3D Text Editor
Create and modify 3D text geometry.
3D Text Editor

The result of Basecamp 2012 Ruby Challenge: A 3D text editor! Modify the 3D text at any time.

OSX Issues

This plugin doesn't work as well under OSX as it does under Windows. I'm looking into the issue.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Draw » Editable 3d Text
  • Context Menu » Edit Text


  • TT_Lib² — 2.11.0
  • Internet Explorer 9 or newer (Windows)

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ThomThom's picture

Yes - you can edit the text.
"Context Menu" is the menu you get when you right click on things.

fraidoon r's picture

its giving error while installing in mac

ThomThom's picture

And what is the error?
What SketchUp version?
What OSX version?
Need some more details to be able to assist.

E C's picture

Added new two fonts system-wide yet they do npot show up in this app. I’ve turned it off and on. No change. Was going to physically uninstall and reinstall. They are visible, in SketchUp (Make 2015) in the font dialogue box so SketchUp seems to know they are there. Any thoughts? Running OS X Yosemite.

ThomThom's picture

I'm not sure... There appear to some times be issues under OSX, but I've not been able to pin it down. I also don't have Yosemite. I'll have to check with a friend of mine who knows more about how the OSX font system works.

Jared C's picture

Does this extension only pull fonts from the System folder on Mac OS? Any work around for this?

Thanks man. Great extension.

samuel D.'s picture

txs Gbu

Ian Cleasby Drafting & Design's picture

I just installed it as it sounds perfect, but when I restarted I wasn't able to orbit or move in models at all. I opened several but they were all frozen. Went into the plugins folder and deleted the extension and i am back to normal again. let me know if you can fix it as I sounds like a serious time saver for me.

ThomThom's picture

That sounds very strange. The extension shouldn't be affecting the system if it's not active - even then it should not slow things down.

What OS and what SketchUp version are you using?

Hernan S's picture

THANK you THANK you THANK you!!! Its a great plugin!

jim R.'s picture

no se a quien se le halla ocurrido pero pero buen plugin

Tiffany K.'s picture

Sorry--Nevermind !

Tiffany K.'s picture


Thank you for the plugin. Unfortunately I haven't been able to install it. After clicking "extension" and "install extension", I am brought to my documents. Where would I find it and what should I do next?

CHRIS Y's picture

does not install on macs

ThomThom's picture

There was an issue where Extension Warehouse would display "Install" while users where not logged in. It should have displayed "Sign in" I think this should be fixed now.
Try again. The extension work on OSX.
(Also, it's easier to debug a problem if the report is a bit more detailed.)

Edurne G's picture

When I try to install the plugin it keeps on saying me to wait and never starts installing. Is there something I am missing?

Thank you,

ThomThom's picture

There was an issue where Extension Warehouse would display "Install" while users where not logged in. It should have displayed "Sign in" I think this should be fixed now. Try again.

tdc's picture

Thanks TT, great extension!

On my OSX Sketchup system, this extension keeps popping up a dialog requesting I install X11 as it needs to access "fc-list:". I can cancel the dialog and use the extension fine with all fonts listed as expected. Is there anyway to stop this?

Urian N's picture

Hello. I'm having exactly the same issue. I’m running OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 on an IMAC

Urian N's picture

Some more information and testing:

I wanted to put some symbols in the drawing from a Wingdings font, but the font didn't appear in the Edit Text toolbox. A lot of my system installed fonts didn't appear. I finally decided to download and install XQuartz. Now the error message is gone and It seems that all the fonts are showing and at least the Winding font is working.

I hope this offer a hint on how to resolve the issue.

ThomThom's picture

Hm... I didn't see that original post. I have to look into this.

Great plugin but is there a way that the rotation stays the same , even after editing the text ?

ThomThom's picture

That's a bug I haven't gotten around to fix yet. :(

muito bom

 Horace 's picture

great plugin but I keep getting an error message. unable to get property 'count' of undefined or null reference. then it works but i cant get any fonts. i am using 2013 (but have 2014 loaded as well if that makes a difference).

