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Select edges for Make Faces
Slice,Cut,Detach objects -Set plane by 2 points , 3 points or by Object -Add section faces .Create Group Section.
Import the DXF file(text format) follows segment number(support Dynamic Block,Mline,Ellipse,Spline,Polyline,Circle,Arc,Line,3dface,Text)
Make Stair,Ramp from Faces
s4u toComponents allows convert objects to components.
Paint Material to Face in Group,Component.Detele Material in Object.Replace Material.Rotate ,Move ,Align texture.Reverse Face.Get area of material.
Select groups or components for Transformer(Scale,Move,Rotate,Color)
Export Scenes to JPG or PNG images.
Mirror Objects by 1 click.
Align selected objects.Press TAB -> Align or Align-Move.Press hold Shift -> multiselect.Press hold Ctrl(Alt on Mac) -> Copy.
Divide Faces or Surfaces follows 2 directions.
Hide/Show lines.Hide Intersect Lines of Objects.
Make Frame by Faces (Edges,Curves).
Weld Edges to Curves.
Connect 2 selected edges,curves,arcs.
On/Off Shadow in All Scenes.
Manager Layer:Previous,Next,Isolate,Current,Off,On Layers.
Scale Objects (Edges,Faces,Groups,Components) with reference points.
Reset Axis of Selected Groups(Components) Move Origin of Selected Groups(Components) or Nested Groups(Components).
Draw lines, Construction Lines from 2 points or Construction Point . Input length with Simple Function (+ ,-,*,/) Snap points: 1/3 Line ,2/3 Line , Center Face,BoundingBox,
Make box from : - Select 4 points;- Select 3 points+ input height; - Select 3 points+ last height (Enter)
Draw panel by 3 points or select face
Set Scale Definitions for Components or Groups.
Select vertical edges,horizontal edges,length edges or slope edges.Select vertical faces,horizontal faces,slope faces or area faces. Select same length,select same area or select face parallel.
Select groups or components for scale or push/pull distance(x|y|z).Scale Fix length.Reset scale.
Exchange material Front & Back ,Orient Faces in Group,Components
Explode all Groups, Components, Curves in selected Groups or Components to lines and faces.
s4u_Delete_Instances_Overlap will delete all instances(or new Group) which is overlap its position(in selection or all)