LIPID OBJ Exporter for SketchUp
Wavefront OBJ file format exporter
LIPID OBJ Exporter for SketchUp

The LIPID OBJ Exporter SketchUp plugin is meant to enable SketchUp users to export an OBJ file complete of geometry, texture images, mapping coordinates, colors, normal and the scene’s hierarchy.

The plugin works under Windows only, no MacOSX version is currently planned; it was tested with SketchUp 2014 and released with no known issue.

Please remember that the OBJ format does not support instancing multiple copies of the same object (components). If you are using components keep in mind that it has an impact on the output OBJ file size.

Save the SketchUp model before exporting it or the extension won't work.

Ignore back face?

As it is impossible to assign different front and back materials to the same surface in the OBJ specification, when a SketchUp face has different materials, the face is exported twice, then the backface is shifted in its normal's direction to avoid faces superposition. If this method causes non negligible changes to your model, consider checking the "Ignore back face" checkbox when exporting.

This plugin is meant to use as is and inside SketchUp only.

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