Point Gadget 2 (2016+)
A modified version of Point Gadget that works on SU 2016
Point Gadget 2 (2016+)


Point Creation Tools  


Set Location - Use this tool to set the xyz of the station location or model origin.  

  • Tip:  Use the SketchUp model axis to properly align imported data (images, cad info, etc) before shooting points. The green axis can be considered the North / backsight 


Shoot Tool - Use this tool to place point markers with your mouse.  The markers, and the points they represent, will be assigned ID numbers automatically

  • Tip:  When using the Shoot tool, it is a good idea shoot onto an actual surface.  
  • Tip:  The point markers used through the plugin are components.  If you decide not to use the Point Gadget tools to place a point marker and instead use the Component Browser to place your point, be sure to use the Point Gadget UPDATE tool to register them with the plugin.    

XYZ Tool - Use this tool to place point markers one at a time using specific XYZ coordinates. 

WARNING! DO NOT COPY/PASTE Point Markers  - It may be tempting to copy and paste registered point markers (Registered = BLUE) but this is not advised as you will create duplicate point IDs.  Instead, use unregistered markers from the component browser (Unregistered = White).  After you have placed them in their correct locations, use the Update tool to register them with the plugin.   

If you created duplicate PointIDs and you need each market to be unique, a work around would be to export the points out as a CSV and then create unique point IDs in a spreadsheet editor.  


Line Creation Tool

Create Linework - Use this tool to create linework between pointmarkers with the same feature/description label

  • How to use:  Select 1 Point Gadget marker and activate the feature

The plugin will find all the all markers with identical labels and create linework between the marker points.  

  • The path of linework is based on assending PointID order 
  • The linework will be grouped and placed on its own layer


Information Viewers

Inspector Tool - Use this tool to visualize the xyz location, point ID and the feature/description information of the point marker. Simply activate the tool and hover on a Point Gadget point marker.

Reporter Tool - Use this tool to generate a webdialog containing a list of Point Gadget point marker information.

  • Tip: Activating this tool with a selection set will only list the point markers contained in the selection.  If nothing is selected, the Reporter Tool will list all point markers in the model.


Modification Tools

Convert Tool - Use this tool to convert SketchUp construction points into point markers.

  • You will have the opportunity to add the Description/Feature label
  • The created markers will be placed on a layer based on the Description/Feature label
  • Tip: If you want to convert a subset of your construction points in your model, you can do one of the following:
  1. Select the specific construction points you want to convert first.
  2. Place the markers you DON'T want to convert into a group first.  Construction points placed within groups will not be converted

Update Tool - There are 2 main usecases for this tool.  

1) Use this tool to update any point markers with information that has been manually changed.  Example: You can change the point marker feature/description information by changing the marker's Component Instance NAME under the Entity info.  When the change is done, be sure to use the Update Tool to update 

2) If you place a marker through the Component Browser, you will notice that it is a white color and not green.  This signifies that there is no Point Gadget attribution assigned to the marker.  Use the Update Tool to automatically assign Point Gadget attribution.

  • Tip: If some of your markers have PointIDs = "NOT SET", select them and use the Update tool to apply new PointID values. 


Importer & Exporter tools

Import XYZ Tool - Use this tool to import CSV and TXT point file information.  

File information must be in the following format (Header is optional):


PointID | Coord (N or E) | Coord (E or N) | Coord Z | Feature/Description 


I find the CSV saved with Encoding = Unicode (UTF-8) & Line Breaks= WIndows (CRLF)  works well.


IMPORTANT - The point IDs contained in the file import will take priority over point marker ID's that already exist in the model.  Existing point markers will be reassigned new IDs automatically. 

IMPORTANT - The point IDs contained in the file import be assigned a RED designation color.  The markers will come in LOCKED so one can not accidentally move them.  If the user decides to unlock a Field marker/s and it is moved from its original location, the color designation will change to ORANGE after it is updated.


A sample csv can be found here at https://goo.gl/SYwP2g



Export CSV Tool - Use this tool to export a CSV file containting point marker information. 

  • Tip: This tool will NOT export markers that are on a hidden laye
  • Tip:  If there is a selection, this tool will NOT export markers placed in a group or component.


"DO NOT"s:

  • Do NOT use SketchUp's Delete Guides feature while you have point markers in your model.   This will delete all the construction points in your model including the one located in the point markers.  The markers will still function BUT you will lose the visual location reference of the point the marker represents.
  • Do NOT manually paint point markers unless you know that they are "registered" with the plugin. White point markers are not registered (do not contain attribute data).  The plugin automatically colors them BLUE when they become registered.   


Version Notes:

- 2.2 - Fix to allow for the display of 4 places right of the decimal point (Inspector & Report)

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