2015 DIBAC for SketchUp
Plugin for architectural drawing
2015 DIBAC for SketchUp

2015 Dibac for SketchUp is a plugin for architectural drawing. It’s a great tool for architects and for anyone who wants to draw architectural plans using 2D tools and then getting the 3D automatically.

You can draw walls, doors, windows, wardrobes and stairs, all dynamically created. In this new 2015 version you can also add any component, carpentry and joinery from your library or even from the 3d warehouse.  

Many more features will come in future upgrades. Watch the video to see it in action:

Download now Dibac for SketchUp and test it during 16 hours of use.

Then you can buy it from www.dibac.com

Also check our YouTube channel for video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/dibac




2015 DiBAC para SketchUp
es un plugin para el dibujo arquitectónico. Es una gran herramienta para los arquitectos y para cualquier persona que quiere dibujar planos arquitectónicos utilizando herramientas 2D y luego conseguir el 3D automáticamente.

Puede dibujar paredes, puertas, ventanas, armarios y escaleras, todo de forma dinámica creada. Y muchas más características vendrán en futuras actualizaciones. Mire nuestro video para verlo en acción.

Descargue el 2015 DiBAC para SketchUp DEMO y probarlo durante 16 horas de uso ilimitado !

Si te gusta, puedes apoyarnos por conseguir que por tan sólo 69 € (IVA no incluido. Para los miembros de la UE).
Usted puede comprarlo en www.dibac.com

Canal de youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/dibac



Best Guide ever sketchup pro is love i am using it since month and it is great thank you
nova launcher prime apk

imagem de Moshe A.

why it works only in inches? doesnt work with cm..

how to install dibac sketup


imagem de Faeza R.

can draw curve design using dibac ?

I can't authorize my version of Dibac, when I post my authorization code into the area, a pop up comes that says authorize and just stays white forever.

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Patrick,

This was a issue that occured in previous installation files. Please download the latest version from our website: www.dibac.com

You can install it directly into SketchUp without deleting the previous version.

Please try to authorize again after installing the new version. If you keep having problems please send us an email to support@dibac.com

Best regards,


can I draw several floors?
can I draw a mezzanine? a partial second floor?

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Balazs,

You can draw several floors individually, but they need to be grouped one by one to select the one you want to convert to 3D/2D.

Dibca cant draw a mezzanine but you can draw it in SketchUp and create a component to insert it in the desired floor with a 2D representation.

Best regards,


Buenas tardes,
Quisiera usar Dibac por su fácil e intuitivo manejo, ya usé el dibac 2004. Ahora parece que es un plugin de sketchup y con un coste de 69 €, lo cual me parece razonable. Mis preguntas son:
1.- Para usar el plugin de Dibac previamante tenemos que tener el sketchup, y ese es también de pago o hay alguna versión gratuita?.
2.- Para el uso del plugins Dibac hay que saber manejar Sketchup o se puede entrar directamente a Dibac y dibujar, A mi solo me hace falta dibujar en 2D.
3.- Y por último, hay algún tutorial en español del plunig Dibac.

Muchas gracias y perdonar por la ignorancia.


imagem de Iscarnet

Hola Javier,

Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

Seguimos teniendo disponible el programa de Dibac Professional 2016. El plugin de Dibac es una extensión para SketchUp. Son dos programas distintos: http://www.aurumcad.com/software/dibac/

1. El plugin de Dibac se instala en SketchUp. Se puede instalar en la versión PRO, aunque también existe una versión libre llamada "SketchUp Make" que es compatible con Dibac.

2. Es conveniente tener algunas nociones de SketchUp para trabajar de forma fluida con Dibac. No obstante, ten en cuenta que ambos programas son muy fáciles de usar y si sigues nuestros tutoriales aprenderás rápidamente las herramientas y funciones necesarias para realizar tus proyectos.

3. En nuestra página de Dibac tienes disponible un manual de usuario y video-tutoriales: http://www.dibac.com/es/

Si tienes más preguntas puedes escribirnos directamente a nuestro correo de soporte: support@dibac.com



imagem de 俊傑 江.


imagem de Iscarnet

The full license of Dibac is permanent for the current version. Future upgrades will be optional and will have a reduced cost for licensed users.

Kind regards,


imagem de Carlos Z.

I'd rather use REVIT than to waste my money into it.

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Carlos,

SketchUp and Revit are different softwares with different characteristics. Dibac is a SketchUp tool focused to enhance some of its features and functions in a very efficient way.

Nevertheless, sorry if we couldnt meet your expectations.

Kind regards,


imagem de nour c

may i ask if it works on sketch up 2014 ?

imagem de Iscarnet

Yes, you can download the trial version directly from our website and check it out yourself.

If you have any problems do not hesitate to get in contact with us through our support email address: support@dibac.com



imagem de nour c

may i ask if it works on sketch up 2014 ?

