Design, configure and price an office furniture layout using Three H Furniture Systems products.

RED [Rapid Easy Design] provides  a set of tools to configure, layout and price an office furniture layout with Three H Furniture Systems products.

A series of toolbars, organized by product line contain a tool for each of the products in the line.  The tool opens a dialog box which guides the user in configuring the product to their specifications.

A series of Assistants help position the various products into an arrangement.

Once the arrangement is complete, colors can be assigned using Three H laminate and fabric selections.

Finally, a Bill of Materials can be generated, complete with pricing. 




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looks promising ; I'm waiting for 2016 version of this ruby ;]

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the download is so long

How I can change from inches to centimeters?


how to set up metric system for this plugin?

This software is awesome !

it’s absolutely gorgeous converting mod files with mod converter.

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.rbz install it ?????

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This software is awesome !

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Install it! drrrr

not working? cant find it in sketchup

You need to install it. If you're using Windows, try this: open SU ---> Window ---> Preferences ---> Install Extension... (locate the downloaded file, then follow the instructions).

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very good!

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With a tradition of European craftsmanship combined with innovative technology, Three H has been crafting office furniture that bridges the gap between custom and mass for more then 35 years. Our products are "made-to-order" - making it possible to scale Three H products to virtually any space requirements. Our extension, RED [Rapid Easy Design] was designed to assist with the specification of our products. RED will generate product models, assist with the arrangement and generate a bill of materials complete with pricing. For more details see