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Import and Export STL files for 3D printing
SketchUp STL

The STL file format is widely used across different 3D printing and modeling interfaces. For instance, many of the models you might find on are available in STL format, and several popular 3D printers accept STL files to prepare models for fabrication. This extension provides import/export functionality for STL files to and from SketchUp, so you can easily export SketchUp groups to STL, or import an STL design and manipulate it within SketchUp.

Once you install the extension, you’ll find two new options under the File menu:

Export STL: This function requires you to select one or more groups for export (so you’ll need to group your geometry before using this).

Import... (STL): With this plugin, you’ll find STL as a supported format within SketchUp’s Import command. STL files will be imported to SketchUp as a group.

For questions or help with this extension, head on over to the SketchUp help forum.

Note: This extension was originally developed as separate plugins by Jim Foltz, Nathan Bromham, and Konrad Shroeder. Now, it’s in continual development as an open-source project on GitHub that’s hosted by the SketchUp team. Stay tuned for updates!



Excellent, now it work perfectly. Thanks for fixing this.


OK, please retry, things should be working.  In the future, please report these to for faster responses, as this space is really for reviews of the extension.

Just thought to post that it does install. I was having the same issues as others, but finally realized that I may have to run it in admin mode.

Main issue... You have to run SketchUp as Administrator. Once you run it as administrator it allows the program to install stuff.

I tried to do exactly that, but the forum signup was also broken at the time.



We're aware and testing a solution to this intermittent problem.  In the mean time, you can either upload your model to 3DWarehouse and make it 3D printable (produces an STL file), or if you're a bit more technically saavy, you can go to and grab it:

I'd give it a review if I could download it. If the company isn't going to bother to keep its systems working, what's the point? I'm going to look elsewhere for some alternative software.


I keep trying to download the skp to stl on sketchup extentions but it never works. please help. all the other solutions have failed.

I'm getting the same HTTP 500 error everyone else is.

C'mon folks, this really needs to be fixed, there is no other way to get the .rbz file.


See post above.  We're working on it.

Google. Fantsatic ideas but no follow through. Does not download and when you download and manually install I get a message saying invalid strings. Very frustrating. I'm a huge fan of the ideas that flow from Google but it seems that the fun stops there.

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When I try installing I get this message:

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 500
Debugging information follows.
Path: /en/system/ajax
StatusText: Internal Server Error
500 Internal Server Error
500 Internal Server Error

What's going on???

It says I'm not authorized to access that page... I really need this extension. What to do????

Getting error "not authorized to view this page" with your link. Main link still giving ajax 500 error.

link dosent work

All plug-ins. This lil beauty pops up on hitting Install/Download...
'An AJAX HTTP erro occured. HTTP Result Code:500....
...500 Internal Server Error.. nginx'

How does one stay ahead of competition... when vibrant new customers starting to use your software cannot access plug-ins... It was one of the "selling points" for SU... time for greener pastures...

I have a problem to download this extension. AJAX error HTTP code 500, internal server error.

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For anyone having the 500 problem... if you've dowloaded and installed this extension before using you're google profile, you can still find it in you account under "my extensions".

I was able to install and use it from there, even though this is a clean install on my PC and never actually downloaded the extension here..

Hope that helps. :)

Could you provide the raw .rbz link from the 'my extensions' page? I am getting the 500 ajax error and I don't have it on the 'my extensions' page.

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Provide it how, exactly?

In chrome if I right click and select "Copy Link Address" on a extension I already have in "My Extensions" such as "Advanced Camera Tools" it will link to:

I was looking for something similar for SketchUp STL to get around the 500 ajax error.

Thanks, Eli! That worked :)

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Great.. I'll post it for the rest.. :)

An AJAX HTTP error occurred
HTTP Result Code: 500

Internal Server Error

Cannot download

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finding this problem with all of the extensions I have tried tonight...

Same Here.

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I need help I get to step 3 and when i click install I get

Authentication Error !
Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try signing in again.

I get same error if I click login. ?


Step 3:  Mac or PC, and in SketchUp 2016?  Can you sign in from a browser and download from  To install the downloaded extension, SketchUp Preferences->Extensions->Install Extension.

Edit thanks that worked.
Also before i saw your post I managed to get to the login screen but ran into another issue It wanted me to type my G mail but I don't have one I log into google plus with a password :/ .

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Due to major problem with computer, software etc. I have had to reinstall OS & all programs many, many times over the last few months.

EVERY time I have reinstalled Sketch up, both 2015 & 2016 and the STL extension it has work, been simple & very quick. Never had a problem installing the extension, it just works.

I have both 2015 & 2016 versions on Windows 10 & it was no difference with Windows 7.

