CLF Shape Bender
Bend a group or component to match an existing curve.
CLF Shape Bender

Create a shape to bend.  It must be a group or a component.  Then select a single horizontal (red axis) line to use as the base for bending.  Then select the curve that the shape will bend to match.  Wait for it to think, then it will show a grid and preview of where your object is going to transform to.  Press the UP Arrow key to toggle the orientation of the bend.

Access the plugin via Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Shape Bender, or there is a Shape Bender toolbar.


when i click the component, then click the bender tool no option to select the line comes up with the white arrow. please help!

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everything is perfectly working now....thank you so much

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the curve line is not being selected.. please help!!!!!!!!

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Unable to select the red line after installation, how to do, su2015, installed in the plugin folder

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I loved it!
the video was very helpful. Thank You

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Unable to select the red line after installation, how to do, su2015, installed in the plugin folder

uninstall your SU. and shut down your pc or laptop. and open it again. and nothing's happend. hahah lol

you have to draw a line on the red access and use it when asked to choose a red line

Unable to select the red line after installation, how to do, su2015, installed in the plugin folder

Works good..
Had fun curving my furnitures too..
Thanks and congrats to the developer

Lo he probado en SketchUp 2017x64 con Windows 10x64... Y es totalmente funcional. Recuerden aplicar los pasos tal cual se explica.

I've tried this on 15, 16 and 17 on my Mac and can't get it to work.

It looks amazing, and I really need it! Anybody have tips or suggestions?

I believe you need to add Windows to your MAC in order to make may of these plug-ins work.

Working well 2016 Pro - thank you! Beautiful work!

hello.thanks you

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Brilliant – what an amazing extension – well done to all involved.


not working on sketchup 2017

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I just tried it and it worked for me.
I have had problems with other extensions, but this one works great (and very cool!)

I installed using extension warehouse from within Sketchup Pro, maybe that helps...?

It is working great! Thank you so much for detail tutorial as well.

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not working on sketchup 2017

good concept, worst execution plug in

i dont know intalling shape bender,please help me

I think I can help you. I just installed it and it is working great on my sketchup 2017.

Hello! Would you mind telling me how you got the program to work on Sketchup 2017 please?

i dont know intalling shape bender,please help me

I'm getting errors from SolidSolver when trying to make the bent shape solid for 3D printing.
First SolidSolver says: The form has been 'intersected'.
Next it says: There are 60 coplanar edges. Remove them?
At this point, SolidSolver has already removed part of the shape.
Can you help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it.

SU Make 2017: SCLF SB works properly. Thank You so much! System: Win 8.1 x64 Corporate.

Hi htere

wondering as a ground 0 beginner, where should I sart to learn if I just want to create a sine waved ramp with varied width?



This works fine in Sketchup 2016....Really cool tool...thanks Chris

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thanks u so much -- sir

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why i can't download this plugin into my 2014 version sketchup.. please help .. thanks a lot

Hi Chris, this is absolutely great. Exactly what I would need, but ... :)
I´m getting everything to work up until the green indication how the final result will look like, so I know the thing must work, however... Once I push "enter" to confirm, the green lines disappear and I´m left with my curved line.
Am I doing something wrong ? The reference block in the previous step shows an all blue grid (not red and blue). Thanks in advance for the reply.

NO me funciona en sketchUp 2016?

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Because it's not supported for SketchUP 2016. It clearly states this in the description of the extension, the highest version it supports is 2015, should you need to run it i suggest you "Downgrade" or just wait until the developer releases a new version of this plugin.

Lea la descripción compa.

Not work in 2016=(

Works for me.

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Hi All from Germany,

I have a problem with Shape Bender, using a photo as an texture in a shape bender element.

Where is it possible to ask question to an Shape Bender support?

Greatings from Europe


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thank you so mcuh...

i am in sketchup make 2016 - i have to go into extensions to get the tool but it first asks for a straight line and then for the line to be on the red axis. - i have done this and nothing happens it keeps asking for this. what am i doing wrong?

I had this as well..I needed to reset the world Axis to its original place and draw a line on the red and then it worked.

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same problem i've got
so what's wrong

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your contributions to the Sketchup community.

I've used Shape Bender in Sketchup 2015 to bend some relatively complex shapes and they've all been great. One that is causing me problems is complex and made up from a triangular mesh which was created in MeshMixer. After bending I get holes in the surface from where your 'benchmark lines' (does that describe them well) go.

Any fix, or is this a feature?

Best wishes, Jon

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Wow. Great tool. I used it to create an ACCURATE screw thread form, INCLUDING tool pull-out feature and end square to axis, without having to slice the final component

Link to model

THANK YOU!!! You saved me so much headache!

worst not working in my 2014 version

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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.