Make Face from selected lines.
Draw lines, Construction Lines from 2 points or Construction Point. Input length with Simple Function (+,-,*,/) Snap points: 1/3 Line,2/3 Line, Center Face,BoundingBox,
Select edges for Make Faces (Try s4u MakeFace Pro if you can’t purchase this Extension)
Select edges for Make Faces (This Extension support for someone can't purchase s4u_MakeFace)
Mirror Objects by 1 click.
Multi Slice,Cut,Detach Selected objects.
Multiple Offset Selected Edges or Faces. Offset both side. Random Offset.
On/Off Shadow in All Scenes.
Reset Axis of Selected Groups(Components) Move Origin of Selected Groups(Components) or Nested Groups(Components).
Scale Objects (Edges,Faces,Groups,Components) with reference points.