Splits every selected face to smaller ones and randomly moves around endpoints to make it look more like a natural terrain.
Like Sketchup's native Top View but has the same relation to the previous view as Top View has to Front View. Useful to set plan views that are aligned to a building or other content instead of having north up.
Remove all sections in model, similar to how Edit > Delete Guides remove the guides. Useful when a lot of temporary sections are used.
Extrudes a face along a path of edges similar to the native Follow Me but keeps the extrusion upright (or aligned to any other vector). Useful for stair railings, roads and railroads.
A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API.
A tool to create 2-dimensional grids.
Photorealistic rendering for SketchUp
Grab points on Bézier curves and designate new locations for them
A tool to add "weights" to Bézier Curve control points as shape parameters
A tool to create and edit rational Bézier surfaces with "weights" for the control points.