Profile Builder 2
Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials using parametric Profiles and Assemblies
Profile Builder 2

Loaded with a ton of new features, Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modelling to the next level.  

  • Build, Edit and Quantify intelligent models of real building materials
  • Define and Save custom Profiles
  • Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path
  • Full control of profile orientation along a path
  • NEW Parametric Assemblies (Combine unlimited profiles and components into a path-based parametric model!)
  • NEW Set the height and width of any profile
  • NEW Profile browser and revamped user interface
  • NEW Profiles stay upright on helical paths
  • NEW Extend / Split Profile Member tool
  • NEW Revolve a Profile
  • NEW Trimming tools
  • NEW Smart-Path select Tool
  • NEW Quantifier tool
  • NEW Instant Cost Estimates and Quantity Reports
  • NEW Easier editing of paths
  • NEW Profiles are now stored as editable SKP files (but don't worry - your custom Profile libraries from version 1 can be easily imported and automatically converted)
  • and much more!

Free profiles, assemblies, tutorials and complete documentation available at

Thousands of free profiles available:

  • AISC Steel Shapes (C, HSS, L, S, W)
  • British Steel Shapes
  • German Steel Shapes
  • Australian Steel shapes
  • AITC Glulam Profiles
  • more than 1400 Moulding Profiles
  • Handrails
  • Lumber
  • Concrete curbs

Model faster than ever before using Profile Builder 2!  Install your free 30 day trial now!


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Edward R's picture

Does this program actually work with SU 2015? Although it is listed in the specs. as being compatible with SU 2016 and SU 2017, everything I have read in the threads above say it will work with 2015. When I open SketchUp 2015, the first thing it tells me is that it is only compatible with '16 and '17, and that I need to unload the install files. Is there a workaround? Thanks for any input that anyone can provide - Ed R.

Whaat's picture

Hi Edward - the original release two years ago did indeed work with SU2015 but since version 2.1, only SU2016 and newer are supported. If you have more questions, please contact me at the support email shown on this page. Thanks!

Laurent D's picture

Excellent ! thanks

mwm5053's picture

Dale this plugin is great, I've used the original PB for years but the ability to create my own profiles and the assembly builder really was a time saver. After I got my head around the assembly builder it was easy and really performed better than I expected.
Well with the money

Jacob P.'s picture

Just brilliant.

Scot B.'s picture

I have to say Dale (aka Whaat), words cannot describe what an awesome job you have done with the Profile tool. It was great when it was just a 2D profile with a follow me function but the new one with the assembly part is over the top.
From the first time I opened it I was in love. It is so versatile and easy to use it has become one of my most used tools.

emahfuz's picture

The reason PB2 was not working with SU2017 was a conflict with Smartdrop. Once I disabled that extension my problems were over.

Thanks, Dale.

Perfect !
very nice plugin and great support
together with Skalp and layout this is my workflow
and it's even easy to export to DWG (for the 2D freaks ;)

Pierre B's picture

I do not understand why I have a license to use Profil builder 2 (2.1.3) with Sketchup pro 2016 and now that I have Sketchup pro 2017 I lost my license.... Apparently it should have installed itself like the other plugins that I purchased through Extension Warehouse....
Can you check to see what went wrong in updating Sketchup...
best regards
Pierre Bonnet

Whaat's picture

Hi Pierre,
This is a complex question. Can you please contact SketchUp Support or send your question to the support email address on this page?

Andrzej B.'s picture

I have purchased Profile Builder 2 at webpage and tried to add the licence, but it seems that extensions still uses the Expired Trial licence in Extension Warehouse. How can I disable that extension to add the new one?

Whaat's picture

You need to uninstall the trial and then install the licensed version using the EW 'My Extensions' page. Make sure you restart SketchUp after installing the licensed version. Make sure you are logged into the EW with the same username that you used when purchasing. Thanks!

Fidel C's picture

Hi There
I bought Profile Builder 2 from sketchup Warehouse but I did't get licensen code.
my 30 day Try is espired and I can use the extention.

the extencion said I dont need code but does't work
What Can I do?

Whaat's picture

Hi Fidel - there was a temporary problem with the EW licensed not working but this issue has been resolved. I have emailed you instructions for how to fix this.

tomasz c's picture

feature request #1
copy/paste for the settings PM/Component...

I have sketchup licence but when I try to buy plugin from extension warehouse. I insert billing and payment ok but receipt it says buy sketchup or upgrade sketchup. I cant buy extensions. I have single user licence. Windows 10. Sorry for my english. I want to buy profile builder 2.

Whaat's picture

I think this problem can occur if you input your address incorrectly or use the wrong address format.

thank you I purchase from your site. Only one question

if ı want to reinstall windows how can ı deactive licence ? Or what can I do. Skalp (extension) ı deactive my licence from computer and format my notebook than I enter my key again and it works.


Whaat's picture

Just re-enter your license key after re-installing windows

tomasz c's picture

I use this for 3 months I need to say this is a masterpiece .

Whaat's picture

Thank you very much!


Bart D.'s picture

Hello supportteam,
I did a mistake yesterday by buying Profile Builder Pro through the Extension Warehouse.
Now I see that the pro version is no longer supported. Can I upgrade to version 2.1 ?
Bart Devriese

Whaat's picture

Hi Bart - if you have SketchUp 2016 installed, you can purchase version 2.1. If you would like a refund for PB Pro, please contact SketchUp support. Thank you!

Richard C's picture

I also have another question to the upgrade.
I purchased PB2 and now there is an update 2.1. Do we need to purchase 2.1 or is this going to be provided to same license since its in the same version?


