This plugin place 4 views (Top plan view, Front view, Side view, Iso perspective view) of the selected Sketchup component on a LayOut's sheet. It calculated the scale to fix to the template paper which also can be edited too.
This plugin do flatten a.layout file in to a "vector only drawing" so you can easy export to DXF, DWG. All references like skp, xlsx will be exploded to shapes n' texts. And entity will be placed on layers base on their stroke width (line weight)
The Script lets user split a Sketchup multi-page.layout file to one-page.layout files. It will be helpful in teamwork on big projects.
This script creates pipes from edges in selected groups/components, also adding fittings to vertices. Can update after edit the source (group/component of edges), and replace/ edit the fittings, size, etc...