Animation SUalive Free
SUalive makes your model alive. Animate goups and components
Animation SUalive Free

Three versions Free or Light or Full. Not only animating camera but any group or component can move and rotate and scale or else follow any path you draw in your model. All these actions at the same time. SUalive knows about nested groups and components which have their own life. SUalive exports the right number of frames per second for smooth standalone video with constant flow.

You can fully manage your animation frame one after another through the API allowing for rendering and more broadly any extension you would like to plug or else any ruby code you may develop for.

Help and training videos - 6 clips about 30 minutes - from toolbar left button or <F1> key.

Please visit about Snapshots and QuickStart and API and available versions.


Français : Trois versions Free, Light ou Full. SUalive n'anime pas uniquement la caméra mais déplace, pivote et redimensionne tous les groupes et composants qui peuvent aussi suivre un chemin tracé dans votre modèle et ce simultanément. SUalive reconnait les groupes et composants imbriqués qui ont leur propre vie. SUalive exporte le nombre requis d'images par seconde afin d'obtenir des vidéos fluides à débit constant.

Vous pouvez piloter votre animation image par image grace à l'API. Render extensions et plus généralement tout plugin peut y être branché. Bien entendu vous pouvez aussi developper vos propres scripts.

Aide et videos de formation en cliquant sur le premier bouton de la barre d'outils ou par la touche <F1>


SUalive Talk about / A propos de. English or Français si vous le souhaitez


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Keeps prompting me for a project name but never enters it in the box.

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Hello B.L. A

You probably typed diacritical character in name. Preserving backward compatibility down to SketchUp 8 led us to only use 126 first Ascii characters. here is the character list you can use.
?@!%&$~#^*+-=.() 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Please as far as you can avoid the first sixteen group making names from 0 to 9, space, A to Z, underscore, hyphen and a to z

I raise your issue at top list of bugs. So the next version will see SUalive checking for right characters in project names.

have a good week-end

Doesn't work. Lets me install but will not take snapshot

Billy H's picture

Same issue

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Hi Billy H,

I've just installed version downloaded from here but all working right! I can take snapshots.

Nevertheless I am able to make SUalive not properly working getting "Nothing valid to run" message - meaning snapshots are not right. Sometimes you can see 'SaveAndReload' button blinking on the toolbar - small house icon with yellow star, 11th from the left. Take care of this command and always clicks if blinking - thin blinking square around icon.

At design time always have a look at this button before snapshot taking. If you've got snapshots then see SaveAndReload blinking you're probably going to meet hard times! delete snapshots or better if you're beginner start a new project then take care of that button state before jumping into animation process. Easy-to-use snapshots hold their own drawbacks. model must be right before processing.

Hope this helps
Have a good day

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Hello XX.
We could help but please may you open a thread under 'General discussion' - forum links above.
Best Regards

Another problem with a small example:
When running animation, the shadow of moving object is not re-computed at each time. So it is the initial shadow which is displayed. Disapointment... Except for Peter Pan ;)

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Not an issue Camille!
just not available on SUalive Free - albeit we are thinking about. Checking 'Update each frame ' from 'Project' tab does the job.


On "Project" tab, when selecting a "Sketchup file", the file .skp is correctly copied in project folder (corresponding to Location\Name), but the file is not displayed : only a '-' dash.
And 'refresh' button does nothing. (Sketchup 2015). Other tabs are not unlocked.
Best regards.

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Hello Camille R.

Perhaps more than one model.skp in Project folder? SUalive free expects only one project file.
If not or need more help, may you open a thread under 'General discussion' - forum links above.

Attention SUalive Free accepte un unique fichier model.skp dans le dossier Projet. Peut-être la source du problème?
Sinon ou si vous souhaitez notre aide, pourriez vous ouvrir un nouveau fil sous 'General discussion' (lien vers les forums ci-dessus)

Best Regards

It'is solved. Perharps the .skp file name contained two dot.
Now, It seems that this "free" version only allow "interpolation action" (no rotation, camera or translation actions). Is it true ?
Best regards.

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Glad it works!
You're right Camille. SUalive Free allows for small projects as you may have read from our website. SUalive Light goes further with nearly everything available and SUalive Full is all about money making as I will demonstrate in some months.


Tomas K.'s picture

SUalive is not installing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Tomas K.

