Oob cabinets
Create custom cabinets in SketchUp
Oob cabinets

Create series of cabinets with a few clicks.

Edit handles type and position, colors of elements, doors style.

Save and re-use your favorite parameters, edit all cabinets in one click.


To try Oob cabinets plugin go to : http://oob.duckdns.org/cabinets/


Harm V.'s picture

It does not appear anywhere after installing for pro 2016. Any suggestions?

Stephane B.'s picture

You probably need to check the "Oob cabinets" toolbar in "Views/Toolbars/" list.
If you can't see it do not hesitate to send me an email: oob.su.plugin@gmail.com

วีระวุฒิ พ's picture

i wait for 2016

EliBjr's picture

No. The price on the website says its $142.50. I think it's a 12 month subscription.

Stéphane O's picture

the price is for a permanent license + 12 month access to updates.

BR, Stéphane.

Alex S's picture

Is it free?

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