this get updated for SketchUp 2016?

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Hi Nelsen - Estimator works with 2016, please advise if you have any issues.

mark leo M.'s picture

Hi Guys,


Our team wants to download the trial version of estimator for sketchup, however since yesterday we keep on having a message on your website "access denied".

May we know the reason and when will the trial version will be available, so we can download it.

In satisfactory of the trial the team want to purchase and use it in our operation.

Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

Best regards,


Estimator's picture

Hi Mark-

The extension is sold through the Extension Warehouse and trial version is downloadable from this page. I have no control over the functionality as it is handled via the Extension Warehouse. You can contact them if you are having problems installing the trial at

Please let me know if the issue continues. My direct email address is

Brent H's picture

This sounds wonderful, however I can not view details
can you send me a direct link.
Thank you

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Hi Brent-

The overview video is on the Extension Warehouse -the website is - check out our YouTube Channel for lots of videos/tutorials
Feel free to email me with any questions and I will help you get started!'s picture

This software looks great! I have just one request.. wish the images in the pdf files for the instructions on using it were clearer.


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Hi John - Thanks! I will see what I can do about that and thank you for pointing it out - feel free to email me directly with any questions or other suggestions - we want this to be the best it can be and feedback will certainly help to achieve it!

Zac M's picture

Best plugin since the development of Sketchup! I've been waiting years for this! So easy to use! HUGE time saver. Will pay for itself the during first project it's implemented on!

Zac Marcengill
Sound Architect

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Wow! Thanks Zac! I wanted to say “it will pay for itself during the first project” in our marketing but you said it for us!

Duane A.'s picture

The new Estimator plugin is nothing short of amazing. Finally someone has taken the time to make estimating software the way we actually build. I have tried several throughout the years and none that compare to Estimator. John Brock and his team have out done themselves and I am glad to rely on such a fantastic addition to my everyday designing. Knowing that I can have real time reporting while designing has become a game changer for sure and it has helped to streamline my overall process giving me an unlimited amount of accuracy.

Duane Addy, Dipl. Arch. Tech.,
Creative Director Product Development & Design - Jayman Built

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Thanks Duane! We truly appreciate the support and kind words!

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