2018 BiMUp 5D for SketchUp
Quantity Takeoff with Reporting from SketchUp models
2018 BiMUp 5D for SketchUp

Quantity Takeoff in SketchUp 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 FREE, MAKE, PRO and 2018 PRO

BiMUp 5D performs the Quantity Takeoff (QTO) = Bill of Materials (BOM) in US or Bill of Quantities (BOQ) in EU - All at a click of a button and at any design stage.

You can perform quite complex calculations using formulas and produce as many reports as required using bespoke templates:

  • Count of Groups, Components, DCs
  • Length, Width/Depth and Height Calculation (any element - beams, columns, windows, doors etc.)
  • Area Calculation (room/floor, cladding, roof tiles, intumescent paint, soft or hard landscape etc.)
  • Volume Calculation (concrete, insulation - can be converted to packs etc.)
  • Weight Calculation based on volume or length (steel, stone etc.)
  • Conversion of Volume (to bricks or blocks etc.)
  • Windows schedule
  • Doors schedule
  • Extra Information can be embedded (manufacturer, specification, contact details, location within building etc.)
  • Labour and contingency can be added
  • Price and Taxes can be added

Because of the SketchUp’s (SU’s) flexibility we have expanded the use into more specialized area in the UK housing sector.
We are checking some other aspects of our design such as:

  • Space requirements
  • Furniture requirements
  • Daylight factor and few more

All under the heading of UK HQI - Housing Quality Indicator.

BiMUp 5D - Enriched/Embedded Data

BiMUp 5D allows you to Enrich/Embed the Data behind any SketchUp 3D models by adding required, component specific information such as:

  • Manufacturer
  • Links to your or Manufacturer website
  • Product information
  • Links to product information website
  • Specification
  • Links to product specification website
  • Special requirements in relation to installation or maintenance
  • Links to special requirements in relation to installation or maintenance website
  • Contact details
  • Location within building

BiMUp 5D - Report Format

BiMUp 5D will produce Adobe *.PDF or MS Excel *.CSV file with information associated with 3D model.

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