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model.h File Reference

Interfaces for SUModelRef. More...

#include <SketchUpAPI/common.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/unicodestring.h>
#include <SketchUpAPI/model/defs.h>

Data Structures

struct  SUModelStatistics
 Contains an array of entity counts that can be indexed per entity type. More...


Entity Type Flags

Flags for SUModelGetEntitiesOfTypeByPersistentIDs(). These can be combined bitwise.

SketchUp 2020.2, API 8.2
See Also
 Any entities inside the root or another definition's entities.
 SULayerRef entities.
 SUMaterialRef entities.
 SUSceneRef entities.
 SUStyleRef entities.
 SUComponentDefinitionRef entities.
 Search all types.


enum  SUModelUnits {
  SUModelUnits_Inches, SUModelUnits_Feet, SUModelUnits_Millimeters, SUModelUnits_Centimeters,
 Units options settings.
enum  SUModelVersion {
  SUModelVersion_SU3, SUModelVersion_SU4, SUModelVersion_SU5, SUModelVersion_SU6,
  SUModelVersion_SU7, SUModelVersion_SU8, SUModelVersion_SU2013, SUModelVersion_SU2014,
  SUModelVersion_SU2015, SUModelVersion_SU2016, SUModelVersion_SU2017, SUModelVersion_SU2018,
  SUModelVersion_SU2019, SUModelVersion_SU2020
 SketchUp model file format version. More...

Detailed Description

Interfaces for SUModelRef.

Enumeration Type Documentation

SketchUp model file format version.

SketchUp 2014, API 2.0