STX (Section Tool eXtended) allows you to create easy sections with individual depth easily and distinguishes between visible, cut and hidden elements. Sections can be exported as DXF or GLASER -isb cad-.

From 3D-model to construction drawings

GLASER STX offers the definition of any cut depth, provides convenient functions for individual treatment of the section drawings and optimises the export to GLASER  isb cad  (a leading German CAD-Software for construction engineering – www.isbcad.de) or into the DXF-format.
The software distinguishes between visible, cut and hidden elements and displays them in the preview with different colours. Elements not needed in the construction drawing, e.g. hidden edges, can be filtered. The same applies to 3D-layers for different components, which also can be exported. The result is a construction drawing perfectly tailored to your requirements which can immediately be passed to GLASER  isb cad  or saved in DXF-format.
Easily define any section planes with individual cutting depths and transfer them to GLASER  isb cad . Together with SketchUp Pro you can even use the world of BIM data (IFC) for further editing.


•    Creating unlimited sections in X-,Y- or Z-directions
•    Defining individual section depths directly in the 3D-model
•    Preview with group and layer selection
•    Transfer of section drawings directly to GLASER -isb cad-
•    Export of section drawings to DXF-File

The GLASER -isb cad- Programmsyteme GmbH is a leading German software company specialised in constructional engineering and architectural applications. With GLASER -isb cad-, a highly efficient CAD-System, the company has become competent partner for over 10.000 software users over the past 30 years.


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The GLASER -isb cad- Programmsyteme GmbH is a software company specialised on constructional engineering and architecture applications. With GLASER -isb cad-, a highly efficient CAD-System, the company has become competent partner for over 10.000 software users over the past 30 years.
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