2014 DIBAC for SketchUp
Plugin for architectural drawing
2014 DIBAC for SketchUp

2014 DiBAC para SketchUp es un plugin para el dibujo arquitectónico. Es una gran herramienta para los arquitectos y para cualquier persona que quiere dibujar planos arquitectónicos utilizando herramientas 2D y luego conseguir el 3D automáticamente.

Puede dibujar paredes, puertas, ventanas, armarios y escaleras, todo de forma dinámica creada. Y muchas más características vendrán en futuras actualizaciones. Mire nuestro video para verlo en acción.

Descargue el 2014 DiBAC para SketchUp DEMO y probarlo durante 16 horas de uso ilimitado !

Si te gusta, puedes apoyarnos por conseguir que por tan sólo 49 € (IVA no incluido. Para los miembros de la UE).
Usted puede comprarlo en www.dibac.com



ユーザー Ken M. の写真

Hey all,
If you are having problems making the plugin work correctly...you have to have to have Dynamic Components turn on! I just figured this out.
Go to-
SketchUp-Preferences-Extensions and check Dynamic Components...


ユーザー Jordi B. の写真

DIBAC, hay que trabajar en BIM,. y eso le da una patada a REvit por su facilidad de uso ,.. tremendo trabajo

ユーザー Hekuran M の写真

Im having a Problem here with Sketchup Pro 8, i downloaded Dibac and changed it from .rbz to .zip and copied the files to the directory of plugins in Sketchup Pro 8, i thought it would work guess what i opened Sketchup 8 Pro and the toolbar is nowhere to be found however it does show that Dibac is in the Preferences / Extensions as in just a checkbox but its nowhere to be found i dont understand it does work on sketchup 2013 why not on sketchup 8 pro, please if anyone can tell how to fix this im dessperate thank you !!!

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Hekuran.

2014 Dibac only is available for SketchUp 2014 and 2013

If you want working with SketchUp 8, please contact me: jc@iscarnet.com

I can send you a previous version.


ユーザー Hekuran M の写真

Okay sir i'm very grateful, but why in the description it says under Sketchup compatibility that it is compatible with sketchup 8 and 2013. Anyways i would be so grateful if you sent me an older version of Dibac, that does work on Sketchup 8 Pro, cus to tell you the truth i really dont like these new versions of sketchup not 2013 not 2014 i stick to my humble friend Sketchup 8 cus theres less errors and some of the plugins i work with arent compatible with sketchup 2013 let alone 2014 so thats why i work with sketchup 8 that why i bought it, and may i just compliment on your plugin Dibac, its awesome really its been a life changer for me and my firm! so thank you for your contribution.
This is my gmail: hekuranmusliu95@gmail.com

ユーザー محمد ع の写真

hi hekuran, Ihope meet you, and learn some about sketch up, thank you..

ユーザー Suraj G. の写真

very useful plugin ..thanks

ユーザー Jonathas g の写真

depois que eu instalei, quando abro o programa aparece uma mensagem de erro.
me ajudem por favor!!!

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Jonathas.

Please, send me the error message, to: jc@iscarnet.com

Thanks a lot.

ユーザー Naxyr の写真

In your description you spelled "dynamically" wrong.

ユーザー Sami A の写真

Hi, when will this plugin be available for SketchUp Pro 2014?

ユーザー Sami A の写真

Hi, when will this plugin be available for SketchUp Pro 2014?

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Sami.

Now is available on www-dibac.com

ユーザー White Wolf の写真

Love it, and i was wondering why there is no "contact us" on dibac website ?

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi White Wof

Please contact us in www.iscarnet.com jc@iscarnet.com

ユーザー Pan A の写真

Excellent plugin - bought it right away! .......BUT......a word of warning to others

I installed on my laptop which has since crashed, so I recovered my main system backup.
I then installed again.

I've now bought a new laptop and was surprised to find that the license only allows for 2 installs only! I cannot authorise on my new laptop.


ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Pan A

When some accident happens, you can ask us for help. Le resetearemos two licenses so you can install them again.

It's free.

Julio Calle

ユーザー Per F の写真

Go directly to their website to get the latest version, just recently released.
Dibac for SketchUp plugin (v1.1.28 2014-05-09 with Solid Section)

With respect

Per Flygare
Cheney Cad&Design

ユーザー hyungjin k の写真

How can I buy this plug-in.
Your site blocks my Order every time I try to buy.
I got a message that your site is protected by stop spammer plug-in on the checkout page.
I don't know what is wrong, I'm not a spammer.

ユーザー JULIO C の写真


You can buy directly.

Please send us the order to info@iscarnet.com

Thaks a lot

ユーザー Aboujouda S の写真

Hi ! It's seem that it's the perfect plugin for me but is it possible to have it on skp 2014 ? That will be the dream ! Thkx !

