Trimble Scan Explorer Extension
Now Supporting SketchUp Pro 2016!!! The Trimble® Scan Explorer Extension is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for architects, engineers and geospatial professionals to create models from 3D scanning data in SketchUp Pro
Trimble Scan Explorer Extension

Now supporting SketchUp Pro 2016!!! The Trimble Scan Explorer Extension dramatically reduces the time required to generate a SketchUp™ Pro 3D model from scan data.  Streamlined tools allow users to quickly extract construction points and lines that are used as a guide to simplify and expedite the modeling process.  Automated plane extraction tools further increase modeling efficiency, particularly when modeling building interiors and facades. 


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The plugin requires .rwp (Realworks project) files. Currently I'm unaware of how to convert from .tdx (Output from Trimble scanner) to .rwp using Trimble Business Centre.

Anyone got info on this?

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In order to use the TSE Extension in SU, you currently need to open a RealWorks (TRW) project (.rwp) containing TZF-scans. You can export from Trimble Business Center (TBC) any point cloud data to TRW using the TDX-file export. You can open any other point cloud files in TRW, too. Once the scan data are in TRW, you can create the mentioned TZF-files and open that TRW project in the TSE extension within SU.

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Update: I was able to export from TBC to dxf which provided a kind of point cloud of construction dots.

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Further update: A recent scan is non transferrable to sketchup because the .dxf file is too big. I think I'll need a way to convert to .rwp after all.

Same problem as Jan V.
I even tried the path you specified to Nick.
Maybe an answer would be correct for pro users... Even for other s???
I am on Windows 10 Sketchup pro 2014.

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Hi Olivier,

I believe we have identified the issue causing this problem. We are working to quickly resolve this and get a new build posted. Thanks for the comment.

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If You work with point clouds, try, it is working well.

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I've got similar installation problems as Matthew T.
When I start SketchUp 2014 Pro, error message:

Reg path is invalid !

After clicking OK, error message:

Error: #
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:65:in `'
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:47:in `'
-e:1:in `eval'

I tried installing with admin rights, no go.

Installation folders:
C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Scan Explorer Extension
C:\Users\[my username]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins

Additional info:
I've got SketchUp 2016 Make installed as well.

Please help.

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Great plugin. Here's a presentation of what I did with it (March 2014):

It would be really helpful if there were some guidelines on how to handle pointcloud files for this.

Currently I have converted some .rcs files (Autodesk Recap) to .asc and also .ply Hopefully I will be able to use them with this plugin.

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He Le Corb,

I do not really understand what you have done conversion wise. So you had data from a scanner (which one?) and converted those files to a ……(?) format and imported those in Sketchup using the extension?
Do you know which filetypes can be converted and how to do that?
I am looking into importing data made with a Faro scanner.

Bas Debets

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Hi- Good questions.

1. The original files were produced from a Faro scanner in .fls (Flash) format.
2. They were converted by my contact in Trimble into .tzf
3. I was able to access them via the sketchup scan explorer plugin.

I'm running another study project- trying to convert .pts* files to .tzf but I need Trimble Realworks to do it. I have applied to Trimble for a trial license and I'm waiting to hear a response.

*Having converted them from Autodesk Recap- See this link for explanation:

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So I have a .asc file which I can load into and view in Meshlab. I can see the model, but do not know how this software works. What I want is to import this into Sketchup.
Do I understand correctly that I need the Trimble software to convert this .asc file to a file that I can use with the Trimble scan explorer to import in Sketchup? Or can I use Meshlab to convert this to a file that I can use with Trimble scan explorer to import in Sketchup?

Short version: I would like to import a .asc file into Sketchup. How to proceed?

Bas Debets

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I think you need to import it into Trimble Realworks and export out as a .rwp file that can be used with the SketchUp plugin.

I downloaded a sample .rwp (Realworks Project File) for use with the plugin.

After installing the plugin and firing it up, I then closed and re-opened SketchUp (As the plugin didn't work the first time). After loading the .rwp file for the "hallway" sample I was able to extract lines and points from it into SU

Now all I need to do is get my hands on Trimble Realworks to convert the .asc file.....

Can someone from Trimble please get in touch about this? I tried emailing already.


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Yes, that would be great. For my work I only need the outlines of a model, so I can draw it myself in Sketchup. Just a way to convert the .asc/.xyz./pts files into a readable file for the Sketchup extension will suffice.
Is there maybe a possibility to buy a simple version of Realworks just to make this conversion possible?
Thanks for considering


whr can i get this point cloud plug in for sketchup trial verisom

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Hello Shravya J.,

you can click on the red box in the upper right hand of this page titled, "Get this Extension". You will also be able to download sample data and view a tutorial video from there.