Looks a bit strange!
Please post on 'General discussion' - forums links above - with details about what happens if you need help - Version, OS and so on.

Have a good week

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Can you export the animations outside SketchUP in fbx/dae or are they usable just inside it?

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Hello Alex,

Perhaps in the future but there is nothing planned at the moment.

Best Regards

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Hello Daniel R.

- In short
Explode scaled group then regroup. of course you need to update snapshots encompassing this group

- Details
Model and its structure are keys about easy animation. Try to parallel your group axis to model axis and group to animate in SketchUp does not like transformation like scale or flip. You can scale or flip group with SUalive but group should not have transformation before. If so explode then regroup!
Have a look at SUalive Help - from left menu - then click |Shower Cabins|. The "shower cabin Anton B" - you may also download from bottom link - has a sliding door with such transformation. That's why at video second 51 we show SketchUp Outliner then select that group. We explode then regroup before snapshot making.
You may have a trial without and see what happens?
Besides never forget SUalive Free aims small projects

Please and to the extend possible we would prefer such question about technical issue takes place any general discussion on above forums

- En bref
Eclatez le groupe puis créez un nouveau groupe. Bien entendu vous devrez refaire les instantanés (snapshots) qui contiennent ce groupe.

- Détails
Le modèle et sa structure sont les clés d'une animation aisée. Essayez de travailler avec des groupes parallèles aux axes du modèle et souvenez vous que les groupes à animer dans SketchUp n'aiment pas beaucoup les transformations telles que mise à échelle et effet miroir. Vous pouvez mettre à échelle ou faire des miroirs avec SUalive mais pas sur des groupes possédant déjà une transformation. Dans ce dernier cas éclatez et regroupez!
Jetez un oeil à l'aide, accessible à partir du menu de gauche, puis cliquez sur |Shower Cabins|. Le modèle "shower cabin AntonB" téléchargé (lien aussi disponible en bas de page) contient une porte coulissante avec une telle transformation. C'est pourquoi (seconde 51) nous affichons la fenêtre de structure puis nous éclatons et créons un nouveau groupe avant de commencer l'animation.
Vous pourriez faire un essais sans cette correction pour voir?
En outre n'oubliez pas que SUalive Free est destiné au petits projets.

S'il vous plaît et dans la mesure de votre possible, nous préférerions que les questions techniques soient posées sur l'un des forums ci-dessus dans les discussions générales

Best Regards
Tip : always keep in mind easy animation relates on well structured model and over all messy model will never correctly animate

I got a Scale problem when i do the animation

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Hello Rognel C.

SUalive is meant to work with any Render extension. However there are three perspectives.

1 - Render Extension is SketchUp Fully Integrated.
Nothing to do out of switching between options "Pure animation" or "Full action" or "Each frame"

2 - Otherwise Your Way
If you like dealing with Ruby SUalive offers a three-level API you may read about from our website tab 'API'. Full power over SUalive that is able to run silently - No user interface shown.

3 - Otherwise From Render Extension
You need to follow render extension if they developed inside script to fully drive SUalive. Notice you may ask your extension provider for contacting our staff. We would be pleased to help.

Please and if you would like more deeply dive into API open a new topic on any forum above, section Application programming interface

SUalive est sensé fonctionner avec toutes les extensions de rendu à partir de trois perspectives.

1 - L'extension de rendu est Complètement intégrée à SketchUp
Rien à faire sinon faire votre choix entre les options "Pure animation" ou "Full action" ou "Each frame"

2 - Sinon à Votre Façon Personnelle
Si vous aimez les scripts Ruby, SUalive vous offre trois niveaux d'API que vous pouvez découvrir sur notre site web, onglet 'API'. Vous pilotez entièrement l'animation, fenêtre SUalive masquée (pas d'interface visuelle).

3 - Sinon à partir de l'Extension de Rendu
Vous devez suivre les instructions de votre extension de rendu à condition qu'ils aient développé leur propre script. Notez que vous pouvez faire une demande à votre fournisseur d'extension afin qu'il contacte notre équipe. Nous sommes disponible pour toute aide.

S'il vous plaît et dans le cas ou vous souhaiteriez plus de détails sur notre API, veuillez ouvrir une nouvelle discussion dans l'un des deux forums ci-dessus (section Interface de programmation)

Best Regards

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este funciona con con VRAY haciendo un video?

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