SimLab IGES importer for Sketchup
IGES importer for SketchUp plugin, enables SketchUp users to import *.igs, *.iges files into Google SketchUp.
SimLab IGES importer for Sketchup

The plugin is supported on SketchUp 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and SketchUp 8, on Windows and Mac.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)

The professional license of the plugin costs $79

The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.


Absolute garbage. Does nothing but hang SketchUp 2017 every single time I try to use it. Don't waste your time.

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If you faced an issue with the plugin and needed help, please send the model to

We will be glad to check it for you.

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Requires too many resources to even open. Just selecting the plugin for use in the menu causes my copy of SU 2016 to juts lock-up. I can't imagine what would happen during an actual import !

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Super unstable plugin.. Made my session crash on activation, on first import and second import.
Gonna give it a third try, but it better impress, or it's the trash bin..

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I tried uploading an IGES file and it is stuck in a loop. My computer has frozen. Can this extension import large IGES files?

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IGES files are very different from SketchUp files, due to tessellation that size file may increase significantly when trying to convert the file.

That being said, there is not hard limit on the file size.

How large is the file you are trying to import.

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waste of time yet another proprietary piece of junk you have to pay for, im not bying software every time a new format comes out.

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I am not sure if this is the right place to answer this comment. Personally I use some commercial (paid) Software, some free software and some open source software.

I hope I can have access to all software in the world but I do not.

I determine my needs with software as I do with everything else.
What does the software provide?
Does it save me time?
Do I need support?
Do I use it as a Hobbyist or am I a commercial user?
How much will it cost me?

And based on that, I determine my action.

We are trying to provide value at a reasonable price.

proty russia

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