工作室 季's picture


Hi ThomThom,

Very nice tool! Thanks a lot.

For those who can't find it, I had some trouble my self. I needed to restart Sketchup and then I found it under Draw-> Editable 3d Text

Hi ThomThom,
This plugin seems really usefull to me. But, I installed it and unfortunatly I can't find the tool in any of the pulldown menu's you mention. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

installed but cant find how to edit text?

installed but cant find how to edit text?

Rafael S's picture

Hello, nice and useful plugin.

But if you rotate the text, when you edit it.
The text goes to the position it was in first place.

thanks for you share

Mario M's picture

VEry good tool if i knew where it goes when installed

Sinoj N's picture

Hey, I m quite new on this extension warehouse... This plugin is somethin that I been lookin for, but one small query, does this support Arabic Font?? Over ere at Dubai, its a must that there shud be Arabic on signages and its very annoyin that the default 3D text creator by Sketchup does not help at all..... I really hope it does work!!

dcahall's picture

Is there a way to set up the tool so I do not have to select font every time I want to add text?

dcahall's picture

I really like the tool. It makes using 3D text a good viable option. However, I would like to suggest a couple of enhancements/options:

1. I would like for it to use the default setting for 3D text in my model. Instead, I have to reselect the font, size, and alignment every time.
2. I would like to be able to control the color of the text. Both the filler color and outline color. In fact, I would like to be able to eliminate the outline color so I can get smoother text.
3. I would like to be able to add the plugin to one of the toolbars so I do not have to click several times to use it (I am using it a bunch in my model).

For the others who could not find it: Draw > Enter 3D text.

Geert D's picture

Me to where can i find this?

Geert D's picture

Me to where can i find this?

Kyheem F's picture

After installing the tool i can find it anywhere in the menus

ThomThom's picture

You should find it under the Draw menu.
(p.s. I always describe where the menus are located in the description. ;) )

viewsion's picture

This is a truly outstanding plugin. It has made it possible to publish very effective educational materials using actual SketchUp files (instead of a manual)

To see what I mean download the free SketchUp training file from www.designerdojo.ie

Thanks ThomThom. You're a legend!

how to download?

Hi, I installed in on SketchUp 2013 without any problem, but when I try to use it, I get this error: "Object doesn't support property or method 'get_value'"
Any idea?

I'm using Windows 7 x64, SketchUp 13.0.4124, TT_Lib2-2.8.0, IE 10


ThomThom's picture

hm... That is a strange one. But can you first try to update to the very latest version of TT_Lib?

how i can download this pulgines ??

ThomThom's picture

Use the Download button on the right hand side. If you navigate this site using SketchUp 2013's Extension Warehouse browser it will say "Install".

This is beautiful, thomthom. One question: What font library is it accessing? I'm on a Mac, and I don't see some of the fonts I've installed. Do I need to put them someplace special?

ThomThom's picture

Obtaining the list of system fonts is a hack on both Windows and OSX. I don't remember what it does for OSX, but it's even more hacky there. I nearly didn't bother trying to find a workaround. This is something I'd wish SketchUp's API could improve upon.

James B's picture

Thanks for this, works a treat, even on my Mac :)

Just a couple of minor suggestions; when you create text it is created as a component. This means if you copy the text and then try to edit it you end up editing the original text too unless you remember to make the new copy a unique entity. It'd be nice to have a tick box that let you select if you wanted the text to be a group or a component.

The other minor suggestion; when you first create text it's orientated parallel to the red axis so it reads correctly from the initial sketchup startup view. If you rotate the text and then edit it the new orientation is lost and the text rotates back to the initial angle again. It's be nice to not have this happen and just edit the text in whatever orientation it had been moved to.

As I said, neither of these are major issues, just minor updates requests for when you find yourself with a bit of spare time on your hands. Thanks for the effort of creating and posting this (an all your other) extensions, it's very much appreciated :)

ThomThom's picture

Hi James

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the component vs group - that is due to limitations and differences in how they work in the Ruby API. I had to use components for it to work.

Regarding the rotation: that's a nasty little bug! Writing it down for fixing.