Whaat's picture

if you purchased version 2.0, you can use the same license for 2.1 - no need to purchase again

wingchun K.'s picture

i would just lik to say that this plugin has been one of the best purchases i have made,
it saves me so much time, i use it to build all of my details along with constant use for builidng elements for house designing, including guttering, rain water pipes, steps, fencing, retaning walls, window trim,etc, the count is endless, anybody that is thinking of buying this should purchase right away, especially with the discount given,

if you open your mind on how to use this plugin then the uses are endless

happy sketchuping


Michael C.'s picture

Great extension !! Any idea how you would go about cutting openings in a cavity wall? Can it be done in one process or do you need to cut each wall layer? Any clever tools out there to make this process easier?

Whaat's picture

Thanks Michael - Currently you need to cut each layer. If you use a box and intersect it with the wall layers, it might save you some time. I am hoping to add a cutting tool at some point to make this process quicker.

Michael C.'s picture

Thank you

Unfortunatley whilst trying to create new profiles - sketchup crashed everytime I tried. After several crashes I am now unable to use your plugin. If I select the profile button from your toolbar nothing happens. I've tried unistalling and reinstalling but I am left with the same problem.

Whaat's picture

Hi Michael - sounds like there might be a conflicting plugin. Can you please contact me at the support email address above and let me know the exact sequence of steps to reproduce the crash? I am sure we can resolve this. Thanks.

steve N's picture

downloaded sketchup 2016 pro, now profile builder 2 is unuseable on my mac

Whaat's picture

Hi Steve,
Can you please contact the customer support email above and let me know some more details about what the issue is? I'd love to get this resolved for you!
I just did a bunch of testing with PB2 and SU2016 on Mac and could not any issues. Perhaps there is a conflict between PB2 and another plugin.

Le Corb's picture

Hi, this is a plugin with great potential. Unfortunately my Mac is hanging a lot while trying to use it which is making it unworkable. I don't think it's ready for action as far as the SU 2016 Mac version is concerned- or is there some explanation for this?

I'm sure you'll get bugs worked out- but I'll have to wait til then.

Whaat's picture

Hi LeCorb, could you please contact me at the customer support email above and we can try and resolve this? What in particular seems to cause it to 'hang'? Thanks!

Michael G's picture

Perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

I had installed the Trial version of Profile Builder 2, when the trial expired, I purchased it.
Each time I open skecthup, it says you trial version has expired.

When I go to My Extensions, the only option is to uninstall it.
There are No menus so I'm not sure where the product is.

Thank you.

Whaat's picture

Hi Michael, after purchasing, you need to uninstall the trial and then install the Licensed version. This all needs to be while you are logged into the Extension Warehouse using the same email account that you used when you purchased.

Francis Q's picture

First of all profile builder is without doubt the best pulgin I have ever got for sketchup, it has transformed the way, and speed at which I draw.

However I have a problem lately the screen keeps freezing or blacking out completely each time I select profile builder or assembly builder. It is becoming extremely frustrating and really slowing down the drawing process is there something I can so to improve the process?

Whaat's picture

Hi Francis - thank you for your comment! This is a strange issue. Do you have your profiles and assemblies saved on a network drive? Could you please contact me at the email address above and we can discuss this further? Thanks.

Francis Q's picture

Sorry for not getting back, I have it working perfectly again,
The problem was actually another program on the computer which was constantly running in the background, once I disabled this it was back working fine again. I'd be absolutely lost without it.

Whaat's picture

Great! Thanks for letting me know.

Ben K's picture

Hi, first off, really like the trial and will be buying the full version without a doubt, but I'm have trouble with two features and I can't find a solution online.

1. Molding around doors - Whereas coving and skirting is perfect and with out fault, I cannot get a consistently architrave, the model is often at different angles on different faces, or reversed, and no combination of reference point alignment or angle rotation will solve this? Can send examples if that helps.

2. Quantifier reports - The quantifier tool looks like a fantastic feature, but, I cannot get any layers or material to appear on it? Again, the resources online are not able to anser these questions...

You look pretty active on this forum so help will be very much appreciated as this tool will speed up my process exponentially.

Thanks all


Whaat's picture

Hi Ben - this is a fairly complex request. Can you please contact me at the support email above to continue this conversation? Thanks.

atek s's picture

As there are default assembly and I want to make new assembly can u share some video to make new assembly. How to make it need Group or components plz share the video to understand a better view

Whaat's picture

Hello Atek - help are tutorials are available here:

Abdulmohsen A's picture

Hi whaat
I just purchased the pro 2 can see it on the prefrence but not loading i am using su 2015 please advise

Whaat's picture

Hi Abdulmohsen,
Extensions purchased from the Extension Warehouse, such as Profile Builder 2, must be installed from SketchUp using the Extension Warehouse in order for the license to be properly activated. Inside SketchUp 2015, please login to the EW using the same credentials that you used to purchase Profile Builder 2. Then, install Profile Builder 2 by going to 'My Extensions'. Then, everything should work fine.

Gary S's picture

PRofile Builder 2 is great - a huge asset when testing alternative designs as profiles can be edited so quickly...

But licensing via Extension warehouse confuses me.

Is the license locked to the Computer?,
to the Sketchup install?
or to the user logged into Extension Warehouse?

What if I want to transfer the license to a new PC, or another user logs into that PC ?

What if I want to buy additional licenses centrally, but distribute them in an coordinated manner throughtout my office? [ie not have individual staff install license?

PS I did read the Sketchup help re transferring plugins, it didn't clarify the matter to me!


Whaat's picture

Hi Gary - for questions related to licensing of Extensions, please contact SketchUp support directly. The SketchUp EW team handles all licensing concerns. I will forward your question to them.

Sebastian B.'s picture

Yes a German version would be nice and central european steel standards...

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