Extract & Export Alpha, Clay, Color, Color by Layer, Line, Profile, Shadow, Texture and Zdepth channels for composting.

Extract & Export the following rendering channels for composting on your favorite image editor.


  • Default
  • Alpha
  • Clay
  • Color
  • Color by Layer
  • Line
  • Profile
  • Shadow
  • Texture
  • Zdepth

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The great plugin, i working with background image and it very useful for my work. Thanks

lele's picture

Doesn't work perfectly with Sketchup 2017
If i change the aspect ration i've some problem with exported image

HAWK O.'s picture

Found mine exported images to: C:\Users\WINDOWS\AppData

Nilaul's picture

Doesn't work with 2016, nothing exports.

It works on my 2016. Awesome plug in...select the passes you want, then hit create, and it makes a new scene with that lopok. When you update the model, the different pass scenes are live and update as well. Then just click thu up arrow in the Such menu and it exports the images into the .skp folder

Only thing that doesn't seem to work is the zpass.

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Josh W's picture

Hey Renderiza,

I'm using SU2015.

Plugin works fine (thanks), although I get a load error, and it causes the 2 icons to undock from the toolbar every time.

Is there a fix for this?


篤 里's picture

I do work of the background image production of the anime. Thank you for splendid plug in.

D.Bur's picture

On SU 2014:

Due to a bug on startup, I had to comment these lines in the "RND_Suchannels_menus.rb" file:

if !file_loaded?(__FILE__) #then
# @@rnd_tools_menu.add_item('[SU]Ch') {
# Sketchup.active_model.select_tool RND_Extensions::RND_Suchannels::Suchannels.new
# }
# Add toolbars
rnd_suchannels_tb = UI::Toolbar.new "[SU]Ch"

And the most interesting feature (for me) Zdepth is not working at all, it outputs the same rendering than alpha channel. Sad...

Alejandro Soriano (alsomar)'s picture

To use Zdepth: once you've created its tab you have to go to Fog (Window > Default Tray > Fog) and play with its slider.
There isn't an unique Zdepth configuration so you can get as many results as you want.

Eric W's picture

I'm recently having an issue with this tool.

The extension originally would allow me to Extract multiple channels to various scenes, and then export the scenes to multiple 2D files.
This first function still works, however the export function has disappeared completely. The button has been removed from my tools.

To summarize:
Create Channels works fine
Export Channels has disappeared altogether

I last used the Export Channels function on 4/29/15, and noticed the feature was gone on 5/4/15.

Anyone else had a similar issue or any idea how to resolve?

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100% with SketchUp 2015

patrick D.'s picture

fantastic plugin! Thank you.

Vanessa B's picture

its good and will help me kkkk

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You'll wanna fix the word "composting," I think you meant "compositing."

Amir G.'s picture

Thanks for a great plugin

Barry G's picture

This looks like it would be useful to me as I often do these kinds of exports for NPR renderings. When are you going to make it SU 2014 compatible?

Yuri W.'s picture

I like it. Thank you.

Patrick H's picture

Appears to be in the same directory where your current file is loaded from.

John R U's picture

I’d love to know where the exported images go. Can’t find ‘em! Can you help me locate the export folder?

Andreas M's picture

First of all, Great PlugIn!
But: HELP! I click export and get the message that all scenes have been successfully exported but they're nowhere to be found! I'm on MacOSX10.9. Where is the default export folder? Is there something wrong with the compatibility?

John R U's picture

Did you get a response? I’d like to know where the exported images go as well.


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Far out!

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