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Import and Export STL files for 3D printing
SketchUp STL

The STL file format is widely used across different 3D printing and modeling interfaces. For instance, many of the models you might find on are available in STL format, and several popular 3D printers accept STL files to prepare models for fabrication. This extension provides import/export functionality for STL files to and from SketchUp, so you can easily export SketchUp groups to STL, or import an STL design and manipulate it within SketchUp.

Once you install the extension, you’ll find two new options under the File menu:

Export STL: This function requires you to select one or more groups for export (so you’ll need to group your geometry before using this).

Import... (STL): With this plugin, you’ll find STL as a supported format within SketchUp’s Import command. STL files will be imported to SketchUp as a group.

For questions or help with this extension, head on over to the SketchUp help forum.

Note: This extension was originally developed as separate plugins by Jim Foltz, Nathan Bromham, and Konrad Shroeder. Now, it’s in continual development as an open-source project on GitHub that’s hosted by the SketchUp team. Stay tuned for updates!


This would be great if it was not such a struggle to install. I know it is simple but finding the directions is pretty tough. Why not just include them here??

I downloaded the extension, ---.rbz. I moved it to my Sketchup2013 Plugins/Ruby/ folder. It is not showing up?

The one I had for Sketchup 8 worked great, but I can not get to even showup at this point. I am sure it is easy, but I can't find the answer.

The RBZ file is a zipped file, I ended up renaming it to xxx.ZIP and unzipping it and then copying to the correct folder in Sketchup2013, now it works, though it is in a different location than in Sketchup8.


Where is the correct folder?

I agree with you Richard B instructions should be in discription.

Plugin does work well though!

I'm trying to use extension in Sketchup pro 8, can you tell me what folder should it be in?


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I get that all are saying install thru preferences, but the install extension button takes you to a windows explorer tab to find the .rbz file. WHERE IS THE .rbz FILE??? Why can't someone just put the install instructions here and sticky them to the top, since this seems to be so confusing for so many?
Im running make on win7, and I've searched the sketchup folder, and my whole pc with search tools, and no .rbz's at all, so what gives?

Okay, finally found it.
From Sketchup menu.

Install Extension button.


Thanks for this. In SketchUp Makes, it's:




Install Extension (lower right corner)

thanks , i did and also has check mark on STL , but when i go to Export, this extension is not available , may help me please, thx


thanks , i did and also has check mark on STL , but when i go to Export, this extension is not available , may help me please, thx

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks for the simple path to setup .stl and also Export does not have .stl type but Export STL under File on tool bar works.

Thanks. They would have been nice to just say that from the beginning.

How do I install this on my Mac? Downloaded and I cannot figure out how to install. Thanks!

Installation instructions on a Mac:
Go to: ~Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/
Create new directories as follows:
SketchUp 2013/SketchUp/Plugins

Rename your downloaded file to instead of .rbz. Open that zip and it should create a directory called sketch up-stl-2.0.0.

Copy the contents of that directory to:
~Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2013/SketchUp/Plugins

Run the app.
Not sure why SketchUp 2013 doesn't create this directory, why google hasn't natively added the STL support or why the instructions weren't on this page, but it should not have been as difficult as they made it.

I had trouble with just finding the Home folder, found this though and it worked:

"18 ways to view the ~/Library folder in Lion"

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If you attempt the Sketchup-->Preferences-->Extensions-->Install route and get this Pop up:

"SketchUp was unable to install the Extension you have chosen for some unknown reason.
Consult your Extension's documentation for additional help."

You must change the directory settings allowing for read & write. This link has an excellent step by step guide:!searchin/sketchup/SketchUp$20was$20unable$20to$20install$20the$20Extension$20you$20have$20chosen$20for$20some$20unknown$20reason.$20$20Consult$20your$20Extension$27s$20documentation$20for$20additional$20help./sketchup/xOHaRzKz6Y0/PUMp2hOO38gJ

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See the above data..

I've exported skp data into STL
and printed with Replicator 2 and 2X
but, the result is different

there is strange bar accross the room

Anyone know the reason?

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Maybe your printer needed support structure, so that plastic won't collaps, so it automatically added it.

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All .rbz files should be installed via SketchUp's "Install Extension" feature.

