Sandbox Tools
Sandbox Tools are great for landscape design and stuff like that.
Sandbox Tools

The Sandbox Tools extension implements the concept of a sandbox which refers to a surface that can be generated and manipulated using sandbox tools. A sandbox in SketchUp (and in other 3D modeling tools) is commonly referred to as a triangulated irregular network or TIN in terrain Modeling terminology.  


what's the difference to the original sandbox?

I think it shouldn't be installed. The sandbox tools are already included into SketchUp 2013. I easily can find it in menu 'View>>Toolbars' just after SketchUp 2013 got installed.
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Any more word from anyone? Sandbox disappearing is still a problem.

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Having a problem with Sandbox as well. It disappears or they are not activating. Hopefully one of the devs will help fix this.

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It keeps disappearing when I restart the application. The onlh way to restore it is to unistall sandbox then reinstall it. This is frustrating at best. What's going on here? Can we get a fix for this?

For me it is exactly the same, appears enabled, but I can not see.

I´ve downloaded it and intall but I can´t find the toolbar, I can enable i can see the tool in the menus but this isn´t confortable. I use Sketchu 2013
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Sandbox Tools (2.3.1); October 20, 2016
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