Create named groups with assignable layers from all connected entities or from anything selected. Manage group/component names in Outliner: This tool allows you to batch rename with sequential numbering or add a prefix/suffix to the existing names
This tool will calculate the golden section for you and providing you with written dimensions and endpoints (both near and far) which you can use to draw or located you models.
Find Levels (z-values) based on any two know points. You can find a level between the two points points or project from them to find that level along the defined line. Ideal for designing ramps/ find points/contours within incomplete surveys etc
3 tools in one... Relative Scale: will scale an object based on a "Source" & "Destination" reference points, matching any two lengths... Scale Factor Scaling: Uniform scaling based on user input... Alignment(+Scale or Stand alone): align/copy/relocate
Locate all named instances of Group or Components based on a "Keyword" entry (Part-Name). Presents findings or optionally allows you to Zoom-in to location with the option of opting out and working on the found instance.
Allows you to: Toggle Ruby Console: on/off. Toggle Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material. Toggle Inverse Hidden Status of objects. Toggle Hidden Items Visibility: on/off. Toggle Colour by Layer: on/off