Place reference marks to identify the "reference face" and "adjacent face" on the arris of a timber.
Add a Construction Point to the "should-be" centerpoint of an exploded arc or circle.
Add a text label to every edge that borders only one face.
This script shows the cursor location and screen position, and the name of the selected component.
This extension takes the YZ coordinates from a first point and the X coordinate from a 2nd point and uses those 2 points and adds a construction point in that location.
ColorHex is a set of tools used for painting models with #Hex color values.
Create & export SketchUp scenes with rendering channels for compositing in Photoshop.
Automate and simplify the creation of construction documents in SketchUp Pro and LayOut.
Create a scale, within a Range, with 3D Text-Labels.
Crop view in SketchUp and send to Layout