Extensiones: 21
Set sky and/or ground colors in real-time, according to hte current time/date.
Creates a dynamic note on the screen, displaying the sun and shadow parameters
Purge components, materials, layers, styles, dictionaries, all at once or on demand.
Color Maker is a plugin that helps you to create Sketchup materials whose colors are set according to standard palettes and color systems used in design and construction industry.
tool to create sequences of texts, 2D or 3D, such as 1,2,3,4... or A1, A2, A3... or 10A, 10B, 10 C... Each label can have a prefix and/or suffix.
Creates 2D/3D grids, X,Y,Z steps paramétric, on any plane.
A set of tools to manage your section planes and create sectional views
Set of 33 commands to quickly copy-paste elements from one scene to one or more scenes
Te plugin is intended to draw triangles when their three side lengths are known.
This extension is intended to provide SU users some basic tools to save, restore, delete, list their axes coordinates systems (aka UCS) of the model, and quickly activate axes presets.
Populate your models with components, using shape tools and constraints.
Set of 13 tools to quickly create guide points and guide lines, grids, polar arrays, in any plane.
Creates various window/door types as components of any shape, place them automatically in walls
Additionnal commands to draw arcs, circles, polygons and ellipses
Align selected entites in 2D or 3D
Set of 11 interactive tools to easily insert and modify dimensions in your model: rotate, split, merge, trim, chain, and more.
Set of tools to quickly create, show, hide, isolate and manage your layers and layers states.
Set of 5 tools to project or extrude objects on face plane or along a vector
Three simple tools to either draw walls from picked points or from a selection of objects. Walls can be 2D or 3D.
This extension is intended to provide SU users some basic tools to save, restore, delete and list their user coordinates systems (aka UCS) of the model.
Tool to set, delete, highlight, and visit URL and/or files associated with objects of the model.