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Now is available for SketchUp 2014 on:


ユーザー Miguel V の写真

Señores de Iscarnet, porque dicen que se puede evaluar cuando nunca me funciono ?

Me gustaria podes probarlo, si son tan amables envíenme un serial de evaluacion.


ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hola Miguel.

Por favor contacta conmigo a través de e-mail.


No se lo que te pasa, pero estoy seguro de que vamos a solucionarlo.


ユーザー wingchun K. の写真

just purchased soild fill section from main website, i paid for in full, and the link given says no longer available, i am not sure what is going on but the lack of response from this extension,, i had also purchased dibac for sketchup 2013 and tried to load 2014 it to 2014 but registration does not activiate?, thinking that i had purchased one would allow me to transfer over to 2014 but does not seem to be the case?,

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Thanks Kenneth.

In DiBAC and SOLID SECTION we work for you.

Please for any question, you know, contact me.

Thanks a lot.

Julio Calle

ユーザー Manuel G. の写真

Lo instalé desde extensions y casi todo funciona bien, excepto por el botón mágico de Convert to 3D. Levanta los muros pero no me aparecen ni ventanas ni puertas....AYUDA!!!!

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hola Manuel.

Perdona la tardanza en contestar, pero es que nos cuesta mucho llegar hasta el final de todos los comentarios.

Por favor ponte en contacto directo conmigo, para resolver el problema, que creo que está en la interferencia con algun otro plugin no homologado.

Mi e-mail es jc@iscarnet.com

Muchas gracias.


ユーザー Ғабиден Б. の写真

When I want to convert to 3D gives an error "Error in walls"
which can be?

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Ғабиден.

I think the problem maybe is the walls not coplanar.

But you can send me the drawing.

I can check the problem.

My e-mail is: jc@iscarnet.com


Julio Calle

ユーザー Raymond A の写真

I can't install version 2014 (from extension market)

ユーザー محمد ع の写真


ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Raymond.


Please contact me directly: jc@iscarnet.com


Julio Calle

ユーザー Terence D. の写真

I have Sketchup pro 2013 & Dibac 2013 ver, will Dibac 2013 work with Sketchup pro 2014 or will I have to bye the new ver ??

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Terence.

If you has Dibac 2013, you can update to 2014 DIBAC. For you it's free.

Please, contact me. jc@iscarnet.com

Thanls a lot.

Julio Calle

ユーザー Jarrod D. の写真

When will this be compatible with Sketchup 2014??

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Jarrod.

Now is compatible.

Please download the last version in www.dibac.com


Julio Calle

ユーザー Brad A の写真

I have sketchup pro 2014 and it says that DIBAC is not compatible with my version of Sketchup.
I tried to install it anyway, but no menu appears. I am running a stock version of sketchup with no extensions other than the defaults.


ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Brad.

Please download the last version in www.dibac.com


Julio Calle

ユーザー Akil M の写真

Seems promising but cant use it. I keep getting a runtime error.

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Akil.

I can help you.

Please contact me: jc@iscarnet.com

Thanks a lot.

Julio Calle

ユーザー Hunz n の写真

unCompatibility with sketchup 2014. Please fix it

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Hunz.

Now, 2014 DIBAC is SketchUp 2014 compatible


ユーザー Don Torbjörn の写真

This is a very useful plugin, but has several bugs which has proven time-consuming trying to work around. You simply can't do things you ought to be able to to, which all to often ends in a bugsplat and you have to reaload your model, which in a current project takes half an hour (not DIBACs fault obviously, but quite frustrating). When windows 8 prompted an upgrade to 8.1 my license mysteriously disappeared and since I had only gotten 2 registration attempts, I now have to use my old computer which loads forever when SU crasches due to bugs in Dibac. I have emailed the developer for a new registration attempt but still no answer (please answer!). Still I have found the plugin very useful for architectural models, but it needs cleaning up and I really look forward for a SU 2014 compatible version, which in my understanding will greatly reduce the time for loading up models if nothing else. Great plugin with a few quirks, keep it up and thanks!

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Don.

Now it's ok?


ユーザー Mario R の写真

the cost now is 59,29 € :(

ユーザー Neno L. の写真

Having problem with expired licence???!!

Please send me correct licenece authorisation that won't expire???! Just bought it recently??!

As soon as possible , please!!

Neno Lennard

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Hi Neno.

Sorry for the delay.

I already answered by e-mail.

I think the problem may be more than two licenses installed.

Please if not resolved, contact me directly via e-mail or Skype.


ユーザー Russell H. の写真

when will this support sketchup 2014?

ユーザー JULIO C の写真

Yes. Now it`s working with SketchUp 2013 and 2014

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2014 DIBAC for SketchUp 1.1.36; 7月 2, 2014
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