2018 Click-Kitchen 2
Click-Kitchen 2 is the best Plugin to draw your 3D kitchen simply and quickly! More than 5000 references of IKEA furniture with customize option!
2018 Click-Kitchen 2


1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks your kitchen is ready for a realistic rendering.

Draw a standard IKEA kitchen with millions of possibilities or a bespoke kitchen with your dimensions and materials is possible!

This new version of the Plugin is far superior to version 1 and offers many features with 3D models more and more beautiful.

Do not waste your time manually drawing your kitchens, use Click-Cuisine 2!



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This is very good, I try to write a lot about IKEA Products on my diy blog, will try to write a review of your plugin on my website.

James R.'s picture

it looks very stylish in video, I think it looks even better in real kitchen

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Draughtsman Designer in carpentry since more than 10 years and passionate about computer science, I am delighted to share my work with the SketchUp community. My goal is to simplify your 3D projects using intuitive and productive tools. To understand my goals in the evolution of 3D do not hesitate to try Click-kitchen.
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