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I am in the process of buying Sketchup Pro and I am really interested in this extension. Actually; it is one of the main reasons to buy Sketchup Pro. My first choice would be Sketchup Pro 2016 for Mac. But since this extension does not work with this setup, I might buy the Windows version. But I prefer the Mac.... Is there an educated guess if or when this extension is going to work with the mac 2016 version?
Thank you for your time and effort in building and distributing this great extension.

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Hi Bas D,

no current timeline for getting a Mac specific version but we understand the need. However the current Windows version is SketchUp Pro 2016 compatible.

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That's great news, thanks for the update!

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I'm dealer for Sketchup, Sketchup license works on MAC and PC.
So you can buy Sketchup and use on PC first and then when those who develop this plugin has made the MAC,
works license MAC, which I look forward to

Best Joachim

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while installing this plugin its shows

"can't register TSE sketchUp plugin"

Please clarify this..

Advance Thanks.

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After one month later, this extension still not to support SketchUp 2016. Why?

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So how can you work then? Downgrade to SketchUp Pro version 2015???

Joachim von Rost's picture

MAC now so I can work

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hello there.. When they release sketchup 2016 Plugin ?

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Working on updates now but unfortunately no estimate for delivery date.

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Will updates just be for 2016 compatibility, or are there any new features planned?

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I have extensive point cloud data that I would like the ability to model in Sketchup.
I've tried a number of methods of installing this extension but have had no joy as yet.

Of concern is that there appears to be no way of contacting anyone at Trimble to assist, nor is there any apparent support available.

I'd appreciate any assistance that could be provided.

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Hi John,

try installing with Admin rights and make sure that SketchUp is running at the same time.

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Hi Jason,

I have the same problem as John although I have been installing extension with admin rights and Sketchup Pro running at the same time ...

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HI Jason:
We've tried that and we got a message that Sketchup needed to be closed to install properly. (?)
I will try again and let you know.

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I installed this extension, but it does not appear in Sketch Up when I load, nor does it appear under the extensions drop down. It DOES appear under my control panel for installed programs, however, so I know that it's there.

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Hi Sam,

Could you please give me the version number of TSE extension and SketchUp?
Is it the SketchUp Pro version ?



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Can I convert any popular cloud files like pts, xyz, pod etc to rwp trimble files? Where can I find some example of trimble rwp file? Regards. Adam

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Currently the only resource for converting the files would be Trimble RealWorks. You can find example rwp files under Example Datasets on the Trimble ScanExplorer extension download page:

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OK, can't use this plug-in and now cant un-install it.

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Hi Matthew,

Did you have any error message when you've installed it ?
Do you see in "Programs and Features" the name of the plugin: "Trimble Scan Explorer Extension" ?

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Hi ,

I am having trouble trying to open the actual .exe file... any solutions as to why?

Samnang K.'s picture

Hi Bryan,

What kind of issues (any error messages ) do you have ?

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Installed this plugin and got the following error (when opening sketchup)

Error: #
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:65:in `'
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:47:in `'
SketchUp:1:in `eval'

Also no additional menus or import options - No additional start menu options and no obvious manual or readme.

Not off to a great start.

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What point cloud files can it inport?

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The Scan Explorer extension only supports Trimble RealWorks (.rwp) scan projects at this time.

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WE fail to Install this extension on WIN8.1 and WIN7.

Error Code: -5001 : 0xffffec75
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (220)
PAPP:Trimble Scan Explorer Extension
PVENDOR:Trimble Navigation Limited (
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200)
IE Version: 9.11.9600.17239

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I need the Mac version as well

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I made a quick test installation (of Scan explorer) at home, on my Win8.1 computer and it worked directly as it should.
BUT when I try to install it on my corporate work PC (Dell Lat E7440 with Win7) it doesn't work. I get no pluggin for Scan Explorer in Sketchup. I have Sketchup 2014 pro with a correct licence on this work PC.

If I check installations between the two computers files are store the same:
Sketchup in "C:\program(x86)\Sketchup"
Scan Explorer in "C:\program\Trimble"

I have two other pluggins on my Win7 WorkPC that works as they should...
What to do? How to get help? I will very soon hire a Trimble TX5 so I need to get this working!!!

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If you install the plugin with "local admin rights" it works as it should. But it is important that you install it on exactly the same user that it's intended use the pluggin later. (Our IT tried to install it under admin account, then it didn't work. You need to have "local admin rights" on the acount that you will run Sketchup (and pluggin) under)

This it what we found out by trial and error. It's a pity that no one from Trimble tries to make help/answers after many weeks.

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Hi Thomas,

I suspect this could be due to a conflict with another extension. you might try disabling any other extensions and then restarting the Scan Explorer Extension.

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Having same issue over at a state DOT. IT reinstalled into program(x86). Have no success when logged in as user however, when admin is logged in, it works.

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good night, who could help me with a tutorial Trimble scan explorer ... I need to learn thanks

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Hi. Got problems installing this on a windows 8 laptop. The install finishes I get "Can't Register TSE SketchUp PlugIn"

Can you help?