MF random buildings generator
This plugin let you create a group of randomly sized boxes that looks like a group of building blocks
MF random buildings generator

This is my second plugins written in my spare time.

This extension lets you create a group of randomly sized boxes that looks like a group of building blocks. Your input values will be remembered and attacted to the building group and saved with sketchup file. When you closed and open the file later, the input values will still here. You can retrieve the values to generate another difference building group.

Press menu item from 'MF's Plugins'>'MF Random Buildings Generator'>'Random Buildings Generator' under Plugins/Extensions menu or toolbar icon, an inputbox will appear. Enter values you want to replace the default values and press ok, a group of boxes will be generated in a group. Press the menu to generate another without selecting anything. Now the default values in the inputbox are your last inputs. Select a building group to generate another. The values in the inputbox are now the same as the building group you are selecting. Whehether you click ok or cancel, the last inputs are now overwritten. 

This plugin allow you to export the setting of a selected building group to a csv/txt file by right click -> select 'export setting to csv file' from context menu. You can also import setting from a csv file under Plugins menu. 

Because of random factor, building groups will not be the same as your setting. I therefore add a function in v1.0.3 to get the actual info, some urban planning related info. If you edit the building group (e.g. add/delete a box, pushpull a tallest box taller or change site boundary shape) and activate this function, you will see the actual info changed to reflect your edit.


1.0.0 (22/8/2015)

- Initial release

1.0.1 (26/8/2015)

- wrap loader MF_RandomBuildingGen.rb in module

- add submenu under Plugins/Extensions menu and context menu

1.0.2 (27/8/2015)

- replace global variable $mfString with instance variable @mfString

1.0.3 (11/9/2015)

- fix bugs about max values (in v1.0.2, max = min + random of max) and boxes will not get outside site boundary

- inputbox can displace normally in mac

- run TIG Solidsolver automatically if it is installed, then count the actual no. of building block (combined count once)

- add function 'Show selected building group actual info'. Info will change after the building groups are editted.

- No need to enter file name before choosing path when open and save a csv/txt file.

- add script to use extension licensing API

1.0.4 (18/11/2015)

- try EDS

1.0.5 (22/11/2015)

- deselect all and select building group only before solidsolver to prevent from crashing SU

- zoom extents after building group generated

- resubmit for server upgrade in last submission

1.0.6 (17/11/2015)

- save space at toolbar icon by moving youtube tutorial button to context menu

- show time to run at status bar

- revise loading method


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I am a degree holder in building surveying and now working as a senior draftsman in a construction company. I mostly use AutoCad in company and play SketchUp in spare time. Coding plugins for SketchUp is one of my interests. I purchased a SU pro in late 2012.