Locate all named instances of Group or Components based on a "Keyword" entry (Part-Name). Presents findings or optionally allows you to Zoom-in to location with the option of opting out and working on the found instance.

This Tool is intended to help you locate Instances using Keywords where a visual Identification is difficult and where the Instances are not listed Alphabetically in Outliners (this tool will highlight all the relevant instances with Outliner and with the model)...


This Extension works well with nz_EasyGroup which also allows you to then Batch-Rename your selection"

nz_EasyGroups allows you to order your groups and components by renaming them in batches, but even so you may have several blocks with are related but not necessarily able to be listed alphabetically... this extension allows you to quickly identify them if they share a common descriptive part-name


This Extension allows you to


Locate all  named instances of Group or Components based on a "Keyword" entry (Part-Name)


Inspect (Option - on): Find,  zoom-in to inspect whilst accumilating the selection

Each item found zooming in and allowing you to opt-out and work on the found instance or continue on thru to the next item until they are all the instances are discovered and held in selection.

Each Item found will be displayed with it's name and number of same-name instances within the model + summary report.



Inspect (Option - off): Select found objects

All valid instances are sellected instantly and can be operated upon collectively (Explode/Group/Delete... Etc)

Discovery is followed by a Summary Report confirming a successful selection process