Solar North
Provides tools for you to set and display the solar north angle.
Solar North

Provides tools for your to set and display the solar north angle that SketchUp uses to calculate the sun location, and therefore shadow directions. Useful if you've imported a model with a different "north" than SketchUp's default.

The Solar North extension requires an active SketchUp Pro license.


Ritratto di Arq P

Just a simple message appears then ok (Error Loading File solarnorth_loader.rb
undefined method `GetString' for nil:NilClass). Enter. Ok.

Ritratto di Arq P

Not problem for me. Just install .rbz archive inside Skecthup 2013. It depends of permission of Administrator. Ok ?

Ritratto di Don Hill Builders I

It does work only hidden...try looking at the preferences\shortcuts and look for it since its hidden might as well assign a shortcut to it since we can't see the toolbar just so you can use it.

Ritratto di Stuart H

In my case it works but is only available (visible) when there are no other toolbars in place across the top of the window. When all tool bars are dragged into the drawing area Solar North will appear at the upper left but can't be moved.

Same issue here, cannot move toolbar........

Ritratto di David M

Solar North is underneath the toolbars but for all intents and purposes it's useless. Doesn't work even after you pull all the other toolbars.

Ritratto di Gerrit H

Hi George, Dave (SketchUcation) suggested to pull all toolbars to drawing area. Solar North appeared to be hiding underneath one of them. And yes, for me it was underneath the last one. Thanks to Dave.

Ritratto di Geo

After downloading/installing the Solar North plugin from the Extension Warehouse, nothing happens.
That is, the entire SU Pro Solar North Tool Set is missing.


Ritratto di Gerrit H

Well George, I've been searching SU2013 pro now for over an hour, comparing it with SU8 in any way. To see if I can find Solar North in v2013. Although installed and listed as being a checked toolbar, there's just nothing there.

SU8 lets you set a shortcut to toggle the 'Solar North' toolbar on/off. Even that isn't available. I can see why. For you just toggle (general) 'Toolbars' on/off and that can be done easily now with quick access to all the toolbars.
Anyway, I can't find 'Solar North' although installed and checked as visible.

Ritratto di Geo

Gerrit said, "Anyway, I can't find 'Solar North' although installed and checked as visible."

Same here. It's check in Preferences > Extensions, but no toolbar appears in the UI.


Does not work correctly with 2013. The 3 Solar North icons only appear in the toolbar area (but not in an actual toolbar frame) if you move all visible toolbars out of that area (say, into drawing area) - then you can see and use the Solar North icons.

doesn't load when selecting it in toolbars menu...pls fix !!!!

no funciona en Sketchup 2013!!!

Don´t work in Sketchup Pro 2013 Spanish Versión, don´t load toolbar.

Ritratto di Francisca J

Debes iniciar secion con tu gmail...

I could install from inside sketch up pro 2013, go to extension warehouse. Good luck!

It works! thanks!

Ritratto di mc A.


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