I really can't understand why so many people have trouble.

Even the scaling problem when exporting & importing your own files was quite easy to solve.

I have posted the method previously as have others.

Not tried printing as yet so will see what happens when the time comes.

A good, easy & FREE program.

"I really can't understand why so many people have trouble."

Hint: it's because there of a bug that didn't affect you - but it absolutely DID affect me and others until it was fixed within the past 36 hours.

The people who experienced the problem weren't inept, if that's what you're trying to say (without saying it).


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Where have I implied people are inept?

Where have I commented on the download issue? I have had 3 or 4 emails which mention the download issue, I have had 40 or more about no option to export as the extension doesn't work/won't install.

I thought the content of my comment was obvious as it referred to installing the extension & how to get round the scaling on import & export. I assumed the fact I never mentioned the download issue make it obvious I wasn't referring to it, it appears not.

I get lots of emails from the system where people have had problems getting the extension to work. I have never had that problem & all I did was follow the instructions that were given. I posted them previously and a number of people found mine helpful despite them being originally provided, I assume, by the people who wrote the extension.

I've also reposted to solution that works for me as to the import/export issue that, again, many people have.

The download issue won't affect me as I saved the extension a long time ago because of the computer problem I had so I 'had it at hand'.

That is the reason I reposted, to help.

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I'm using both the 2015 and 2016 versions. I downloaded the .RBZ file, moved it in to both the sketchup/sketchup 2015 & 2016 directories.

Started each Sketchup in turn and clicked WINDOWS - PREFERENCES - EXTENTIONS - INSTALL EXTENTION button, navigated to the .RBZ file, clicked it & clicked OPEN. It installed ok. Close then reopen Sketchup if EXPORT STL not visible in the FILE menu (separate item and not in the EXPORT option that was previously there) as a program restart is usually required.

Import wasn't working correctly for me with export & import set at MODEL UNITS.

I changed settings to match those I had drawn in (mm) and it worked perfect. Tried exporting set at CM & imported at the same setting & it loaded but at 1/10 scale (120mm came in at 12mm).
Tried again exporting the drawing (box size was 120mm x 120mm x 110mm) but changed it to export CM and when imported it was now 1.2mtrs x 1.2mtrs x 1.1mtrs with the man standing inside the box.

It seems that there is no selectable option to import MODEL UNITS and exporting at MODEL UNITS fails, it's necessary to save & load at the correct settings.

I've not had the chance to test this on files produced by others so if you don't know what measurements it's been drawn at the start at the top & work down till it seems right. Not ideal but is working for me.

If imported in the wrong scale then the actual drawing may be so small as to appear invisible.

What I have found is that is you zoom in on the ORIGIN you see a dot appear, the more you zoom in the bigger it gets till you see the detail.

For example if you drawing area represents a 1km square and you import what you expect to be a building site layout 1km square filling the drawing area but import it in mm it would be like looking for a single speck of dust on the screen. Import it scaled correctly in km then it would fill the drawing area and be visible.

It seems that exporting in DRAWING UNITS fails (well it does for me) but exporting at a fixed scale works but I have to export & import at the same scales or the drawing is rescaled accordingly.

Hope this helps you.

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PS, I'm not sure why but sometimes when importing it take quite a long time & Windows reports Sketch Up is not responding.

BE PATIENT as it is still working. If you start clicking things it can spit its dummy out and freeze you out.

Have a chill, a fag or a cup of tea (all three if it 'floats your boat'.

Install seems to be working again. I was able to install through the main extension page just now.

Is anyone going to fix the download problem? Anyone know of an alternate download location?

Thanks for fixing the problem

You can download from here
I was getting nowhere, stuck in the download redirect loop. To get it to work, I needed to copy the downloaded folder to the
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\ShippedExtensions folder
then copy the sketchup-stl.rb file from within the SRC folder to the ShippedExtensions folder.

In more detail - open the .zip (don't rename to .rbz).
Close Sketechup

Navigate to\sketchup-stl-master\src

Copy both the sketchup-stl folder and the sketchup-stl.rb to
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\ShippedExtensions

Open sketchup and it will work.

Cannot download. As well as i cannot download anything from this st*pid site... All the time after clicking on DOWNLOAD it logs me out, downloading anything, Tried via sketchup, tried on Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Tried on Windows as well as on OSX. Still same problem... People having this problem for months. Nobody is fixing it. Trimble is killing sketchup for real...

Without the ability to export to STL, my models can't be 3D printed. Is anyone working on making this extension install? I'm stuck in the same loop as everyone else... Download/Install/Back to Home Page again.


i can't download. When I click Install I am back on the first page, same things all browsers.

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