Had several questions regarding Dibac and wanted to ask prior to downloading. We are general contractors interested in how we would use it in estimating where our primary focus is generating a bill of materials (BOM)/quantity survey "quickly" and then associating costs. - 01- Can walls be drawn by selecting the tool and clicking where you want the start/end points (like "tracing" a .pdf) instead of haveing to click start then inputting length? - 02 - Is it possible to identify items in a component and generate a BOM report within Dibec? - 03 - Can components be built within Dibec, say several different types of walls or concrete slabs with rebar? - 04 - how are applied finishes identified and placed into drawing using Dibec, especially those with linear foor (lf) as the primary unit of take off? It looks promising from watching the video's but it's hard to tell. Thanks.

imagem de Iscarnet


Thank your for your interest in Dibac.

I´ll quickly answer your questions:

1. Yes. You have a lot of flexibility to draw and edit the walls with Dibac.

2. The components used in Dibac are SketchUp components. The only difference is that Dibac inserts them in 2D in our floor-plan. Therefore the components will keep the same information we have given them in SketchUp. Dynamic components are also compatible with Dibac and the plugin shows all of their attributes when selected.

3. As mentioned before, Dibac just shows a 2D representation of our SketchUp built components. Of course, afterwards they can be converted to 3D with the walls of our project. The only thing we can edit within Dibac is the 2D representation (2D symbol) of our components and joinery.
Regarding the wall, Dibac only has one type. The materials and details (rebars) can be defined after you create the geometry of the wall with Dibac.

4. To work well with Dibac you need to represent all the finishes within the 2D view. Dibac always creates in 2D and then converts to 3D, doesnt work the other way around.

Hope this helps. I recommend you to download the trial version (16 hours of use) and try with one of your projects to find out if this is an useful tool for you.

We have available an user manual and some video tutorials in our website to learn all of Dibac´s features and tools: www.dibac.com

If you have any further questions please send us an email to support@dibac.com

Kind regards,


imagem de Mwaffaq R

Since i installed the pluging the eraser tool stoped working ,
whenever i choose erase a sentence appeares on the top left of the screen (Dibac : plug in for architectural drawing L *** * ** * * * promotional license ). i olny can delete a whole face by pressing Alt + Erase ,
when i removed the pluging evry thing is ok
anysuggestions ?


imagem de Iscarnet


Please go to our website and download the latest RBZ installation file of Dibac. We fixed some bugs, especially some regarding the eraser tool of SketchUp. www.dibac.com

Hope it works.

Kind regards,


Can Dibac draw in feet and inches?

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Eddie,

Dibac draws with the same units you have established in SketchUp.

You just have to select the desired units in SketchUp preferences.

Kind regards,


Does this work with sketchup trial or is it made for pro only?

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Petra,

Dibac is compatible with the trial and Pro version of SketchUp 2014, 2015 and 2016, and also with SketchUp Make.

Best regards,


imagem de Tanarat T.

My comp. is Macbook. Use SketchUppro 2015 V.15.3.329. My Old Dibac V.2015.28 But I cannot Remove. I just buy V2015 now I Can not installe new Dibac and My Plugin folder have no Dibac or iscar file. can you help to remove old vertion and installe new vertion please

imagem de Iscarnet

Hello Tanarat,

I have already replied to your email.

To remove Dibac from your computer you need to go to:

Windows – the default location is: C:/Users/YOUR USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp #/SketchUp/Plugins

Mac OS X – the default location is: Open a new Finder window, press and hold the "Option" key on your keyboard, the click Go in the menu bar > Library > Application Support > SketchUp # > SketchUp > Plugins

And in that folder you need to delete both the ‘iscarnet_dibac‘ folder and the ‘iscarnet_dibac.rb‘ file.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.



imagem de Douglas J

I purchased their product, Solid Section.

I found Solid Section to be a really useful tool.

I initially had some difficulties with getting my license authorized. Perhaps because I'm using the latest Sketchup Pro and El Capitan.

Juan was very helpful and went the extra mile to fix things. Customer service was faultless. He answered emails promptly.


imagem de Iscarnet - jc

Thanks for your purchase and your kind feedback.



imagem de Valentin B

I don not open the software on Sketchup s help me please

imagem de Iscarnet - jc

Hello Valentin,

Which version of SketchUp are you using? This version of Dibac is only compatible with SketchUp 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Make sure you install correctly the plugin following the steps shown in our website: http://www.dibac.com/support/

If you still have problems please send us an email to support@dibac.com



imagem de pablo L.

no hay manera de conseguir mas muebles?

imagem de Javier B

Puedes descargar todos los componentes que quieras y usarlos desde el icono "Componentes", el botón es una mesa con 4 sillas. La ventaja es que también usarlos en versión 2D y 3D como los que trae de serie el PLUGIN.

imagem de Андрей М.

What about attic floors? Is it possible to do it automatically?

imagem de Iscarnet

Hi Андрей М.

