Align selected objects.Press TAB-> Align or Align-Move.Press hold Shift-> multiselect.Press hold Ctrl(Alt on Mac)-> Copy.
Connect 2 selected edges,curves,arcs.
s4u_Delete_Instances_Overlap will delete all instances(or new Group) which is overlap its position(in selection or all)
Divide Faces or Surfaces follows 2 directions.
Make Frame by Faces (Edges,Curves).
Hide/Show lines.Hide Intersect Lines of Objects.
Manager Layer:Previous,Next,Isolate,Current,Off,On Layers.
Draw lines, Construction Lines from 2 points or Construction Point. Input length with Simple Function (+,-,*,/) Snap points: 1/3 Line,2/3 Line, Center Face,BoundingBox,
Make box from:- Select 4 points;- Select 3 points+ input height;- Select 3 points+ last height (Enter)
Select edges for Make Faces