Eneroth Visual Merge
Hide the seam between groups/components where they touch. Perfect to get rid of those unpleasant edges between e.g. a slab and a wall.
Eneroth Visual Merge

Visually merges groups/components by hiding the edges and faces where they touch without altering their shape.

Unlike a solid operation these changes are only cosmetic on the surface and doesn't alter the shape of the objects in any way. The meaning of the original geometry (e.g. what is a slab and what is a wall) is retained and the visual merge can be reset in just two clicks.

Also quite unlike solid operations all groups and components are supported, whether they are solid or not.

The plugin only affects geometry that lies loosely in a group/components and ignores nested group/components. You can e.g. hide the seam between a wall and a slab without having to care about windows that resides within the wall group.

Activated from Context Menu > Visually Merge or Extensions > Eneroth Visual Merge


May produce unexpected results for overlapping groups/components. First use Solid Trim to make sure they only touches and don't overlap.

Only works between groups/components in the same drawing context.

With profile edges enabled edges where different parts meet will be shown as profiles, as always when showing profile edges.

Peculiarity with SU 2018 Section Fills

SketchUp 2018 section fills doesn't work if any of the binding faces is hidden. In my view this is a bug; hiding a face doesn't in my view change the solid volume defined by the group/component, it just hides the face. However, to make this plugin play better with SU2018 a setting has ben added for not hiding the adjacent faces between groups/components when visually merging them.

By default faces are hidden to prevent the interior faces from bleeding through the exterior faces. You can change it from Extensions > Eneroth Visual Merge > Settings > Hide Faces when Merging.

Note that this setting is saved on a per model basis for best portability. If you want it to apply to new models, save a model with the setting toggled as a template.

Also please note that changing this setting doesn't affect already visually merged geometry, only what is merged from this point on.

Release Notes

1.0.4 (2018-09-21)

No longer disable command on Mac, as SketchUp for Mac fails to enable the control again.

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