Extensions: 12
Rafael Rivera (renderiza.studio@gmail.com)
Paints or textures all faces that are in shadows automatically.
Extract & Export Alpha, Clay, Color, Color by Layer, Line, Profile, Shadow, Texture and Zdepth channels for composting.
Animatex allows you to animate multiple textured faces by assigning them to any of the three Animatex layers which have their own x,y,z parameters to set speed.
Control your camera with keyboard along axis.
Interactively paint groups and components in spray type manner.
Split faces up into triangles.
Key Scene enables you to customize your scenes to be navigated with your keyboard.
Create Panoramic Scenes.
Rename groups & components under same layer with layer name or name specified by user.
Filter selection by what you can see.
Set current page style to others pages.
Link components to websites, proxy, layers, scenes, sounds, files and folders.