Determined the required gradients & transition zones for your driveways & vehicular access ramps. This extensions allows you to calculate/convert gradients into falls (1/distance), % grades or.deg. Visually measure + mark a grade between any two points
Greeble your model with up to 10 unique Components at a time
Explodes all Groups/Components (including all nested instances) within a selection or the entire drawing.
nz_IntelligentStairs handles the tedious and intricate calculations an architect undertakes as he/she sets out to marry design intent and code requirements, providing you with the basis for a legal staircase
Find Levels (z-values) based on any two know points. You can find a level between the two points points or project from them to find that level along the defined line. Ideal for designing ramps/ find points/contours within incomplete surveys etc
nz_MyCatalogue allows you to build your own versatile parametric library of elements, with profiles ranging from simple to complex all easily defined and adaptable.
Offset Multiple Face Edges at once | Erase Coplanar Edge
Transform Arcs, Circles & Polygon curves into faceted chains with additional customisable greeble options. Create a myriad of forms from greeble collars to ornate vaulted ceilings and more.
Draw a Parabola defined by the base width and overall height
Setup a reference plane perpendicular to any line... includes nz_Rotate