Go to SketchUp's Preferenses > Extensions area and select "Install Extension".
Now select the .rbz

After it is installed, you can turn on and off the extension in the Preferenses > Extensions area

thanks , i did and also has check mark on STL , but when i go to Export, this extension is not available , may help me please, thx

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ut where do we find the .rbz file? I searched my whole pc and nothing

Did you ever find the rbz file? Im having the same problem.

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All .rbz files should be installed via SketchUp's "Install Extension" feature.

Go to SketchUp's Preferenses > Extensions area and select "Install Extension".
Now select the .rbz

After it is installed, you can turn on and off the extension in the Preferenses > Extensions area

When I export the stl file a box comes up saying;

1414 facets exported
1635 objects ignored.

I know this is too big for my printer but it happens every time. but the problem occurs when i try to open it into Makerware it just dose not recognize the file.

is there something I'm missing out?

Hey I'm having the exact same problem.
Did you figure anything out?

Same problem. Any fixes.

same problem here!

Everything work but the .stl is not recongnized as other .stl.....

Did you check that the model is "air tight?" The export doesn't care, but maker ware does.

Also are all the faces pointed the right direction? If you see any blue colored faces in sketchup on your model --- maker ware may slice the model without errors but the actual print will go hay-wire in those places, if faces are facing the wrong way, right-click on the face and pick the Reverse Faces option, save, and re-export.

I have tried about 10x to get this to install. I click install, it asks if I'm sure I want to install the plugin, I click yes and get an alert that says the plugin is ready to use...yet there's no import/export options in the file menu. Help!

I installed this extension into 2013(pro) and it worked instantly. - without having toi even restart SU. "export STL" appears under the usual Export option and the defaults work perfectly. Useful to download an STL viewer (I use Mac so "topscope viewer works well) to check that files are ok. When I saved into a project folder some files seemed to drop their .STL extension, and couldnt be read, but when saved to desktop then put into a project file, no issues. A great plugin.

Sketchup crashes when I try to install on my iMac. I'm using the Preferences > Extensions method.

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how do i get it to work on maker for mac??? i download it and then it says its ready to use but then i go to export and the .stl option is not there???? need urgent help!

I'd be careful of this. When installing it states it's going to have the ability to access the users file system. I'm not ok with that. It's enough that they are getting data from google, isn't it?

of course it needs access to the file system... how is it going to write or read and STL file to/from it otherwise?


I can install it on 2013 pro without any issue, but my STL has a problem, I see a strangle triangle in the middle on my design, the SKP is correct but looks like the export is not ok.

Anyone experience the same problem ?

Thanks for your help

Same problem here, exported files are all messed up with many added lines everywhere.

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I needed the 'free' STL exporter. I seemed to have been forced to upgrade from the free version of Sketchup 8, to Sketchup Make 2015. I lost all of my old settings. Another hour wasted trying to get my workspace back to the way I wanted it. Then I needed to log-in for the 'Install' button to appear. I could have just staued with Sketchup 8 if this had been made more obvious. Anyhow, decided I would maybe stick with 2014, it must be better, right? WRONG!! Crashed four times in ten minutes. Never mind, lets see if the STL exporter works. Does it? Does it f~~~.

Google - you are a shower of total cretins. Trimble, you should have stuck to making cr@p GPS receivers.

No wonder you will never manage to port this program to LINUX - you would never succeed, and would be laughed at all the way.

I dare anybody from the Sketchup support team to contact me, and to try and justify why my experience over the last two hours has had to be so miserable.


I installed this plugin but it does not work.
File > Export STL... > export option > file name > OK
And then nothing .... ? Could you please help me ?
Thanks a lot,

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Same problem!

same problem, please help! i can chose my file in stl but then is nothing happening, why, GOD why!?

Did anyone have any luck with this?

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Same problem here.
Tried on Make, 2013, and SketchUp 8.

This stl extension has worked very well for me on SketchUp Make. I just followed the instructions below and it worked perfectly.

Go to SketchUp's Preferences > Extensions area and select "Install Extension". Now select the .rbz file you downloaded.

The only thing that puzzled me for a while was how to download the extension in the first place. You have to first sign in at the top right of the page, the sign in button becomes the download button. Then you can download.

I failed
I've install the extension
but after I sellect the export options and export location
I didn't see any file appear
can anyone help me
thanks a lot

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I was having the same problem. I ended up renaming it with a .STL at the end of the file name and it transferred nicely, except for it came out way smaller than I had designed it.

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The same thing happened to me - did you find a solution?

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