RP Image Filters
RpImageFilters is a free Plugin for SketchUp to apply filters to improve SketchUp images.
RP Image Filters

RpImageFilters is a free Plugin for SketchUp to apply filters to improve SketchUp images.

The latest versions runs with SketchUp 2018 as well as earlier versions.

Image Filters are used to brighten, darken, add contrast to, or sharpen up your SketchUp image, (or apply other filters).

Download and Installation

  1. Proceed to Downloads Page to download a copy of RpImageFilters.
  2. After downloading the ZIP file, open it and click Click here to install RpImageFilters to install it.
  3. After Starting SketchUp, Select 'Load RpImageFilters from the SketchUp Plugins menu.


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Tim C's picture

As with ejs3
I cant get it to install either.
I have 2015 64bit version
Tried to reinstall a few times. nothing appears under extensions in Sketchup when you open it.
there is a box ticked for rpimage filters under - wondows/preferences/extension
but nothing seems to apear anywhere?

ejs3's picture

Cant seem to install.... goes through all the motions but cant find where it is....sketchup 2015

Render Plus's picture

The latest version on our downloads page should work with SketchUp 2015.

If you have any problems, email us at support#renderplus.com or post a message on our forum:


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