Thanks for your comment. I am sorry I don't understand exactly what you mean with attic floors. Did you mean roofs? Dibac doesn't draw roofs yet. Maybe for future versions but not 100% sure.


imagem de Hoang N.

How to make library for Dibac?

imagem de Iscarnet

Hi Hoang N.

Thanks for your comment.

Creating custom components for Dibac is fairly easy. Pelase refer to our user manual (sections 6 and 7)

6. CUSTOM JOINERY (any component that goes in a wall):


I hope this helps.


imagem de shah Z.

Error: #
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:821:in `small_icon='
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:821:in `initialize'
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:7394:in `new'
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:7394:in `'
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:149:in `'
c:/program files/sketchup/sketchup 2015/tools/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:32:in `'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `eval'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `require'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `load'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/iscarnet_dibac.rb:10:in `register_extension'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/iscarnet_dibac.rb:10:in `'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/iscarnet_dibac.rb:2:in `'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/iscarnet_dibac.rb:1:in `'

imagem de Iscarnet

Hi shah Z.,

I am sorry for the late reply. These errors show up in the ruby console right after you launch SketchUp?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of Dibac 2015 (2015.32). If not, please download the latest version at www.dibac.com/download and make a fresh install.

Here you can find instructions about uninstalling our extension: www.dibac.com/support


imagem de Gert S.

Can you confirm when you make this 2016 compatible. On my MAC OS the Sketchup 2016 Version crashes as soon as I try to activate DIBAC.

Thank you very much!

imagem de Iscarnet - jc


Thanks for your comment.

Dibac is compatible with SketchUp 2016. However, a specific installation file (rbz) is needed to avoid crashes and bugs.

Remove the plugin from your computer following these steps: http://www.dibac.com/support/#uninstall-instructions

Now download the latest version of Dibac from our website: http://www.dibac.com/

Install the extension as usual and authorize again.

Let me know if this fixes your problem.

Kind regards,


imagem de Moshe A.

hi i purchase the plugin and it has several problems:

1. it crashes after attemps to add component. and the 2d 3d botton makes it not correct and delete some of the model.
2. after it when i do a restart of SU IT doesnt work and show this massage when i restart SU

Error: #
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:685:in `delete'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:685:in `block in initialize'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:685:in `foreach'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:685:in `initialize'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:6697:in `new'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:6697:in `'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:149:in `'
c:/users/moshe/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/iscarnet_dibac/dibac_cmd.rbs:32:in `'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `eval'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `require'
C:/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `load'
C:/Users/moshe/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/iscarnet_dibac.rb:10:in `register_extension'
C:/Users/moshe/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/iscarnet_dibac.rb:10:in `'
C:/Users/moshe/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/iscarnet_dibac.rb:2:in `'
C:/Users/moshe/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/iscarnet_dibac.rb:1:in `'

imagem de Iscarnet - jc

Hello Moshe,

Thanks for your note.

We´ve sent you an email with a solution for your problem.

Please let us know if it worked.

Kind regards

imagem de Parina S

Hi I downloaded the free trail version but it doesnt work. I have sketchup 2015..

imagem de Iscarnet - jc

Hello Parina,

Thank you for downloading Dibac.

SketchUp 2015 is perfectly compatible with Dibac. Therefore, for me to understand, could you please explain what problems you are having.

In order for us to assist you directly, please contact us through our support email: support@dibac.com

Once received I will contact you to proceed and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.



imagem de Ar. Nitin S.


I am Ar. Nitin Sharma, having Dibac License of version 1.0.16 and I wish to upgrade it to DIBAC 2015, as mentioned on your Support Page of your website, where it says it costs Euro 20.

However, there is no place/ page on your entire website offering the upgrade option. I wonder how the many users of previous version of Dibac are upgrading their versions without your providing them this very basic option on your website.

As mentioned on your support page I wrote an email to info@iscarnet.com but I have not received any reply fro you so far. This doesn't speak very high about after sales support please !

My email address is ans.3dads@gmail.com. For obvious reason I cannot mention my license number here. I will appreciate your contacting me on how to upgrade to the latest version and HOW TO MAKE THE PAYMENT TO YOU please.

A swift and expeditious action on your part is highly solicited.

Ar. Nitin Sharma

imagem de Iscarnet

Dear Ar. Nitin S,

We appreciate your request but please understand that we process our email as soon as possible, but some times it takes more than an hour. Thank you for your understanding.

We already sent you an email with a link for upgrading your Dibac copy to the latest version. Please let me know if you received it.


imagem de AF F.

thanks for this plug in.
i installed a trail version of dibac in sketchup8,but although it told me (successfuly installed), it is not in any meno,toolbar,etc.
i checked in window/refrences/extentions, it s name is there
please help me.

imagem de Apps D

Hi AF F, click WINDOW ----> click PREFERENCE then click INSTALL EXTENSION

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