s4u Mirror
Mirror Objects by 1 click.
s4u Mirror

Miror Mode:

-Mirror Objects

-Mirror and Duplicate Objects

Set plane by 3 methods:

-Select 2 points and Zaxis (select the boundingbox object)

-Select 3 points

-Select edge,axis,guide line or Face


Ctrl (Alt on Mac) > Mirror and Duplicate

Alt  (Control on Mac) > Set plane by Object

Tab > Change Mirror <-> Mirror and Duplicate

Shift > Lock Normal Plane


Carlo B's picture

Doese what it saids it does and works like treat , nice and simple. Creat a shortcut and bobs your uncle.

5 stars

How do you Mirror and Duplicate?

Carlo B's picture

Hold the Atl key down while you are mirroring

Suforyou's picture

Click Right Mouse then select Duplicate

Perfect! Thank you.

mortone's picture

The icon does not show up. I can activate it from the extensions pull down, a clumsy process and it does work, but not as shown in the video.

Suforyou's picture

Mail to me your picture screen and copy message in Window-Ruby console.
In demo ,I use mirror set plane by object.

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Best' mirror tool' on the market!!

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